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14-08-2012, 13:53
Hey, this is my first ever tomb kings list. My group generally plays 3k points, so that is what i wrote up. I used most models I had, but i have some extra's laying around if necessary. My group consists of high elves, lizardmen, and deamons.
I am trying to get a good balanced list that will be competitive. As a player I also redundancy because at times I can be rash with my soldiers :)

Here she is. any c&c would be welcomed.


Liche High Priest (lvl4) - earthing rod, dragonbane gem.


Tomb Prince - Armour of destiny, GW

Tomb Prince - Glittering Scales, GW


Archers (20) - musician

Archers (19) - musician

Warriors (49) - musician, standard

Warriors (49) - musician, standard

Chariots (5) - musician

Horse Archers (8) -


Carrion (4) -

Tomb Scorpion (1)

Tomb Scorpion (1)

Ushabti (3) - musician

Tomb Guard (35) - musician, BoUL

Warsphinx (1) -


Heirotitan (1)

Casket of Scouls (1)

14-08-2012, 20:25
well balanced list.. A few suggestions... Drop the scorpions for a unit of stalkers. Drop the ushabti for another chariot and fiery breath on the sphinx.. but other than that, it looks really good.. truthfully its fine as is but those tweaks will make a big difference.
the extra chariot will give you str 5 impact hits - the stalkers can hunt warmachines and take down armoured knights - and fiery breath can kill a lot of rank n file or give you that combat rez boost when you really need it.. I'm also hoping one if those princes is going with the TG.. I could be wrong but you still might have some points to spend after those changes and could be close to squeezing a naked necrotect in that TG unit..

15-08-2012, 06:56
I'd actually recommend getting three chariots - just make it an 8 strong unit by dropping the Ushabti. Fiery breath is another must indeed. The Tomb Scorpion is a good model and has decent stats, but not the most cost effective in the army. Consider dropping one of them to get a SSC. (this will make you run out of points, but you can drop some skellies to make room.