View Full Version : Ogres, something a little different....

Disciple of Caliban
12-08-2012, 19:03
Slaughtermaster Level 4, Talisman of preservation, forbidden rod

Hunter Stonehorn, Armour of Destiny

7 Ironguts Bellower

3 Bulls Ironfists

3 Bulls Additional weapon

2 Mournfangs Ironfists, Heavy Armour



3 Sabretusks (fielded as units of 1)

Not really looking for a huge amount of advice with the list, just posting it to share, i could quite happily take advice on magic items for both characters though?

I'm well aware it has more than a couple of shortcomings, but if nothing else at least it will be a change to play, and to play against

12-08-2012, 19:26
Is there a reason you aren't taking a unit of 6 Bulls? In a unit of three, one dies and chances of panic are super high. Also, could be fun to take some Leadbelchers. However, I think it would be interesting to see both of those monsters in the game.

13-08-2012, 17:07
Agree, curious why 3 instead of 6.

Disciple of Caliban
14-08-2012, 22:01
The reason for the 2 units of 3 is actually quite simple, i cant decide which weapon option i prefer, and it gives me an extra unit. Panic may result in me losing one unit (though i dont expect many people to waste too much effort shooting them) but is unlikely to cause me to lose both, unlike a larger unit which could disappear entirely with one bad test.