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05-08-2012, 17:55
After much deliberation and few atempts on the Skaven list this is my kind of final try.
Now time for you guys to give some feedback.
What do you think, good all comers list? I'm especially looking for feedback on magic items for heroes and units.
Please note I'm aware of the uber builts with slaves, double HPA and so on but I'm more likely to hear from you to optimize list below.
I'd like to expand from here to 2k by replacing warlord with grey seer, uping numbers in "elite" units to 40, couple more ogres and HPA.
Skaven 1500

halberd shield, Foul pendant, goes with Stormvermin

Bsb halberd,shield,talisman of endurance, with clanrats
Plague priest lvl2 flail, warp scroll

32 Clanrats hw+shield fcg with Poison wind mortar
34 Stormvermin fcg, banner of under empire,*Poison Wind Mortar
18 Giant rats 2packmasters

29 Plague monks fcg plague banner
2 Rat Ogres packmaster

Plague claw catapult

05-08-2012, 18:22
It's a nice list, but what do you think of these changes:

No shield on the warlord, because he can not use it in close combat because of the helbard. Or you can drop the helbard and with the shield you have a 4+ AS in close combat, something (with a charmed shield 3+) which helps him to survive a little longer. You need his Ld 7 and not his 4 attacks.
Or drop him completely and go with a Grey Seer (with a ward and a dispel scroll).

BSB is ok, give the plague priest a ward (maybe the one time 4++ ward from the brb) - or you can drop him if you take the grey seer. If you stay with the plague priest I would give him the dispel scroll.

Rest of the list is ok, I would change one PWM with a WFT because I love them (one good hit can decimate a horde to a normal size unit).
Maybe change the banner from the stormvermins to a razor banner -2 AP can be good against cavalry or take the storm banner.

In the rare selection I would change the catapult against a cannon, it has a few more uses than the catapult. The catapult is good against big and / or expensive T3 units, but with the cannon you can also kill knights / chariots / multi-wound creatures like ogres and monster (with a litte bit luck from the second roll for the cannon).