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Servant of the Emperor
22-07-2012, 11:38
Oh, Immortal Emperor of mankind, forgive your servant thou I have sinned. I found an interest in the filthy xeno and our ancient enemy the Eldar.

That`s right, I finally got bored of painting imperial kriegsmen and want to try something new to distract me every now and then, so I managed to gather 3 jetbikes(shall be converted to hold a seer council) and 4 guardians to testpaint and see if the interest I found in the xenos holds. So I painted up a test model last night and this is what I came up with.





I do apologise for the pictures, the highlights is barely visible, for the record the orange is highlighted up to golden yellow. I really enjoyed painting the guardian. It was quite different then what I'm used to. But I'm not really satisfied with it yet. Maybe I need something to contrast the orange.
But back to the army itself. I plan to start out with 500pts and then we will see, here we have a start list, please criticise it and help me improve it.


Farseer,jetbike,Singingspear,spiritstones,guide,fo rtune 158pts

3 Warlocks on jetbikes,3 singingspears,enhance,embolden,destructor 174pts

3 guardians on jetbikes, shuriken cannon 76pts
3 guardians on jetbikes, shuriken cannon 76pts

This will be the first wave that I will make. If I like to play with Eldars and if I still enjoy to paint the models it will grow to atleast a 1000pts including wraithlord and a Wraithseer!

Thou this is heresy for me I will need inspiration from you guys if this army is ever going to be created, so please comment, criticise and give me ideas.

Servant of the Emperor, over and out!

22-07-2012, 16:05
I like it, nice and simple yet colorful theme that you pull off in style! Are going to also paint the aspects in the same theme or stick to their traditional colors?

Servant of the Emperor
22-07-2012, 17:12
Thank you for commenting! We will see about that. For the moment there is no plans for aspect warriors so its hard to tell. But I do like orange striking scorpions and warpspiders...... Dire avengers will definitely be orange

23-07-2012, 14:28
Nice painting. I like the colour scheme and look forward to seeing more.

Servant of the Emperor
17-08-2012, 10:24
Long time since I updated. I now have 10 Jetbikes and will pick up some dire avengers from a friend today to convert the riders. What I need now is a couple of warlock,a farseer and 2 shuriken cannons. That should be enougth to make a 500pts army







WIP guardian

Yay Armypicture :D

10-09-2012, 21:06
I didn't like very much Lugganath color scheme in codex, but these models are nice! Good choice of orange.

10-09-2012, 22:47
Awesome. I've been waiting forever for someone to do a Lugganath 40k army. My Epic Eldar force is Lugganath and I've never seen a 28mm scale version.

Servant of the Emperor
12-09-2012, 14:13
Thank you for your response guys! I got some more stuff done but I realised that the pictures show the models around twice as big as they are in real life, so I will not post new pictures untill I learned how to use an picture editing program so I can take the pictures in a better focus, smaller and cut away all the stuff at the sides so the pictures doesnt take up all the page (as they unfortunatly do on my krieg log).

Learn from your mistakes as they say.
This saturday, I will pick up the farseer in finecast (the one with the spear) because I belive she would look great on a jetbike. When 6 guardian jetbikes and the farseer is done its time for the warlocks.

If anyone can give some ideas how to convert some Jetbike warlocks I would be very grateful.

12-09-2012, 19:38
FINALLY! Someone also doing Lugganath :-) I have a Lugganath Army myself because I like their Fluff and I like orange ;-) Unfortunately I do not have any pictures but it is not that bad because your painting is better than mine.

Do you intend to add Harlequins? Because they do buisiness with them on a regular basis (as regular as you can get with the Quins ;-) ). I have 20 for my army of the old ones.

Keep it up, Lugganath will reward you for your service in reconquering the galaxy!

13-09-2012, 02:15
Nice models! The orange jetbikes are looking smooth. i'm a fan of the Kabalite head on that guardian, its a nice touch. The only thing I'd recommend is trying to do a stronger contrast between the dark and light sections of some of your gems, but I have an Eldar army too and completely understand if you just want to get all of the things done quick. There are so many.

Oh, I'm also excited to see your take on the Seer Council. I converted one and it took quite a while, but was worth it. Good luck and I hope to see an update soon!

Servant of the Emperor
05-10-2012, 16:59
Long ago since the last update.
I got distracted with my Kriegsmen because I won the armies on parade Stockholm! Wohoo!

Grimgork Thank you for your comment. I got for the moment four normal quins and a shadowseer. Next on the "to buy list" is a deathjester, troupmaster and 3 normal quins.

deathwing_marine Thank you, it means alot to me. I really like your darkeldars, so let the orange spread :D! The gem thingy is just a camera issue, Sorry about that. One thing I noticed thou is that the reflektion should be reversed! The light is passing thought the gem so it should be darker in its direction. One day I will get that fixed.

But right now I got 10 guardians and 4 jetbikes with Dire avenger riders finished. Coming up painting vice is two jetbikes with shuriken cannons and their riders.
But before that
It is cellphone pictures so not too good, but you get the idea. It is still WIP so any suggestions on how to sculpt the robes would be great, because this is my first attempt to sculpt with greenstuff.

Servant of the Emperor
17-02-2013, 18:38
Ok, I painted these ages ago but forgot to update the thread, not sure why. Anyway here we go

Magniticed Fireprism WIP. Sadly you cant see the airbrush blendings that well in this photo. Will take better when its done


Guardian squad





And some harlequins, still some work on the freehand and bases but otherwise done. I got around 8 more of these to paint so more to come.


The farseer WIP



And my to do pile


I have to apologise for the bad photos. It is pitch dark outside.

17-02-2013, 19:08
Nice to see another orange Eldar army :D:yes: Those Harlequins are spectacular! Loving the WIP Farseer on Jetbike too.

Servant of the Emperor
17-02-2013, 19:28
Thank you! It means allot to me. I am myself a big fan of your yellow necrons :D

Here we got a solo pic of the Deathjester!

17-02-2013, 20:28
Very nice - like it so far.

18-02-2013, 06:01
Cool stuff mate! Once upon a time a wanted to do a Lugganath army, but the seers of Ulthwé stole me away. Very nice harlequins by the way! Never do an army of them though, I know the insanity of that road...

self biased
18-02-2013, 13:15
it might just be the photos, but the shade on your orange doesn't quite seem dark enough to my eyes and it washes out the contrast. with my Yme-Loc army, i washed my orange with a watered down blood red.

Servant of the Emperor
18-02-2013, 17:56
Self biased Yeah, the modells are actually based with valejo model air light red, so they are more darker and reddish in real life.
The pictures in the first couple of posts do the orange more justice. When I get a proper lightbox I will try to take better pics

Radium, cynic Thank you :D, it means allot to me.

18-02-2013, 18:42
Very nice army so far. I like that you have added purple as a 3rd colour. I didn't like the eldar codex painting but your army looks amazing.
What do you plan on the bases?

Servant of the Emperor
18-02-2013, 20:55
Morthai: My plan was to make some kind of stone, with some kind of foliage (see fireprism, you can see a little there) but Im not that sure anymore, we will see sooner of later.

self biased
19-02-2013, 00:58
i like your harlequins, too. though strangely, i think the thing i like the most is the way you highlight the inside of the facemasks.