View Full Version : Modelling Hellions with Jump Packs?

01-08-2012, 00:46
Hey all,

So I'm looking to start a DE army and really love the idea of Hellions swooping around all over the place (plus the Baron is a pretty nasty HQ). One problem: not a fan of models. I'm thinking of converting some warriors with some spiky jetpacks of sorts. Fun project and should look pretty cool when finished.

I was just wondering, given the all the same weapons are included on the model would this sort of thing fly in tournaments? Hellions count as jump infantry so really the change is purely aesthetic but just wanted to check and see how versatile these models would end up being.

Thanks for your help!

Corsair Princess
01-08-2012, 02:09
I can't say for sure how a tournament would handle it, but I can't imagine it being disallowed as long as they were on the same bases as regular Hellions.