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09-08-2012, 20:33
This isn't actually for me however I keep stomping my mates Orc army into the ground and am looking for some list ideas I could propose to him to even up the playing field a little, generally the list looks something like this:

Orc Warlord
- Sword of anti-heroes
- armour of destiny

lvl4 Night goblin shaman
- talisman of preservation
- possibly a dispel scroll

lvl2 Savage orc shaman
- 5+ wardsave for savage orcs

Or BSB (not sure what he has, seems to die very easily)

Night Goblin Boss
- Great weapon

28 Orc Boyz ( I think)
- +1 ld banner
(BSB + warlord here)

30/40 Savage orc big uns (or big blob of death)
- fullcommand
(shaman here)

4 River trolls

5 Savage orc boar boyz

5 spider ridders

50ish Night Goblins
- netters
- 3 Fanatics
- fullcommand
(both goblins here)

After todays game he was talking about dropping the fanatics because I used them to kill his boar boyz thanks to sneaky moving and reforming to send them flying into it boar boyz (was pretty funny).

Any suggestions would be great as I don't really know that much about Orc's

09-08-2012, 21:48
He doesn't have to send them straight at you eh? He can just send them off in a different direction.

The first question is what other models does he have? I can suggest a lot but it will depend on what he has.

At 2k he has too much in characters. He should have a bunker of 20 night goblins to keep in the back and in ther have a night goblin bsb w/ LD banner and a lvl 4 orc shaman w/ scroll as a general. That's it for characters.

Way too much command in this list, especially for orc who pay extra for their champs. Since all characters are in the bunker NO champs are needed. Drop all musicians, and only keep a banner on the savages.

Shield orcs don't hit hard enough, but I don't know what he has to replace it with.

If you would allow proxies, tell him to run this:

Lvl 4 orc great shaman w/ dispel scroll 225

Night goblin big boss BSB w/ banner of discipline 70

40 savage orc big uns w/ extra choppa, banner 450
21 night goblin archers 63

40 black orcs w/ banner, flaming banner 500
40 squigs and 14 herders 362
Boar chariot 85
Wolf chariot 50

Troll 35

Doom diver 80
Doom diver 80

09-08-2012, 22:13
No idea on fanatics Malorian, I haven't played against orcs for a few years, he has only just started collecting the army and seems to allow my varghulf across the board to kill his lvl4 shaman (normally he only gets two magic phases out if it).

I'm not sure what he has to replace it with either, I know he said he had 30 NG archers, I do agree that Orc boyz are a complete waste, they get completely trashed by anything in my VC army, one of main things is with my army I get control of the magic phase very early, I usually use baby manfred, a lord and a shadow vampire, being able to double cast certain spells again gives me a massive advantage, double curse of years is pretty funny and if you get that off twice thats effectively his magic phase gone (like today).

09-08-2012, 22:17
Guess I should have known you were a VC player by your avatar ;)

The interesting thing is that O&G is usually a hard match up for VC (they kill so quickly that the VC army crumbles away). May I ask what your entire typical 2k list looks like?

09-08-2012, 22:34
The avatar, the project log link, either really :P I do play WoC as well, I'm just waiting on a new armybook, well and DE, I don't like putting people through that.


Countess Verona Jinette
Vampire Lord
- lvl 3 sorcerer
- Lore of Vampires
- Shield
- Sword of Might
- Armour of Destiny
- Quick Blood
- Red Fury
Total 443pts


Lady Aleera Jinette
Count as Manfred the Acolyte
Total 200pts

Victor Helstrum
lvl 2 sorcerer
- Lore of Shadow
- Great Weapon
- Heavy Armour
- Nightshroud
- Beguile
- Aura of Dark Majesty
- Dread Knight
Total 242pts


5 Direwolves
Total 40pts

39 Skeleton Warriors
Total 225pts

Crazed Villagers
27 Ghouls
Total 270pts


Cursed Teutogen Guard
27 Gave Guard
- Fullcommand
- Great weapons
- Banner of Barrows
Total 404pts


Enslaved Skin Wolf
Total 175pts

My list is hardly a powerlist, its just going to look good once I finally paint it all :D still I has beaten two orc players now, I think having that shadow mage is part of the success, that also without jumping my vampires about with lore of shadow (usually because I forget :( ).

09-08-2012, 22:46
I agree, nothing cheese about your list. Not even a single ethereal model, and a TON of points in characters.

Your orc friends needs to make his characters more effective and go for units that actuallt kill things. The savages are great, but the rest needs to be brought up to speed.

Feel free to get him to contact me if he want some more help.

09-08-2012, 22:54
You got a email address, I will pass it on to him, everyone keeps telling me I have two many points in characters, pft, I swapped my terror for a vampire because its a pig to transport, it also gives my chaos buddy one less thing to moan about lol

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09-08-2012, 23:22
ok cool, cheers dude

immortal git
10-08-2012, 13:17
Seems like having a level 4 savage shaman and one good foot of gork could get him in the right way for victory, squig herds eat VC infantry really well however, my 30 squig 20 handler horde does really well, usually mops up whatever my savage orcs don't kill

10-08-2012, 20:06
I would have thought a goblin lvl4 would be better, the big waaagh looks pretty crappy in comparison, I have passed the ideas on, I am pretty sure he will keep the trolls and maybe make them bigger.