View Full Version : Is Drazhoath the Ashen good for anything?

12-08-2012, 03:55
Hi! I have only played 2 games of fantasy in my whole life. I have also only owned 1 army and that is my current one. Chaos dwarves.

But as my army progresses and grows. I am thinking of using my first bought fantasy model. Drazhoath. But no one else uses him. But according to his rules he seem pretty awesome for 570pts.

Any advice? I have never played him just love the miniature really much!

12-08-2012, 09:11
as drazhoath, he is that useful. as a normal sorcerer prophet on bale taurus, hes great. he can be more survivable.

lore of fire (for healing the mount)
charmed shield
healing potion or crown of command

that way he can just keep going and going. dont chuck him head first into a large block of infantry as he will just get beaten up

12-08-2012, 09:21
It depends how you intend to use him. Drazhoath (like most characters) is unlikely to be as perfect for the job as a custom built Lord character, but he's slightly better skilled and more hardy with his higher WS and Wounds than a standard Sorcerer-Prophet, which is nice. Personally I'd say he's worth it. He's only 45 points more than a standard Sorcerer-Prophet, Level 4 Wizard riding a Bale Taurus and that's without giving the Prophet any magic items or extra equipment. Drazhoath's extra stats and magic items are easily worth the extra 45 points, plus the Dark Renown special rule is more useful than people realise.

12-08-2012, 13:44
Hmm I will set a game up with a friend of mine and try him out. If he punches some faces he will do as a character in my army :)

13-08-2012, 20:58
Make sure to let me know what you think of him in game. I generally hear people say they don't like him in game but I can't figure out why. On paper he's better than the standard DIY lord, but I know many purists dislike special characters (personally, I love them, adds character to the army I think).

13-08-2012, 22:18
I played today and he killed 2 characters, 10 handgunners and 2 Demigryphs. Thats kinda insane. But as always my dice luck is crazy. 5-6 Almost all the time.

14-08-2012, 06:47
Good to hear Drazoath did well! I completely agree with you on his model being fantastic, and am using him as a typical Sorceror Prophet. What kind of army did you use with him? I imagine he would be quite good in Chaos dwarf army built for melee combat more then warmachines. As Tornado Creator said, Dark Renown is pretty good, especially if you're able to have that effect multiple combats. I can see him being quite effective as a combat character too (in addition to his spellcasting being equivalent to a level 5 wizard do to the crucible) but the 5+ ward is what puts me off just a little, and his weapon is decent but not top of the line (even when it comes to sorceror-prophet/daemonsmith randomly generated ones). He's a great bargain though, and beefy to boot!

14-08-2012, 13:08
Only got a magma cannon. Then tons of infernal guards. with both HW and shield and some units with GW. Then a unit with fireglaives, K'daai fireborns and bull centaurs will be joining the ranks soon.

14-08-2012, 14:05
One thing I've not decided is if it's worth having infernal guard with blunderbuss's rather than fireglaives, has anyone tried them out?

14-08-2012, 20:25
i run 2 units of 20 blunders in my 2400, only ig i take, being able to kick out 60 shots with rr to wounds and virtually no modifiers to shoot, its painful, chuck on flaming sword for +1 to wound and you will kill everything. i took out an ogre bull horder with them, they failed their charge range, took out half, then my turn removed the rest. the look on his face when he was removing 9 ogres from 1 units shooting was priceless. i give 1 unit flaming banner and its fun when combined with ash storm....soooo many kills

14-08-2012, 22:15
Yup as Bildo put it, they're a very effective unit and very solid in close combat too (as they get to use hw+shield in combat, they don't lost those when you give them bluderbusses) but they have two main concerns and are very pricey points wise. The first is deployment. If you plan to get the absolute most out of them, you need at least 20 in the unit firing to get the re-roll firing, so you have to plan on how you can properly set them up once the enemy comes in range, which can be tricky in certain game types. The second concern is mobility. If you're playing a canny opponent the poor blunderbusses will be very limited in what they can reach and shoot at over the course of the game. That all said, when they do get to play a large role, they are superstars.

15-08-2012, 23:51
I'll have to play some with blunders at some point them, unfortunately Forgeworld don't make them with blunders so I'll may take empire or dwarven handguns, shave off the hands and greenstuff to smooth out the hilt, then glue them to the backs of the infernal guard, just so the models look more defined. I'll have to see what they look like with the addition for modelling but they sound like a very interesting unit when they work well... will let you all know how well they work out.