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07-08-2012, 14:15
I'll be taking my Norse Dwarfs to a tournament early part of next year, and the point value is 1000pts. Now I usually play 1750+ games, so I'm fairly clueless about the bearded boys at such a low points value.
So what're the do's and don't's for 1000pts? What kind of equipment should I put on my heroes? What size units?
I'm just after pointers at this stage, don't really want a list spoon fed to me (takes the fun out of it!).

07-08-2012, 15:29
Personal favorite for dwarves at 1000 points is:
Dwarf Lord with rune of brotherhood, master rune of challenge, shield bearers if you can afford them, Great weapon if you can afford it, Rune of resistance and rune of stone if you can afford them. Take the rest of your points and field a unit of Longbeard Rangers with throwing axes and great weapons as large as you can.

First turn use the rune of challange and stand and shoot with 50 shots or so from strength 5 thrown weapons.

07-08-2012, 15:58
Would have to have a unit of warriors before I could take the Longbeards surely?

07-08-2012, 16:56
Would have to have a unit of warriors before I could take the Longbeards surely?

Nope. The dwarf lord allows you to take one unit of longbeards before taking a unit of warriors. You may however have to take a second unit to field the minimum of 2 units. As such take a unit of crossbows with greatweapons. Always a nice unit. A unit of 40 Longbeard rangers with trowing axes comes to 640, roughly 200 points for the lord should leave 160 to take a unit of crossbows.

I like to have them placed 15-17 inches from the unit at start of the game and be using the rune of slowness on the banner. You can then stand and shoot, they fail the charge, then march forward and shoot them again, then stand and shoot. Most units can't stand up to that kind of fire power for long.

07-08-2012, 17:15
Ah sorry, read Lord as Thane for some reason. That does sound like a nasty bit of work!

Little Joe
07-08-2012, 18:19
A legal army needs at least three units (rulebook page 134). Best and cheapest fit would be units of five miners or bolt throwers.

That one unit also has a few weaknesses in CC when the multiple enemy units can flank and rear charge it. Admittedly it is truly nasty and will work most of the time. You will probably loose against fast and shooty armies that just encircle you, the banner should help there.
So if this is something you want, minimize your other two units, points wise, to only lose when the big unit dies through victory point denial.

07-08-2012, 19:52
In that case the two bolt throwers should do. You need to win by at least 100 vp or its a draw so that would make the rest of your army worth less then the 100 vps. That would get you around 44 Longbeard rangers, the lord, and two bolt throwers for 1k.

08-08-2012, 20:18
Any more tips/suggestions? Want a variety of options so I can be well informed when making my final list :)