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Death Korp
29-07-2012, 15:44
When creating Vampire Counts Lists, I've always stuck a Vampire Lord in because, well I like Vampires. However, I've found in 2000s and less games, that they are way too much points for what they do in such a small points level. So, I decided to create a Necromancer list that will hold its own in Tournaments.

*Necro Lord: Lvl 4, 4+ Ward, Power Stone


*Necro: Dispel Scroll

*40 Ghouls w/ Champion

*20 Zombies w/ Banner (All Characters here)

*5 Dire Wolves

*40 Grave Guard w/ Great Weapons, Full Command and Banner of the Barrows

*Corpse Cart

*Spirit Host

*Spirit Host

*5x Hexwraiths


2000pts exactly.

I'm worried about how the army will hold in the Banners scenario in the BRB, as one of the 3 units is... zombies. So I'll have to raise them up well. Also, would 3 Vargheists be better than the Hexwraiths? Ethereal FC seems too good to pass up.

Cheers all!

EDIT: List was actually 2035pts, so scrapped the Cursed Book :(

29-07-2012, 17:59
I can't really see anything wrong with it. You're not bringing vampires, so you (in my opinion) have to bring ghouls to fill out your core. No question there. Can't argue with the wolves or the two spirit hosts. You'll have three necros slinging spells around, so your cart will always be charged. Seems like a good choice.

I for sure would keep the hexwraiths over the vargheists. I don't have any concrete facts or reasons; I'm just going to say that I am always nervous when my opponent has hexwraiths, and rarely see it as a problem when he brings vargheists. If you really want vargheists, I say swap out the varghulf. But don't. I like the varghulf too.

I wouldn't worry about Blood & Glory. You have 4 fortitude points, right (general +2 banners)? So to win, your opponent needs to kill your general. And if he kills your general, he'll probably also have killed the other two necros along with it. He'll probably have won anyway.

30-07-2012, 03:49
Whilst vargheists have impressive stats they are a ld7 frezied unit that operates far outside any ld bubble provided by the general. This will mean that they can often be baited away from the main line by chaff or forced into combats in which they will struggle to win. Whilst true they hit like a mack truck they arent my favourite choice.

Hexwraiths are great not just as a unit but also a psch out on your opponent, new players often crap there pance when ethereal units show up and often over commit
to taking them out. Players who have more experience know that they are very
brittle and a base level magic missile can negate them completly not by wiping them out but by killing a model or 2. That said they can be healed and using a dice to invoc them draws a dispel dice or 2 ;)

30-07-2012, 04:01
To further glorify the hexwraiths... killing one or two or four doesn't necessarily negate them. A single hexwraith can easily reach and tie up things like stegadons or small units of swordmasters (or anything, really; use your imagination). Hate those ****** things.