View Full Version : Not how i'd imagine a flame thrower to work

27-07-2012, 16:22
I was just watching the following clip from Youtube how the Chinese military were called in to use a flame thrower to rid a huge wasps nest and was surprised on the size of a flame.

I was always under the assumption that flame throwers sprayed a flammable liquid over a large distance however this appears to use a gas I think.

Any military nut able to comment? Action begins at 1:05.


27-07-2012, 17:40
Short burst, very high pressure flaming liquid.

Note the distance the flame travelled, a gas flame simply cannot go those distances.

27-07-2012, 17:45
Yea that's just WW2 tech.


29-07-2012, 21:19
I feel sorry for the guy who seems to be bracing the gunner :eek:

31-07-2012, 19:55
however this appears to use a gas I think.

What gave you this impression? I don't think that's what it looks like.

There are flamethrowers on film from WW2, and the jet does arc a bit more than this one, but looks fairly similar. Maybe it's deliberately at high pressure to give a short burst in a very flat arc.