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28-07-2012, 00:59
Hey guys,

I'm running a slow-grow Tale of Four with the first game being 500 points and the last game being 2250. I've chosen a Malus Darkblade-themed Dark Elf army and need some suggestions. The armies I'll be up against in the Tale are up in the air. One is Ogres, another is either HElves/WElves, and the other is either HElves/Empire.

For the 500 point army, should I start off with a sorceress (his mother, Eldire) as the general and add Malus (or Master-equivalent) later? Or should I stick with Malus from the get-go and add the sorceress at 1000 points?

Basically, at 500, it'd be Sorceress Lv 1 (Shadow?) or Master, Corsairs, XBowmen (bunker for sorceress).

As I build up the army, it will include warriors, Cold One Knights, Shades, and an awesome Hag bsb conversion (Malus' sister crawling out of the cauldron covered in blood). If I can fit a bolt thrower in, that'd be cool too.

Any suggestions?

28-07-2012, 13:35
If you're eventually going to include shades anyway, I would take them now. They're just flat out good at this points level.

I'd probably take the master. I rarely take a wizard in such a small game. You'll have one spell, and a fistful of dice to throw at it; but your opponent will also have a fistful of dice to dispel it, and he won't have to worry about saving his dice for other spells. I don't know, when you take all of the intrigue out of the magic phase like that, it just doesn't seem worthwhile to me.

28-07-2012, 13:36
Actually I'm thinking about it now and I don't think I've ever taken a wizard in a 500pt game.

Dirty Mac
28-07-2012, 14:24
I wouldn't either, Take someone fighty instead.

immortal git
30-07-2012, 13:15
Magic in low points costs is great! Because your dark elves you can throw 12 dice at a spell if you want. Crossbowmen are your best bet for core and shades (as said above) are great at low points

30-07-2012, 13:16
Very good points. Thanks guys!

xX Khorne Xx
31-07-2012, 11:51
in later games make room for a hydra. best unit in the game for 175 pts.