View Full Version : Video Battle reports by TOMAHAWC

11-08-2012, 01:16
To avoid cluttering up the forums with a bunch of different threads, i decided to start this one up. I am going to post up all my older Video Battle reports here, and update the thread as new ones come available.
one disclaimer, due to previous agreements i can't link directly to the video or run it in the forum. its a long story but to make it short all of these will be links to links. sorry for the inconvenience.

WH40k 1850 6th ed IG/Deamon vs Tau/Eldar

WH40k 1850 6th ed Nids VS Tau/SM

WH40k 1250 5th ed IG VS SM

WH40k 1999+1 6th ed IG/GK VS Tau/Eldar