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Talons in the Darkness
19-07-2012, 22:30
Whether you love it or hate it, 6th edition has brought a whole host of content back into the game. I’m in the Thumbs Up camp as I see the incredible potential that the game designers have put into these rules for really fleshing out armies and tactics in a way that extends naturally from the base rules. With the stated emphasis on “associative” as opposed to “dissociative” rules, I’m actually looking forward to how the next codex design team approaches Tyranids.

When I play Tyranids, I want the flavor that comes with playing an army with no honor, no heroes, no fear and no mercy.

In the background, a war against the Tyranids is the stuff of absolute nightmare. The air is a deadly miasma of toxins, choked with unending clouds of drifting spores, the very ground you tread is being infected before your eyes and the shrieks of a billion creatures are a constant reminder that no matter how many you’ve killed, it won’t be enough. And in the mind of a Psyker, the noise would be deafening. I WANT THAT!

I want to start a discussion on what an application of 6th ed rules can do for the Nids.

However, the most common thing I hear when discussing Tyranid codex changes is that BLANK (like say, the carnifex) needs to be about 30 points cheaper or something like that. To me, that’s just a bland way to go about it and it’s just a patch; it adds nothing new.

I want to see him given a tank shock/Ram move from the pancake edition, or the D6 Hammer of Wrath attacks that Chariots get, or a smash attack on every unit in Base to Base when charging! This is a LIVING BATTERING RAM and a point discount isn’t going to convince me that it fulfills that role.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

The hunter/assassins of the swarm, these guys should be feared in their ability to systematically dismember a squad from the top down. What would fit them is a rule that allows one Lictor per brood to challenge like a character and then select their target to show them ambushing an important leader. If the challenge is won, Hit and Run back into the shadows.

With the advent of flyers, anti-air is very important but should be handled in a Nid way, not some hamfisted application of skyfire. I imagine Tyranids literally pulling fliers out of the sky with shear numbers.
How about something like this: When a skimmer or zooming flyer passes through a Gargoyle brood, the Tyranid player may roll a D6. On a 5 the vehicle takes a single glancing hit and a penetrating hit on a 6. If either of these results are rolled, the Gargoyle brood takes D3 wounds.

So let’s hear some ideas. I want to know what jumps out at people in the 6th ed rules that says to them “This could make Tyranids feel like Tyranids” And Slaanesh take you if you just post a “Wishlisting is pointless” comment without contributing. It’s fun, it’s indulgent and if anything there’s always house ruling potential for good ideas.

19-07-2012, 22:56
I do think the nids need a new codex but I am biased as a nid player. That being said there are a lot of old codices that need to be completed before nids get a look again.

The current codex had potential but just has too many issues to save and nids just need a reboot. They do not quite play like a swarm or thundering herd of MCs they are an odd sort of finesse army that has more dependencies than synergies. They are sort of like Eldar in that respect, a finesse army that is unforgiving of mistakes. Tyranids can still be a lot of fun but they can also be frustrating to play when facing some of the new codices.

19-07-2012, 22:57
I see two fundemental issues with the nid dex.

1) poor cost to effect ratio

2) poor endurance on warriors and larger creatures

Other then that, ranged weapons and cc weapons are just boring. The nids are one codex that should not be converted to giving usr's to everything, it should be unique and different....Alien!

Talons in the Darkness
19-07-2012, 23:22
This is exactly my point, playing Tyranids doesn't feel like playing Tyranids for lack of a better explanation. Sure we can win games, but there is so much potential that has yet to be explored in my opinion. I don't really want to get into how the current dex should be fixed or what's wrong with it. It's done and published. I want to look at the army with a whole new set of 6th edition eyes and see what rules in the 6th ed book seem like they'll be added to makes Tyranids more Tyranid-esque.