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30-07-2012, 17:44
CCS - 4xPlasma, Melta Bombs, Power Weapon, Chimera
2x Infantry Platoon (PCS - Melta Bombs, 2xInf Squad - Autocannon 1x Commissar, 4x HWS - Autocannons, 1x HWS - Lascannons)

Wolf Priest
2x 5 Wolf Scouts - Melta
1x 3 Wolf Guard
3x 10 Grey Hunters - 2x plasma each
2x Long Fangs - Missile Launchers, Laserbacks


Vanguard Strike, Big Guns
Space Wolves deployed first, keeping scouts in reserves. Long Fangs took high ground with Grey Hunters deployed in front with 1 Wolf Guard each. Imperial Guard,deployed 2x 20 man Infantry Squads as a screen along edge of deployment zone, dropping all 10 heavy weapons teams and both PCS in various states of cover behind them. CCS in their chimera deployed in cover near a control point and a Lascannon HWS.

Turn 1-2
Space Wolves march steadily across the board, obliterating one of the IG Infantry squads completely by the end of turn 2. Wolf scouts outflank behind IG CCS Chimera and miss their melta shots. One group is destroyed by Chimera and occupants during IG turn 2. IG vendetta fails to arrive from reserves on turn 2, and autocannon fire takes out half of a Long Fang squad. Overall, shots are traded and both sides suffer fairly heavy infantry losses.

Turn 3-4
Turn 3 sees the second IG Infantry blob almost completely destroyed by massed bolter fire, and the CCS Chimera is immobilized and loses its Heavy Flamer to Wolf Scouts and Laserback shots. Vendetta arrives from reserves and kills one laserback. Second Laserback is destroyed on IG turn 4 by HWS Lascannons, after which the CCS which disembarked in movement phase annihilates the second Wolf Guard squad. IG suffers HWS Autocannon losses from Long Fang missiles and bolter fire, but Vendetta continues across the board and takes out 2 Long Fang shooters. At end of turn 4, both IG Infantry blobs are completetly destroyed along with one PCS. 2 Grey Hunter squads have been almost entirely destroyed.

Turn 5
Space Wolves continue to systematically target Heavy Weapons Teams, but massed fire in return takes a heavy toll. Vendetta, now hovering, kills 2 more Long Fangs and Autocannon fire wipes out the other Long Fang team, removing the last scoring unit that Wolves have within range of a control point. Space Wolves concede match at end of turn 5. IG finishes game with 4 Victory points (1 objective, 1 heavy killed) Space Wolves finish game with 2 Victory Points (Linebreaker, First Blood)

Surviving units:
Wolf priest with 3 Grey Hunters and 1 Wolf Guard, 1 Long Fang marine.
4x Autocannon HWS, 2x Lascannon HWS, 1 immobilized Chimera, 3 members of CCS including Warlord.

30-07-2012, 18:08
Sounds like a bloody massacre! Also sounds like a fun game. Thanks for putting this up. Pics next time! :)

31-07-2012, 13:04
sounds like 40k to me....