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19-07-2012, 23:06
Hi Guys,

with flyers becoming more standard in 40k armies, how are people going to be transporting them between games??? im currently running 3 Vendetta's and im a little worried about transporting them weekly between games.

What solutions are out there?

20-07-2012, 00:47
I've only come across one company so far that fits the bill - Kaiser Rushforth


I'm currently in the process of moving all my models in to these cases and have been highly impressed by the quality, fit, customer service and delivery - in the UK normally about 4 days from despatch. They also take up less space than the GW hard cases and the bags look good (not got one... yet).

20-07-2012, 07:34
I have an KR case too. I keep my Orky vehicles, including a Bommer, in a pick 'n' pluck V5T tray (see http://www.krmulticase.com/trays.aspx?type=C under 'V'). It fits one looted Leman Russ, custom built trukk (about Rhino sized), three metal Killer Kans and the Bommer. The bommer was quite tight fit so I changed the other wight to be attachable by magnets. One such tray would fit two Bommer sized flyers.

20-07-2012, 10:43
Battlefoam makes very nice bags too.

But I transport my flyers in a box with bubblewrap.

20-07-2012, 11:53
I've been impressed with my experiences with KR so far. It might be cheaper to make your own case from a toolkit and cut the foam yourself but its certainly easier to buy one ready made.

de Selby
20-07-2012, 18:02
I've got a KR bag and not had any problems yet. I need more of their cases, they are very practical. However I still end up with odd shaped things swaddled in plastic bags and foam for transport.

20-07-2012, 19:43
Got 18 KR cases, best storage/transport option in the UK.

20-07-2012, 23:03
well thats settled then, ill grab myself a few of the KR cases :) cheers for the responces