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29-07-2012, 03:05
While I did try to include some MSUs while having a couple 'anvil' units, even 3k seems a bit too insufficient to include all things.
Any comments are welcome.

Lord : 632pts
Prince(Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Barded Elven Steed, Dragonhelm, Vambraces of Defence, Amulet of Light) : 272pts
Archmage(Level 4, Book of Hoeth) - Lore of Light : 360pts

Heroes : 288pts
Noble(Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix) : 168pts
Mage(Level 1, Dispel Scroll) - High Magic : 120pts

Core : 750pts
11 Archers(Musician) : 126pts
12 Archers(Standard Bearer, Musician) : 147pts
34 Lothern Sea Guard(Full Command, BAnner of Eternal Flame) : 477pts

Special : 1,030pts
6 Sword Masters of Hoeth(Musician) : 96pts
6 Sword Masters of Hoeth(Musician) : 96pts
25 White Lions of Chrace(Standard bearer - Banner of Sorcery, Musician) : 443pts
7 Dragon Princes of Caledor(Standard Bearer - Banner of Ellyrion, Musician) : 255pts
Lion Chariot of Chrace : 140pts

Rare : 300pts
Repeater Bolt Thrower : 100pts
Repeater Bolt Thrower : 100pts
Great Eagle : 50pts
Great Eagle : 50pts

Total : 3,000pts

immortal git
30-07-2012, 13:19
Merge the SM, drop both the bolthtrowers for more dragon princes 11 and your lord is ideal use anything left to add more SM and maybe bulk the white lions. Your special choices will win you the games afterall ;)