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Lance Tankmen
25-07-2012, 17:29
I was wondering what general for your army you choose and why? or if you played another army even, what general and why. For example i often see players using level 4's as generals with their heros being the fighters, where as i always choose a bretonnian lord, even before the level 4, infact the only reason im working on using a level 4 is because of a greater daemon in my last tourny, so in 2.5k ill fit a level 4 in. But say you only get one lord choice for your army, because if i had to choose id still go bret lord over the level 4. also if i played empire id use an elector count over the others, simply because of fluff and looks. so why do you use the lord you do? stats,wizard,fluff,your favorite model?

25-07-2012, 17:36
Common goblin warboss, fluff reasons.

25-07-2012, 19:01
Black orc warboss. I'm going to be taing black arc characters anyway to block animosity, so rather than spending more points on a normal or savage orc warboss (for LD purposes), I might as well put the 2 together and save myself some points. Plus, since its an O&G army, my charachters are cheap as hell so I can still get all the wizards I need as well as a BSB, a black orc or 2 and some more utility characters if I really want to push it.

Ultimate Life Form
25-07-2012, 19:08
Common goblin warboss, fluff reasons.

Plague Priest on Furnace, fluff reasons.

25-07-2012, 19:55
Orc Warboss on Wyvern- Because the model is fantastic.
Chaos Lord of Tzeentch- Because the Armour of Damnation & Father of Blades combo is too fun not to use.
Konrad Von Carstein- Since the army is based around him, he is the "general" in my eyes, and the only magic comes from a level 1 necromancer (which due to the new book I am forced to take).
Kroq-gar- He allows one unit of Saurus Cavalry to be a core choice, and that's the only way to get a fully mounted Lizardmen army.

25-07-2012, 20:01
I run a King and Lv4 in my Tomb Kings points permitting, and obviously the fighty character is the general. For my Brets, lord all the way (so far...I've only got about 1500 points of them) because it makes the most sense. Normally a Lv2 in support, occasionally 2 Lv1s.

25-07-2012, 21:54
Vampire Lord on Nightmare or Zombie Dragon

Arch Lector/ Griffon Lord

Bretonnian Lord

25-07-2012, 22:08
Orc Warboss on Wyvern, because I love the old Azhag model, and because I like to spread my army out a bit, so I need the 18" Inspiring Presence and the ability to re-deploy him quickly. Also, supporting charges in the flank or rear of another combat.

25-07-2012, 22:16
I use a Vampire Lord on foot, for a few reasons:

1) Well, the army is called Vampire Counts for a reason. ;) More seriously, the vampire characters was one of the main reasons I started VCs, so I'd really hate not using them.

2) I enjoy having a lord who can more than hold his own in combat. Necromancers are good, but I find Vampire Lords far more enjoyable to use.

3) He's a solid lord. Admittedly he usually costs ~500pts, but he does do a lot, being a decent caster, and very good in combat.

4) The Vlad model is one of my favourites, and probably my best-painted, so I enjoy any opportunity to use him (which is why my lord is always on foot). :D

26-07-2012, 01:08
Doombull, because he owns almost everything. (Sometimes a beastlord because of the cool fluff I came up with for him.)
Spellweaver because highborns suck:(
Slann because of fluff reasons:D
Skaven warlord with wizard hat because I like the model I made.

26-07-2012, 01:26
I much prefer higher leadership than spell casting qualities.Fielding a wizard to lead my army does not sit right with me,unless it is v.c then at a supreme cost you get both.

26-07-2012, 02:30
Im a hack and slash kind of guy. I don't play dwarfs, but I usually avoid the magic phase all Together. fighty lords and hero's for me.

Bret lord, Old Blood, and now a Grandmaster.

26-07-2012, 06:40
Skaven Warlord. Leaves the Grey Seer free to Skitterleap about and have all sorts of fun.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
26-07-2012, 19:49
Black Orc Warboss. For a model that's meant to survive and have a Crown of Command, Armed to the Teef is great to have. This versatility is actually why I usually take a bare bones Black Orc Hero on a Chariot.