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The bearded one
29-07-2012, 22:40
In order to confirm I'm am indeed quite insane, I'm started yet another army and yet another blog. I think this is my.. 7th blog? I'm quite crazy * cackle, gibber *

When 6th edition 40K was about to hit, I thought it was about time to start a 2nd 40K army. Tau are fun and all, but some day you want to experience with assaultphase without having to pray :D Power armour is okay enough, but currently not yet my fancy as there's just too many of it around in the local sphere, and not enough xenos. And with the release of ork flyers, and assault on black reach still available, I was enthused enough to start orks. I also entered the tale of x gamers my local GW organised for 40K, in order to keep up the pace with painting and keep me enthousiastic about it. I bought assault on black reach, I can soon trade the marines and dreadnought for about 20 boyz, 2 nobz and some loota's, and I bought some loota's and gretchin myself and.. of course, the dakkajet!

However first up is the warboss. Nice and simple, with a klaw (of doom!) , and eventually I want to add an attack squig on his shoulder (where the skull is), when I have the nob kit. I might replace the model some time, or for larger games, with a biker warboss, but the model is so cool. I wasn't on time yet for the first month of the tale of x gamers for the HQ (only had him assembled on the day, so I got few points) but hey, that just creates drama for when I inevitably catch up and race by! Da red 'uns go fasta, and my orks are red!

Da boss! W.I.P.



30-07-2012, 21:43
Looks cool. I like the shade of yellow that you've gone for and how you've painted his trousers.

Mega Nutz
30-07-2012, 22:11
Sweet looking job!

31-07-2012, 01:31
that is an awesome looking Orc, sir!

04-08-2012, 20:02
Very nice, I always like Orcs (or Orks, even) wearing red and yellow.

04-08-2012, 21:06
Very nice looking Warboss indeed! The yellow looks great and really "pops" next to the red.

Salty :)

The bearded one
05-08-2012, 19:58
An older pic (the warboss is less finished here) with some boyz


Also 10 points for griffondor and a cooky for the person who can guess what's in the background :p

05-08-2012, 22:37
It's a Loota!!!! :D
Love orks, and loved your tau! So far, your orks are looking damn good!
Anticipating more! :D

The bearded one
05-08-2012, 22:57
It's a Loota!!!! :D

5 points for hufflepuf! :D

that back in the left is indeed a loota, but what's that mysterious terrain-like thing in the distance behind the warboss and his boyz?

06-08-2012, 01:00
what's that mysterious terrain-like thing in the distance behind the warboss and his boyz?

Would it be a Mysterious Terrain counter? :shifty:

It's obviously four CoD building tiles on a round base....

Behind that I can't really make it out, I'm going to stab at a guess, it's a Ork themed Fortification, a Bastion.

The bearded one
07-08-2012, 22:22
It's the base of my dakkajet :)

09-08-2012, 03:09
Which should have been obvious as I did virtually the same thing with one of my Valks *facepalm*

13-08-2012, 20:59
That's a very promising start. If your other armies are anything to go by, this will turn out to be excellent.

14-08-2012, 20:17
looks good, looking forward to more

The bearded one
27-08-2012, 21:14
Da boyz are 'ere!

I'm in a tale of x gamers with my orks, but because I was working fulltime (in another city, even!) I still didn't get the chance to deliver these boyz to the GW on time. I had them finished, but could never go drop them off at the store (as it'd be closed when I finished work), or be there on the actual day. So after 2 months I'm at... erhm.. 1 point, for assembling my warboss :D The current #1 has about 25'ish points IIRC, but no matter, I will catch up! Just adds more drama, eh? I checked with the staff and the mob of boyz I made, would've gotten 9 out of 10 points (the 10th point would be 'cool basing', which I kept pretty simple). Anyway, here are the boyz. The nob has a scratchbuilt powerklaw, made with plastic bits and plasticard.


27-08-2012, 22:58
Nice. Ecpecially the yellow. It's really warm.
The highlight on the skin seems ambitious, hope you have the stamina to keep it up for the hordes of boyz you'll be adding.

The bearded one
28-08-2012, 23:37
Some extra pictures, with a more themed background ;)


The bearded one
07-02-2013, 23:01


08-02-2013, 08:02
That is a great colour scheme that works well for your orks!

Excellent brushwork. It really brings out how cool the Ork models are :)

Would you mind sharing how you painted the skin and the great colour on the shoulder pads?

Happy Gaming,