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09-08-2012, 15:51
I've been made an offer to buy the following Space Marine army for $225. Is this a good deal? Its also already painted for the most part.



Chapter Master


1 - 10 man Tactical Squad
1 - 10 man Tactical Squad
1 - 10 man Tactical Squad
1 - 10 man Tactical Squad

Dedicated Transports

1- Rhino
1 - Rhino, hunter


1 - 10 man Terminator squad
2 - Dreadnought

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Squadron
1 - Land Speeder, Typhoon
1 - Land Speeder, Assault
1 - Land Speeder Storm

1 - Stormtalon

1 - Stormtalon Typhoon

Heavy Support

1 - 5 man Devastator Squad
1- Predator

1- Codex: Space Marines
1- White Dwarf Storm Talon Rules

09-08-2012, 16:09
In absolute terms? Yes. I'm not sure what dollars you mean (it helps specifying on an international board, especially if you don't list your location), but assuming USD, that's significantly under the price you'd pay to get all that new.

The questions are: Do you like the paint job? Do you actually want marines? Those marines specifically? Is the paint job good enough for you (can't see in the photos)? How much is not (getting/wanting) to build or paint them affecting their value for you personally? How much would stripping the paint cost you if that's what you want to do? Do you care about (probably) not getting any of the spare extra bits from the kits?

Only you can decide if they are worth that much to you.

Side note: Do not post points cost for individual options on these boards, please. It violates the forum rules and possibly GW copyright.

09-08-2012, 16:17
I went ahead and edited my original post, I apologize. I'm still relatively new to the forums.

I don't know how to paint yet and I was wanting to get a Space Marine army. Not having to paint most of my army is a huge plus. Oh, and I was referring to $225 USD. I actually like the paint job based on the photos he provided me but I'll ask for some more photos with more detailed shots. I don't mind not having to paint them, that just saves me additional money to have a decent looking army. I'll ask him about extra bits but I'm new to WH40k so I was looking for a low entry cost and I think I found it here.

09-08-2012, 17:24
It's also worth considering that if you buy this army, when you add to it will you be able to match / blend in the units you painted with those someone else painted?

The Harvester
09-08-2012, 17:55
Looks like a really good deal to me. It would cost that much to buy the models un-assembled and un-painted, more actually. I see a lot of AOBR models but even still, a good deal.

Grab it.

autarch dsaliuvid
09-08-2012, 18:28
I'd say its a very good deal the vehicles alone would cost more than that to buy new. :)

09-08-2012, 19:45
Seems like your getting your monies worth yes, paint job on them looks fine from the pictures.

Dont be afraid of painting though, sure like all of us you'll suck at first but with practice you'll find your style and be good, heck i look at the simplicity of some of my first stuff and marvel at how much i've improved.

The army is a good start i'd say go for it.