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19-07-2012, 00:36
There was a time in my life where I actually had money, and during that time I bought a few units of dwarves. I'd like to finally get them painted and into fighting shape, and to that end I drafted up a list.

Also I have no idea how to build a Dwarf list, so I'd really like some direction here. Here is what I came up with:

Runelord - 360
- 4+ ward rune, Anvil of Doom
No idea what kind of runes to give this guy. Generals typically have a 4+ ward, so this is what made sense to me. Is there any reason I shouldn't take an anvil?

Thane - 165
- 1+ AS rune, reroll AS rune, BSB, +1S rune
The protection seemed a no-brainer. I'd like a magic weapon in case of ethereals.

39 Warriors - 415
- full command, GWs
Thane goes here.

40 Longbeards - 545
- full command, GWs

Organ Gun
Figured I would sit it next to the anvil, just in case anyone got close.


Grudge Thrower
- Rune of Accuracy

10 Quarrelers

1910 pts total

I have 90pts left over and not sure what else to take. Is it worth it to take 10-man units of warriors to use as redirectors? Is 40 to big for warriors/longbeards (I have 1000pts tied up in those two units... seems excessive)? Too many warmachines? Not enough? What's a 2000pt Dwarf list supposed to look like? Anyone?

19-07-2012, 21:16
No feedback? C'mon guys, I don't have a job. I'm going crazy here.

The Binman
19-07-2012, 21:35
No feedback? C'mon guys, I don't have a job. I'm going crazy here.

I'm not the best person to reply as I haven't played with my Dwarf army in 8th but as you are desperate for replies here goes:

It looks light on units but as this seems to be the way we're all going with 8th it's probably fine.

Internet wisdom would probably tell you to put 2x rune of penetrating on your grudge thrower as well as rune of accuracy.

Probably need a rune of burning (or whatever it's callled) on one of your warmachines for the ubiquitous regenerating monsters.

Maybe drop the anvil and get some more troops? - Thunderers?

20-07-2012, 02:57
Good call on the runes. That fills out the remaining points. To get more units, is it advisable to drop the warriors and longbeards to 30? I kinda like the anvil...

20-07-2012, 07:17
One of the ways i test out if i think a list of mine is good is to look at typical lists of a similar size and judge how you would play them.

Lance Tankmen
20-07-2012, 07:28
well what models do you have? besides those shown?

20-07-2012, 17:37
This is more of a shopping list than anything. I only have like half of the warriors (and no anvil) at the moment (I bought them in 6th edition, so I never planned on fielding them in such larhe numbers). I have some ironbreakers, but those seem pretty useless in this edition. I can proxy while playtesting, but I just finally got my Lizards to a point to where I no longer have to proxy anything; I'd rather not go back.

I mostly would like to know:
1) Should I waste money on an anvil? I like the idea of it but I'm not sure.
2) Are 40-man hordes the way to go, or can I afford smaller units in the hopes of softening the enemy with artillery?
3) How do I avoid combat with that big unit of GG (or Lions or Chosen or whatever)? Do I take copters to redirect? Small units of warriors? And where do I get points for them?
4) Do I have sufficient shooting?
5) Should I drop the organ gun for cheaper WMs?

20-07-2012, 18:54
I would say you got enogh shooting if you rune up your warmachines properly - RoForging is a must-have on a Cannon and RoAccuracy, 1/2 RoPenetration and engineer on your Grudge Thrower is a standard build also.
2000 points it's like the smallest battle size when I would consider taking the Anvil with me - it's useful but it takes so much points.. Also 4+ Ward is good for a fighting hero but your Anvil should stay behind the lines and you got T10 and 4+ Ward against shooting and magic missiles anyway. Longbeards are really nice (probably the best looking dwarf miniatures at the moment) but they are just too expensive. I would recommend taking normal Warriors with Great Weapons instead. Also, however your list is gonna look like you can never go wrong with Hammerers ;)
BSB is not bad, I used to run the same guy myself, but decided to drop +1S for RoPreservation (lots of Bloodletters and cauldroned Dark Elves around) and +1 I (just for having magic attacks) or RoStriking (all WS3 stuff hitting him on 5's is not bad either).
5-man cheap squads of Miners as redirectors is a good idea but hard to play - movement 3 isn't your friend here...

21-07-2012, 00:17
Thanks for all the advice. I dropped the anvil (oh well) and the organ gun (it's main job was to kill anything that got too close to the anvil) to free up points for another grudge thrower and some hammerers. Please let me know what you think.

Runelord - 233
shield, MRoBalance, 5+ ward, +1 AS, +1 I

BSB Thane - 150
1+ rerollable AS, +1 WS

39 Warriors - 415
command, GWs, Runelord goes here

29 Warriors - 315
command, GWs, Thane goes here

20 Hammerers - 270

Grudge Thrower - 155
RoAccuracy, 2xRoPenetrating

Grudge Thrower - 130
RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating

Cannon - 130
RoForging, RoBurning

10 Quarrelers

1993 pts

So the big unit of warriors will be horded, while the small unit I'm thinking will be 6x5. I'd also like to put the hammerers in a 6-man frontage. To me, GWs means killing power, and killing power means maximizing frontage. Is that the case with dwarves, or is it a choice between horde and bus?

Should I drop the second grudge thrower for more bodies? I think I'd be able to fit 10 more warriors and a few more hammerers.

immortal git
21-07-2012, 12:21
Organ guns are the bomb. get two. units of 40 warriors with GW are perfect in my eyes