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07-05-2006, 20:23
Hi im a long time lurker from the far future of 40k that has decided to take a second job, namly as a general in Sigmars service.

The thing is i love infantry and i abhore knights and warmachines.

I have two ideas i want to incorporate into the army and that is 3 Warrior priests as unit hero´s and dispellers. They will lead The Footknights of Sigmar (Swordmen) that are a commoner crusade against the forces of chaos in the empires forrests. They have banded with The Bandit King (Elector Count) that brings Free Company, Archers and Pistoleers to the force and fights for his pardon that the warrior pristes have promiced him.

The army was raised by the priests becouse the imperial authoutrity´s dident do enough to protect backward towns and farms against beastmen and vampires (my two main oppoments and the reson im using WP)

So the aim is to make a list that has 1-2 pistoleer units, 3 swordmen units with free company detacthments and alot of skirmising archers to die horribly and marchblock the flanks.

The force will be trying to make most of the Hate it has for Chaos and Undead so any magic item has to strenghten that tone.

So has anybody any good tip's in the matter??

Grand Warlord
10-05-2006, 07:09
wow its a good idea i cant think of many magical items off the top if my head against chaos or undead... i do recommend some cannon/mortar ... I mean i know hes fighting for a cause but i dont think a prince would leave his cannon at home...

10-05-2006, 11:12
This army sounds fluffy which is all good, but also sounds very weak. If your opponents are building similarly fluffy non-competitive armies then fine, you'll have fun and all power to you. If not then you could be in for a tough time.

You've got the infantry right - Swordsmen with Free Company detatchments are more or less the optimal combo for core infantry. I'd back these up with some Greatswords and some Flagellants (who are sooooo good and fit your fluff just fine) to give you units that can hold the enemy up and deliver some punch. Normally I don't advise Greatswords but since you've moved away from all cavalry and artillery you might need something that can dent armour. Something else to consider would be to add a unit of Dogs of War duellists armed with Pistols as bandit foot troops (sort of like dismounted pistolliers) as they are very effective skirmishers. Their short range shooting and their combat punch are not to be underestimated.

Pistolliers are good, but the rest of your shooting sounds a bit woeful. Generally speaking the advantages of S4 crossbows/handgunners easily outweighs those of longbows. Against skirmishing beastment you may well find your arrows are wasted, but then it's hard to see a bandit king with a platoon of handgunners following him.

All in all you could well make a good fluffy list, but with no knights, no artillery and limited magic you will suffer if your opponents aren't similarly minded.

10-05-2006, 13:42
Of course id like a cannon or mortar but it dosend fit the theme, all powder weapons are from the Bandit King and he dosent have the time to log around a cannon/mortar when he´s escaping a robbery :D

None of the Warrior Priest´s men are armed with more then Hammers and Sheilds (For the Priests in Traning = Swordsmen) or picks and pitchforks or hunting bow´s for the farmers so they dont have the skill to run a cannon

We are also messing around with the base size and im putting my men on 25mm instaid of 20mm so i can pose them more freely. Most seasoned fantasy players will gasp and stomp their feet and fuss but we dont like the anal-retentive fact that our models must suffer for stupid basing rules. As long as we are playing this game for fun (we are arent we?) and not just to win at all cost i think house rules and not taking stupid rule´s seriously is our right...ney DUTY!

Well rant off...

10-05-2006, 14:38
Redskull... I love the army idea.. and love warrior preists!!! Although I don't play or know much about the Empire.. I think you are on the right track for a fun army to play with.

I was thinking of something similar.. but with a few more pistoleers or something. I love the idea of the local townsfolk coming to arms with help of a small garison of troops/guns.

10-05-2006, 20:16
A "fluffy" Empire army with no halberdiers...right.

I do really like the army though it's very characterful on its own merits and background even if it doesn't have halberdiers. :)

10-05-2006, 22:23
So what gear outfits the noble heroes of the empire?
Sigil of Sigmar(pp21, Empire hand book) makes sense, on one of the warrior priests.
Prehaps give all the priests great hammers, this will add a bit more puch to the swordsmen units. It may be worth giving them heavy armour and a shield as well so they can have the better save when prudent.
The Icon of Magnus(pp23, Empire hand book) will be infinately handy when facing undead as well.
The Hammer of Judgement(pp20, Empire hand book) could be very handy on the Bandit King, I'm sure that the leadership test it forces is resolved using the Base leadership of the model hit. I could work very well against skellies and beastmen, also it makes for a fluffy gift that the priests bestow upon the Bandit King to aid their crusade. Then give whatever points left on the Bandit king over to making him rock hard; Holy Relic(pp21, EHB), Enchanted Shield(pp20, EHB), and good ol' Empire Full Plate!

For Sigmar!
For Empire!
For Ever!

11-05-2006, 08:16
If your friends has the same approach to the game as you, you're going to have such a great time. I love that kinds of fluff-based armies.

My advice would be to use as many and as characterful Dogs of War units as you can. Very fluffy and in addition some DoW units are very powerful (like Ogres and such). I also think you should include flaggellants and Greatswords as these too pack a punch in close combat and goes well with the fluff.

I have a small objection against your idea though. If the swordsmen are foot knights and the Free Companies are peasants, and they just happen to fight together because their masters do, I'm not sure any of them would have the training required to execute Detachment manouvres. Since the fluff is an important part of the army, I thought I should let you know.


11-05-2006, 09:22
Rotten has a good point re: detatchments but you'd have to come up with a similar disadvantage to apply to your opponents. Detachments is also the most enjoyable bit of playing empire (other than sending a big unit of knights charging in).

Don't limit yourself too much - the peasant horde lead by preists is a great idea but you might find it a bit dull after a while without some manouverable units - you mentioned pistoliers which would be excellent (fluff: a small retinue for the priests) butalso no black powder weapons?

Lots of skirmished infantry will keep things interesting and you can spend those rare slots on DOW. Infact howabout halflings? - good missile troops and would go nicely with your bowmen plus fit with the villager theme. Think you could take even take a Hotpot catapult so you could have some "artillery" after all...

11-05-2006, 14:16
The thing i wanted to do with the pistoleers is the classic highwayman with tricorns and longcouts (taken from the free company) and with green stuffed scarfs covering their faces. Very Brotherhood of the Wolf feel on them. They are The Bandit Kings elite and hence use pistols (what is peoples attitude to a unit champion with a repeter pistol or rifle here?)

11-05-2006, 15:57
Greatswords would be more suiting for Foot Knights and Hallberdiers are far more prominent state troops than Swordsmen.

So, I'd get Greatswords and loads of Hallberdeirs instead of a few units of Swordsmen (remember, if more punch is needed, a Warrior Priest can always be dropped into the unit).

Perhaps include the Galloper Guns? Would be very fluffy and make some sense... as well as adding blackpowder to the army. Also, as said, some Duelists would be ideal.

So, the list would be something like:

1 Elector Count (the rules for 1)
3 Warrior Priests decked out to add a lot of punch

arround 4 units of Hallberdiers, all with Detatchments of Free Company
Also, some archers of some sort.

1 unit of Greatswords and 2 Pistoler-units

The Galloper Guns and 1 unit of Duelists.