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Bingo the Fun Monkey
18-07-2012, 08:44
This is a painting log of all things Green and Stabby and Stompy.

This army has components that I had purchased around the year 2000, although it didn't actually become an army until 2005. Since then, it's been battling it out through three editions- primarily against Bretonnians (since he and I built a table in his basement to play on). It is my intention to update this plog weekly and complete a 2500 point army by the end of August.

All I have now are two preview pictures. There will be many more pics with better lighting in the coming weeks.

My boss model has always been the same model through the editions. He's always had a fur cloak although his current incarnation is the second one I've sculpted on him. He's still very much WIP. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the Boss Pole of Command due to the wind's divergent trajectory relative to that suggested by the cloak.


This is Morgit's "Goon Squad" or sword 'n' board 'uns. For some reason, my shaman tends to get Fists of Gork, so he's usually a permanent fixture in the unit if that spell is rolled, ensuring he's in the thick of things, able to lend both cunnin' and brutal strength. Da Goonz are shameless looters, and will wear looted wargear with swaggering enthusiasm.

This unit still has a lot of work to be done: the bases are gross and need more thought (or flock). There are bits here and there that I missed all over the unit (I speed painted batches of 5 and 10 orcs per sitting) and the boyz' tunics are distinctly lacking dagz and checkers.

Morten C
18-07-2012, 13:19
Very interesting start for sure :) The unit is looking wickedly cool already. Like a group of raiders that loot anything they can :D

18-07-2012, 16:17
Looks cool. I like that banner.

19-07-2012, 08:02
Great start! As already said the banner looks amazing. You paint a nice checkers pattern :).

The Ked
19-07-2012, 11:22
That warboss is a thing of beauty.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
24-07-2012, 08:36
Time for an update. I'm in the middle of moving so I do not have a good spot to photograph my models with adequate lighting. However, I think that I've been quite industrious. While I'm dumbing down the skin "formula", I think I'm achieving tabletop results in nearly half the time...

...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's my general's unit of Big 'Uns called Da Goonz. The glyph on the banner isn't complete, and the Warboss himself still needs about another hour's worth of work. However, I'll be quite delighted to place that unit on the table the next time I play :).


Here's a preview of the next unit "Da Broot Skwad". The unit is very much WIP and I'm trying out a different skin technique with a black undercoat. In my mind, only orcs that would in 40k be Blood Axe clanners would actually use spears and shields in formation. There is definitely a temptation to try and make a Savage Orc "Spart 'Unz" unit at a much later date. For now, I'm trying to get as many orcs painted so I get get on to the truly fun stuff like Trolls, Giants, Chariots, etc...

Bingo the Fun Monkey
24-07-2012, 08:40
I took some close ups of Morgit so far. I don't know if I sculpted a dire weasel or a bear or whatever...but its teeth are worn on Morgit's necklace (to account for my lack of patience to sculpt them).

24-07-2012, 12:56
I like it, the unit really looks dynamic! :)

Thitanium Prince
24-07-2012, 19:55
You have some creative and funny conversions here :) great ideas for the big'uns and totally nice warboss :)

Bingo the Fun Monkey
25-07-2012, 18:17
Thanks for the kind words, guys. It's kind of funny because I have two more units of Orcs: spears and extra choppas. At some point, every unit was to be my big 'uns. In 6th it was the spears (hence the shoulder pads and spikes), in 7th the extra choppas (who are also heavily armored) and in 8th these sword 'n board 'uns. Any suggestions or criticisms?

25-07-2012, 19:36
Love the goons so far not too sure of im happy seeing a 'looted' lizard hide :p my poor cold ones! But it looks awesome none the less! Warboss is pretty tasty too... What do you use as your sculpting material?

Bingo the Fun Monkey
26-07-2012, 19:39
I use the generic Gale Force 9 two part epoxy, similar to GW's greenstuff. For other projects (which I'll probably get into later on in this log), I use fast-hardening stuff that's generally used for plumbing or whatnot. Now that it has paint on it, I find myself dissatisfied with the sculpt of the bear. It looks too forced. I might start anew and with a dire-weasel in mind.