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06-08-2012, 17:47
So first off I pretty much only play against my two friends and so there's only four types of armies I'll be playing this list against. Their armies are VC, Beastmen, Lizardmen, and Skaven. Because of this I'm not worried about cannon shots (lightning cannon only makes Kholek angrier).

Lords - Kholek Suneater

Heroes - Festus
Sorcerer level 1, dispel scroll, Lore of Death

Core - 18X Warriors, Halberds, FC, MoK, War Banner
10X Marauders, Flails, MoS
10X Marauders, Flails, MoS
10X Marauders, Flails, MoS
10X Marauders, Flails, MoS
10X Marauders, Flails, MoS

Special - 18X Chosen, Halberds, FC, MoK, Favor of the Gods, Wailing Banner
6X Knights, FC, MoK, Standard of Discipline

Rare - Warshrine

I'm sure alot of you are going to say "5 groups of 10 marauders??? put them all in a block and mark them khorne with GW duh!" Heres the way I see it. The marauder horde with GW and MoK is pretty good, but against my friends armies 2 things happen, If I'm fighting the lizardmen or the Skaven, the block of marauders gets shot down to a much more manageable size before I get them in combat, against the beastmen and the VC, the marauders are almost always re directed around until they get flanked or double charged, or they get murdered by the more deadly units, so they lose combat, lose frenzy, and are only steadfast on a 7 (and I've had it where they weren't steadfast before either). 5 small units can be used as re-directors, re-direct killers, stop my frenzied units from having to charge (I stick the marauders in front of all my other units), and they almost always get to attack when they charge in or get charged so they can soften up the nasties before my main troops come in and with MoS they never panic and are immune to fear and terror.

Kholek's job will be to kill the Vampire lord and the Doombull in the VC and Beastmen armies, and killing ancient stegs, doom wheels, and Aboms in the Lizardmen and Skaven armies.

Festus will probably go with the warriors, and the death sorcerer will go with a unit of marauders or chosen depending on the spell he gets (If I get purple sun its marauders for 6 dice miscasts, just about anything else will be with chosen.)

I'm not sure about MoK on the knights. The extra attacks are great but I don't want the over running and pursuing stuff away from the main combat areas.

Also I wish I had points somewhere for a Hellcannon but not sure what to change to get it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

07-08-2012, 10:50
I still can't imagine needing 5 units of them. 2 or 3 redirect units would be fine. But at least they're cheap. Maybe swap one out with 5 marauder horseman if you have the models. 10 of them aren't going to soften anything up enough to be worthwhile. What you may find happening is that the units are so small all they are doing is allowing someone to charge them and wipe them out and over run or fleeing and allowing someone to pursue into positions that are bad for you warrior blocks. You could use something to try and get at war machines or around the back on the opponents units like the horsemen. If not horsemen then at least a Hellcannon. I honestly can't imagine NOT using a hellcannon these days since they are cheap and overpowered for what they do. It's like having an unbreakable monster and heavy cannon combined.

Your marauders are throw away units. Don't waste marks on them. Remember they reroll panic tests which doubles the chance for them NOT to flee. The warrior unit's chance to panic because of a nearby marauder unit is even more slim with the same rerolls.

The point shortage is because you're taking a character that just isn't worth the points. But if you're playing him for fun then have at it.