View Full Version : 2k Daemons

31-07-2012, 23:28
Ok, revamping my daemons and heres a quick throw together list. I play in a semi competitive environment so bear that in mind.

Bloodthirster 500
various gubbins

herald of nurlge
slime trail,breath weapon

herald of tzeentch
master of sorcery

40 plague bearers
re-roll banner

20 horrors



flame breath and boneclaw

Now im deadset on using a gd and not taking bloodletter hordes, that was my old list and rather boring to play.

02-08-2012, 13:07
i like the list... its similar to what im taking in at 2000 points what do you plan on giving the bloodthirster though? and im tempted more towards the other banner for nurgle as it will just keep adding to you combat res...

03-08-2012, 00:39
The bloodthirster will be rocking around with immortal fury and armour of khorne, took awhile for me to decide but the firestorm blade is just too much of a risk. Everyone and their mother takes that blasted dragon bane helm/gem and it would really ruin my day for a 500pt bt to get held up by a 100pt hero.