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17-07-2012, 23:44
I've moved on to Warmahordes from 40k, but because of the new edition coming out I just want to make this poll just to see what opinions are.

Going off of the very little experience we have with 40k 6th edition so far, what do you think will be the best army in a Tournament/WAAC setting with competitive lists?

EDIT!: Well, I originally wanted to make this a poll, but there are too many armies to choose from, plus the allies system adds more randomness

Just post what you think will be the most powerful army (and what you ally it with in order to make it powerful)

EDIT2!: I have no intention of starting to play 40k again. I'm just curious!

17-07-2012, 23:59

You shouldn't be choosing an army like that. Arguably, making sure that you don't play an army (that you, in the first place, think is cool) isn't one of the worst ones is a reasonable consideration, but what you're doing is just plain wrong.

Choose an army you actually think is cool and make sure it doesn't suck. That, or go play a computer game.

18-07-2012, 00:16
See edit2^

Duke Danse Macabre
18-07-2012, 00:24

Allot of the rules now favor them massively with shooting and vehicle dammage, add their recent book, new flyer and character selection and you're laughing.

18-07-2012, 05:40
Necrons. Full stop. They've got it all in this edition(except psychic powers). They've got a tool for everything.

18-07-2012, 06:15
Actually they do have "psychic powers", labeled as "special rules, so you can't even counter them...

18-07-2012, 07:26
Yeah necrons seem like the new version of Eldar flying circus from fourth. Nowhere nearas broken though.

19-07-2012, 07:01
Am I the only one who noticed that Mat Ward was a writer for the book and his armies seem to benefit the most from this edition?
My top 5 armies-
1. Necrons (glancing guns that can now shoot while moving.)
2. Grey knights (lost little {halberds got worse and Power weapons ap3} but gained in Terminators more survivable. Plus, limited vehicles.
3. Blood Angels (Benefit from psychic powers and 2d6 assault.)
4. Space Wolves (Only loss is slightly slower Thunderwolves, but blood claw bikers and jump troops way better.)
5. Orks (only loss is overwatch, but gained 2d6 assault with 1 turn of fleet, less vehicles to face(limited ranged AT) and big boost from fearless.

My 5 worst armies (from worst to not so worst)
1. Eldar (Mech is extremely hazardous and footdar is very limited which leaves pretty much nothing)
2. Daemons (bad to begin with, only got fear and Flying MC, power weapons worse, feel no pain worse, don't benefit from psychic powers, and their only vehicle got worse)
3 Tau (AT is about same but potentially faster assault armies hurts.)
4 Chaos space marines (only real benefits are the same as what others got. No flyers, 1 MC, few special rules. But will get book.)
5.Dark Eldar (lesser cover save, weaker feel no pain and no psykers.)

19-07-2012, 08:01
Honestly I find that my Dark Eldar are still my most competitive and powerful army. Although pre-measuring has made my night shield less effective, they are still useful and fun. Although the Feel No Pain and cover changes hurt, the fact is that it is a two way street and I can live with that. Reavers now can move 48" when turbo-boosting, which is insane, especially since they can attack while doing so. The vehicle changes also makes it far easier to destroy my foe and that was already fairly easy to do. I'd have to say that as I am very good at sighting distances to the 1/10", the pre-measure rule hurts me the most, but overall I still have yet another net gain (Dark Eldar have only ever gotten better with each new edition/codex, they're GW secret love).

My basic list, which has not changed since the new book came out give or take depending upon points:
Archon w/ Blaster or Haemonculus w/ Hexrifle (vanity item)
3 Ravagers - 3 Disintegrators, Night Shield, Flickerfield
2 10 strong Warriors - Blaster, Splinter Cannon, Raider w/ Night Shield, Flickerfield
2 10 strong Warriors - Blaster, Dark Lance, Raider w/ Night Shield, Flickerfield
2 or 3 units of 3 Reavers - Heat Lance
5 strong Trueborn - 4 Blasters, Dracon w/ Blast Pistol, Raider w/ Night Shield, Flickerfield
4 strong Trueborn - 4 Blasters, Raider w/ Night Shield, Flickerfield

As you can see this list was also very similar to my 3rd and 4th edition one which basically had no Trueborn and a naked Haemonculus (a 25 point HQ tax), but with the second FOC, I am thinking about six Ravagers like the three I already run; that's what 750 points for 54 36" S5 AP2 shots that can be fired while moving 12", yeah there's temptation right there. With just the two HQ, four Warriors, and the 6 Ravagers, I'm at 1,700 points. Add in the five strong Trueborn and a unit of Reavers and I have 2 points left. To be honest, I'd feel dirty playing that list, like Janet Weiss dirty (touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me, I wanna be dirty). Dammit Janet, I will run that list. Now I've got to find me a gold speedo so I can go twice*.

* I apologize to all you people who do not like RHPS or know the lines (and really there's no excuse for that), but hot patootie bless my soul, I really love that rock and roll so let's do the Time Warp again!

19-07-2012, 10:48
Daemons (bad to begin with, only got fear and Flying MC, power weapons worse, feel no pain worse, don't benefit from psychic powers, and their only vehicle got worse)
Daemons also gained with the increase in charge range (much easier to deep strike close enough for next turn charge without risking DS mishap), fearless change to just autopass leadership, FNP is more different than worse as it now works against power weapons. It takes str10 to deny a pleaguebearer FNP now. I'm actually liking the vehicle changes myself, as my soulgrinder's no longer getting immobilised by glances and with 4HP is reasonably durable for a 6th ed vehicle.

19-07-2012, 12:57
I find that any army that is used by someone who know's it well is the most powerful army, Eldar have always had a steep learning curve, marines have always been easiest to learn how to play and this has not changed and is not likely to. For me my Catachan infantry army has always been then most powerful army

19-07-2012, 13:11
appearing the best from what ive played? nnecrons and grey knights (pallys lost wound allocation but gained look out sir roles for each individual unit so didint lose as much as people believe).

the worst? i think nids, they lost all there fleet assaulting bonus's, cant assault from outflank, cover saves got worse and the introduction of overwatch really hurts!

but i play bt, and theres no massive changes for me really (despite a nerfed typhoon)

19-07-2012, 13:13
Don't agree about the Dark Eldar being one of the worst. Ya they had a few nerfs ( like all the armies did), but I have had all wins since 6th began ( played Grey Knights, orcs, de and necrons). I also feel night shields actually got a buff due to pressuring. We can actually measure to make sure the night shields will work!

19-07-2012, 13:15
Pressuring is supposed to be premeasuring!

19-07-2012, 13:16
Due to premeasuring... Edit to previous post!

Commissar Davis
19-07-2012, 13:29
I think that DE and Necrons are pretty much tops right now and BT are somewhere at the bottom. All the 4ed codices need a boost in the arm really.

@fashathedog: I hate you now... I had to go get a fix after that and fight the urge to start a Slaanesh themed army that I haven't the money for!

19-07-2012, 13:57
necrons, because of all the tricks they have, and anything with a flier second until the populace realizes that AA is important.

19-07-2012, 19:25
Don't agree about the Dark Eldar being one of the worst. Ya they had a few nerfs ( like all the armies did), but I have had all wins since 6th began ( played Grey Knights, orcs, de and necrons). I also feel night shields actually got a buff due to pressuring. We can actually measure to make sure the night shields will work!

That's funny how you feel night shields got a buff while for me it was as major blow. For new players the night shield did get better, while us older Dark Eldar players who exploited the night shield like it was nobody's business lost a lot. My old tactic was to lure failed shooting and charges by placing a Ravager or Raider just a fraction of an inch out of the enemy's range and it worked great, but sadly that is no longer valid unless my foe neglects to measure first. I wasn't the only one to do it either and it made the game a little more interesting. I personally dislike being able to measure anything at anytime, especially since so many games are moving to it as it takes away from tactics like what I used to do and does simplify the game some removing an otherwise inane skill, but it is a preference.

19-07-2012, 21:53
In all honesty I am a fairly new DE player which might be why I like the premeasuring!! I never used that tactic.

19-07-2012, 23:22
My death Korps with some Gray Knights to back them up, no daemons gonna pick on me again ^_^

21-07-2012, 21:53
I never said you can't win with any of the armies, just my opinion on whose the worst.

Dark Eldar, Night shields are waste with pre-measuring. Sure you can keep your vehicles away from your opponent, but the tables aren't limitless and they don't stop your opponent from shooting, they just shoot something else. And the feel no pain working against Power weapons is a joke since your opponent doesn't need power weapons to kill you warriors or wyches in close combat. Same goes with weaker cover saves.

So plaguebears are better because you need S10 to negate feel no pain and power weapons don't work? Great, if everyone ran around with S8 guns and power weapons. This increased survivability "is" a bonus, but the reduction in Feel no pain negates that due to basic weapons being able to kill plaguebearers easier. For as many as they save from S8 weapons and power weapons, they lose to a weaker Feel no pain from basic weapons. oh and 2d6 does also help, but they still have to survive a turn of shooting and overwatch. Benefit, lost.

And Eldar is still a tough army with some capabilities, but their best build took a hit with hull points. Holo fields are now a big waste of points, and wave serpents shield is still useful but 3 glancing hits aren't that hard, thus meaning spirit stones only work on pens. Combined with the fact only Orks have guns that don't outrange Eldar catapults now after moving, the 2d6 assault means your units aren't safe from assault as they used to be and the only anti heavy infantry combat unit now can't kill terminators (banshees), Eldar took a big, big hit. The only saving grace is hopefully they will have a codex soon that will rectify this.

Fyi, these are the armies i've played and for how long.
Dark Eldar-10 years
Orks- 10 years
Chaos marines- 9 years
Space marines (vanilla)- 8 years
Imperial guard-7 years
Eldar- (6 years)
Space wolves- 5 years
Daemons- 3 years
Blood Angels- 3 years
Nids- 1 year

Definitely doesn't mean I'm an expert, but I've played tournaments, pick up games and fun games will all the armies, except nids. And I've seen every edition since 3rd. Again, not an expert, but i've had a decent level of experience with and against these armies and others.
matt Schuur

21-07-2012, 22:06
My death Korps with some Gray Knights to back them up, no daemons gonna pick on me again ^_^
Until the new Chaos Space Marine Codex and the new Daemon Codex.:D

21-07-2012, 22:47
I don't agree with Necrons being the top army. People is getting to impressed by their capacity at destroying vehicles.....i have the feeling that with hull points and longest charge distances, vehicles will be less prevalent, and therefore the ability to kill the, less important.

For me the most powerful army is any Space Marine army, mainly because they being able to ally as battle brothers with any other marine chapter and Imperial Guard.

21-07-2012, 22:58
It takes str10 to deny a pleaguebearer FNP now.Plaguebearer's have eternal warrior so they are immune to instant death, wouldn't this mean they can claim Feel No Pain against everything.