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13-08-2012, 20:33
Hello everybody,

Just a quick question for you Forgeworld collectors out there.

What are the dimensions of the LR Proteus, LR Armored Proteus, Spartan Assault Tank and Deimos pattern Rhinos? The Rapier Laser Destroyer would be great too, I'm hoping it's the same size as an IG Weapon Team mounted on the large round bases.

I am looking to order some Battlefoam custom trays for my in-progress Word Bearers army. I have some custom Battlefoam layouts for Fantasy armies, but nothing that will accomodate any tanks. I have the Deimos pattern Rhinos on the way, but haven't ordered these LR kits yet and don't know how big they are. I know the Proteus is taller than a standard plastic LR, and the Spartan is bloody huge in all dimensions, but I'd greatly appreciate some exact measurements and/or pics from above the tank if you can manage that.

Many thanks.

Sons of Lorgar
13-08-2012, 23:24
The deimos and proteus should be the same size as their post-heresy equivalents, proteus might be a bit higher: Spartan is about half again as long as a regular LR judging from pictures, the rapier would be a bit bigger than a match box. plenty of pics on FW site

13-08-2012, 23:38
I've studied the FW studio shots but they lack any kind of accurate scale references. I'm not going to put in a $150 order for a custom Pack 432 layout based on eyeball measurements... :p

14-08-2012, 09:21
Where do you get your custom trays from? Ive been interested in getting some for a while

14-08-2012, 10:58
As per the OP, Battlefoam.

Is there a time restriction on ordering the foam, or do Battlefoam have a long turnaround time? It's probably easiest to simply wait until the models arrive and then measure them up. Taht way you can also work out precisely where the sponsons go, and work out how to pack them into a tray footprint.

14-08-2012, 16:30
They are good guys to work with. Very helpful. Turnaround time is a couple of weeks to the trays cut, then shipping. Which is why I don't want to wait longer than I have to before ordering :) That, and i am not getting everything I want just yet from FW. No Rapiers or Spartan in my recent order with them.

14-08-2012, 16:46
just phone up forgeworld and ask them for measurements. i've done this three or four times in the past, generally they just walk over to the display cases, pull out the models you want info on, and then measure away. they must've given me 7 or 8 dimensions on an aquila lander when i asked.

16-08-2012, 23:23
Thanks for the suggestion Juxt, that might be my best option at this point, as no owners have responded yet :) I'll send them a quick email, calling overseas on my cell phone might not be the best plan, and racking up long distance on my work phone wouldn't be good either.... :D