View Full Version : Dark Elves; What to add next?

24-07-2012, 18:04
Hi my army consists of following.

Lord/ Hero on cold one.
2 units of 20 Corsairs
24 Xbowmen with shields.
5 Dark Riders
10 Cold one Knights
1 Chariot
1 Hydra
2 Reaper Boltthrower.

I usally play against shooty Skaven, Khorne-themed Chaos and Khorne daemonlists, and sometimes Orc & Goblin, TK and Lizardmen.
All thou I haven't had any luck at all since 8ed came out. Any suggestions what to add next? We usaully play 2000 - 2500 pts.

24-07-2012, 18:47
Holy crap is that 50 cold ones knights? You're not having much luck because there's a huge emphasis on ranked infantry.

I recommend a few boxes of warriors to start. Shoot for a unit of 40 or so.
Then maybe some furies to use as redirectors.
Then work on infantry unit #2. Maybe 30-40 corsairs? Or a smaller unit of elite infantry.
Then more redirectors.

And then after you spend all that time and money on infantry, 9th edition will be out and GW will make rules that favor cavalry again.

24-07-2012, 19:01
Sorry!!! I'dont know what I was thinking It should be 2x20 Corsairs not Cold Ones!!!

I was acctually thinking about adding 10 harpies and maybe a black guard and perhaps a second sorceress. But when the all the Specials went FC and on top of that weborder only it turned me of. It seems like there is going to be big changes to the DE army in the future. However I might convert 20 HE Phoinxguard into 20 Blackguard.

24-07-2012, 22:12
I'd say put 10 of the corsairs from one unit to the side and slap the remaining 10 onto the other unit (or even dont drop the other 10, add them in too if you really want!) and stick the sea serpent standard on there. Very killy.

10 harpies would be a good addition, as would the black guard and extra sorceress. If you are going to get some black guard, I'd advise getting a cauldron. Adds to their damage output potential or optionally gives a 5+ ward on them to make up for their frailty to some extent.

Just out of curiousity, do you have a bsb moddel. If not then I'd advise getting one, whether it just be for collecting or actual in-game, it looks good if you put effort into it and works wonders on the tabletop.

Dirty Mac
24-07-2012, 23:33
Shades, Harpies, Black Guard , and a Cauldron of Blood.

25-07-2012, 11:00
Cauldron of blood! I think its a must in every dark elf army, you can make it your bsb so it comes in at 225 and really buffs your army i never leave Naggaroth without it!

27-07-2012, 13:06
Thanks for all the advice. Black Guard, Cauldron, and harpies is going to be next!