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14-08-2012, 17:48
I got back into 40k about 6 months ago. I played many different armies in the past 6 years from nids to grey knights to guard but I never really stuck with them. Eventually I sold them after a while because I lost interest in them. Pretty much they didn't have that one thing that fit my play style. But when I got back into 40k I picked up Dark Eldar which was an army I have always been interested in but I never started because of an old codex and old metal models before their update.

I have fallen in love with them since. I love their deceit, their fluff, their play style. They are fast and hard hitting while still needing finesse to use effectively. You can't just roll them up the field and expect them to survive while destroying everything in their path. I feel like they have quite a balanced codex with nothing too over-powered or useless.

So why do you love the army/armies you play and collect?

14-08-2012, 18:30
I love the Imperial Guard because they're the grunts of the 40K world. They don't get the glorious, high-visibility jobs that go to the Astartes. Theirs is the slow slog through the forgotten warzones, the hopeless last stand against impossible odds. They are the men who, with flak jackets and lasguns, have to stand against primal evils and all-devouring aliens.

They're the bravest men in the galaxy, because they do what they do WITHOUT enhanced genetics and powered armor. Power armor is for men who are afraid to die!

14-08-2012, 19:11
+1 for the Mud-crunchers and gravel-agitators.

I love the guard because they can come in almost any shape or style. You can have Napoleonic style dress uniforms marching in step across the field. Then there are the stealth suit wearing special forces types who hide in the shadows of buildings with sniper rifles. Who doesn't love the mental image of the rolling thunder of dozens of tanks moving forward with cannons blazing? Then there is the scream of VTOL engines as the Air Cavalry swoops low overhead to drop troopers on an objective and blow up a tank along the way.

14-08-2012, 19:18
Chaos space Marines cause dont we all feel like "letting the galaxy burn" sometimes? Toting a big sword or axe and setting worlds on flame and toppling civilizations?

14-08-2012, 19:27
Cos Space Wolves are Vikings in Space.

Like, there's other reasons, but that's where it starts/boils down to. And if that isn't all the reason you need to take them, then clearly there's something wrong with you ;)

Scribe of Khorne
14-08-2012, 19:36
Orks - I love the Mad Max style and feel. Throwing things together and it works because they think it works, and the background gives some laughs that are sorely needed at times of 'this is a serious business game' that we all encounter.

Chaos (CSM/Daemons) - Because this is the reality of the setting. You have a soul (unless your Tau...) and when you die, it will be consumed. The Daemons of myth are real, the legends of the past are real, and they are both pissed and want to destroy all you value and hold dear. They are the ultimate antagonist in the setting and the new book should make that known!

I sold all my CSM/Daemons before the allies system was known, and have been stabbing myself since, looking forward to building back up. :]

14-08-2012, 19:44
Tyranids because they're THE SWARM. I just love swarms. I'm fascinated by ants and termites, I mainly play a sliver deck in Magic the Gathering, my favourite movies are the Alien Trilogy (super excited for prometheus which just recently hit the theaters where i live), I only ever play zerg in starcraft and I loved the first SST movie (I have yet to read the books).

Eldar because i love vthe technologically superior alien theme as well. But as of recently i have migrated my eldar force toward an Exodites counts-as because for one thing eldar aren't alien-y enough. They look and act yet too human, and their technology is too "pretty" (not that i want it to be ugly, but i would prefer a more functionally oriented design) and for the other thing I love dinosaurs.

None for of the above armies I quite like the current rules, but codices come and go, it's the fluff and the look that has the most longevity (and while it changed quite drasitcally for nids from 2nd to 3rd Ed, the basic idea stayed the same)

Next up are Orks. I love them for the sheer fun they are, in every gaming aspect. Humorous fluff, endless conversion and kitbashing possibilities, and ridiculous rules.

My last 40k army is a White Scars successor chapter i made as a parody of space wolves. Instead of pseudo-vikings overly obsessed with wolves, they are pseudo-mongols overly obsessed with panda bears. The chapter is called Bearers of Pandaemonium. I play them because I wanted a parody army and I like both pandas and mongols. Also i kind of like the rules in the space wolf codex and the way they can be played. I should finally paint them. But then again that same thing goes for 85% of all my models.

14-08-2012, 19:46
I like a lot of armies for different reasons.

I like Tyranids because they are the ultimate horde army, consiting of mindless drones rushing forward disregarding their own safety. That makes them a joy playing with and against, seeing if the opponent can "stem the nid tide". They were also my first army, and will therefore always have a place in my heart.

I like the Orks since they are the only "funny" army out there. They are a serious threat, but since everything works kinda so-so you never know what will happen on the battlefield.

I like the Tau since they represent something new, growing and positiv in a galaxy that's got stale, bloated and depressing.

I like the Imperial Guard since they are the true grunts of the far future, and I love the underdog feeling.

I like the Space Wolves and the Salamanders chapters since they are "good guys" more so than most other official Space Marine chapters out there.

14-08-2012, 20:10
+1 to what ColShaw said. Yeah, Tau and Eldar have all their fancy armor and toys, Marines are engineered to out-fight anything *before* they put the power-armor on, Chaos have the backing of their dark gods, Sisters have the Emperor on speed-dial, Orks have Gork, Mork, and the power of Smug...

My troops have shiny leather boots, with nice hard soles, so the only thing that will drown out the sound of their relentless march upon the enemy is the sound of ordnance blasting their foes into Oblivion. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

Fancy tech? Blow it up. Fancy armor? Blow it up. Fancy divine/demonic creatures? Blow them up too. Camoflague? Why let the enemies of the Imperium feel a moment of safety because they don't realize you're there? Far better they can see your numbers and discipline, and know that however superior any one of them may be to any one of you, their doom is guaranteed.

14-08-2012, 21:41
Eldar - Aesthetics. Cool fluff. Awesome technology (send-you-to-the-warp guns?!). Because they understand that others will never have the mental capacity and / or sense of self-sacrifice to take things on the chin for the greater good, so accept their fate as 'capricious untrustworthy gits' knowing that it's worth it in the long haul. The impossible struggle to avoid the fate they know awaits them. The burden of guilt over what they inflicted on the galaxy i.e. Slaanesh. Jetbikes! The status as favoured allies of the old ones. The fact they ride dinosaurs goddamit! The coolest unit in the game - Harlequins.

Space marines - because you can make awesome chapters due to the variety of ways they can be played. Myself; Storm Bulls, counts as Space Wolves, heavy bionic reliance. Get that thunderwolf rider, stick him on a de-khorned juggernaut with longhorns - hey presto marines on thunderbulls! Get a few Minotaur shoulderpads, change the paint scheme, use the awesome Moloc FW sculpt as Wolf lord with power weapon & stormshield, use armoured bestigor heads to convert corrupted-geneseed scouts, steal the odd WHFB horned CW helms, done!

Forest Goblins - because they're *******' hilarious!

Edit: Wtf? Why does freak ing get asterisked, same with frick ing (both being pre-desensitised versions of a term which can equally be used to express extreme positive as negative), but saying 'faction x are dicks' (equally offensive to people who find words offensive - but in this case it's only able to be used as an insult) is fine?! And wtf, abbreviated instead of desensitised & thus carrying full weight of original meaning (normally negative, or neutral 'surprise' context, rarely ever positive), is fine too?!

Sorry, noticed it a few times, confused by illogical consistency (or lack of). Not pointing fingers at anyone :)

Still Standing
14-08-2012, 22:07
Imperial Guard because real men jump into combat from a Valkyrie wearing nothing but a flak jacket and carrying a flash light.

Sisters of Battle because when even the Imperial Guard can't defend your churches it's down to the Nuns to raise a militia and kick some ****.

14-08-2012, 23:07
Eldar because of their sleek & beautiful appearance. A well painted eldar army is a beautiful stirring sight to behold, with the riot of different colors, with all the different units working together.

Dark Eldar because they amuse me and they're really fast/hit hard where you need them to, but then die to a stiff breeze. And mass poison is fun...

Dark Angels because they have some serious secrets and they're willing to do anything to keep those secrets secret. And I love robed marines/terminators.

14-08-2012, 23:27
Tyranids: They are endless. They are the swarm to consume! I like the organic feel to them, the slimy truly "Alien" alien! Evolve to survive, simply a force of nature. They play equally differently and have a serious rip-open-then-nomnomnom feel about them.

Space Wolves: Rebellious Space Viking Werewolves! When normal Astartes march into battle with stern faces and a code of duty in their minds, we sit on top of our Land Raider alongside, eating fresh engine-fryied meat, drinking and boasting of victories to come! The flavor feel is so incredible appealing to me, even if I can't play them properly.

Necrons: I love creepy style and few things are more frightening than a completely silent force of undead/robots marching from the mists, getting shot to pieces, just to reassemble afterwards, an unstoppable force. Additionaly the new fluff appeals to me, as I love egyptian flair! Building my own dynasty of tragic figures is nice. I don't quite like the power boost lately, as I like to have to outplay my opponent, but as with tyranids, the gauss forces my opponent to play differently as against other armies and that is what I like.


14-08-2012, 23:37
I get a good and warm feeling inside of me, when I paint my Space Wolves(no joke).

Death Korp
15-08-2012, 00:40
Space Wolves: With me being interested with Vikings and Norse Mythology (goes along with doing a course in Archaeology at uni...) these guys were a natural pick for me. I'mplaying at the moment a footslogger force with lots of heroes, because it fits well with the Norse Mythology, and watching your characters beat up enemy monsters and bashing things in the head is legendary.

Black Templars: Again, with the interest of Medieval warfare I have (mainly the War of the Roses (late Medival), and no one doing historical stuff in my game groups, the Templars were the closest thing. Knights in the future bashing things over the head with awesome heroes... (notice a theme here?)

Chaos Space Marine Renegades: They're Iron Warriors at the moment, but when the new codex comes, they'll become a renegade force with Daemon allies. Why do I like my Chaos Marines? Well, you guessed it. Evil barbaric superhuman warriors bashing things over the head, with awesome villianous champions of the Dark Gods? Sold!

I do love my marines, as they are what Warhammer 40k is about. I do have small collections of Blood Angels and Tau, but they're not really armies (yet) and I'd like to start a Xenos army someday for a change, or that Norman army I keep going on about.

15-08-2012, 01:58
I like my DE for the feel of outmaneuvering my opponent and tearing into the suddenly exposed underbelly.
I like my World Eaters because of the whole mindset, and the fact that I don't see non-Imperial armies often. I don't like the Imperium, and almost everyone at the store I go to plays some brand of Loyalist. I enjoy the assault phase and killing Marines. Khorne-themed CSM seemed like a good fit.

15-08-2012, 02:44
Orks. Because we live for war. We need war. We don't fight for beliefs , we don't fight for conquest. We fight for war.

DE. Well because they are the opposite from orks painting wise

15-08-2012, 02:55
Death korps of krieg. Because I love the coats, gasmasks and their design in lasguns. I also love the artillery tactics and the robotic feeling about them. Having no feelings nor fear for their enemy. Also a +1 WS for these guardsmen are worth gold in combat.
The models are just stunning and the fluff to.

Sea Lords (Chaos space marines)= Cause they live freely and live like pirates, their colour scheme and icons and all the parts I use such as helmets, tentacles and mutations. They prefer chaos gods but really don't care that much. All they want is to live free and become fully functional fishmen so that they can hide under sea killing their enemies swiftly and be stealthed from radars and such. (my own personal warband and biggest army including a titan). And their only allies are Dark eldar. Who supplies them with slaves/experimental patients and help them raid planets at some points. Also love their sea magic. Making the area flood to a humans knees before attacking.

15-08-2012, 03:14
Space Wolves
First army i ever collected, when all my friends were throwing down with their Ultramarines i branched out and went for the Sons of Russ. Loves there barbaric style and background.

Biel Tan
The Eldar aspect warriors are awesome and an army build around all the different types appealed to me. Plus the Avatar is awesome.

Alpha Legion
When they got the option for Cultists in their lists it meant i could build a Chaos Army the way i wanted, a small cell of Chaos Space Marines leading an army of traitors. Now with the allies rules in force i can take it a step further via Imperial Guard allies.

15-08-2012, 04:11
It's really quite simple: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

15-08-2012, 05:02
I think IG are great because of the reason ColShaw gave, and also they are very versatile, in that you can make a wide variety of lists with the 1 army. I did love draigowing before 6th - few other armies contain around 20 minis that are a damn hard army!

15-08-2012, 05:33
I like Dark Eldar because it feels like my games are decided more by my decisions on the tabletop, not my list or lucky dice rolls.

15-08-2012, 05:48
Because....skulls for the skull throne?

15-08-2012, 08:13
I like the Tau partially for their aesthetic (they look awesome and are easily my favourite models of the range), but also because they suit me. I like to think of myself as genuinely nice, generally positive, at times a bit naive, and often quite hopeful, while being surrounded by the grim realities of the world, a bit like the positive and hopeful Tau surrounded by the grim realities of the 41st millennium.

15-08-2012, 08:28
Wait for the hate on this one: Ultramarines.
I've got lots of stuff restricting me physically. In my life I have had to quit Rugby, basketball, cycling and swimming because of joint problems. I'm allergic to everything too. I like the idea of being superhuman and being able to do stuff physically without restriction. Also, I try to be the good guy in my life. Not a "nice guy" necessarily as they can be pushovers and ********** (nice guys won't make a move on someones else's girlfriend, but they will hang around telling her he's a d**k and waiting for her to dump him). Good guys do the right thing even if it gets themselves hate and others don't understand why they do what they do (think of Rick's role in the walking dead).

15-08-2012, 08:33
The miniatures themselves, and their "fluff" or backstory coming in second.

15-08-2012, 08:39
Space Wolves: the most human of the marines. They feast, drink, boast and respect their Imperial Guard allies. They are reasonable enough not to kill first and ask questions later, despite their wild nature. They are independant and aren't afraid of the inqusition, administratorium, ecclesiarchy or anyone else. I bought them mid-90's, so all my marines and dreadnoughts are full metal, which I love. There playstyle is also great, I like to get up close and personal.

Orks: their wild nature and modelling opportunities. I've scratch-built killa kans(out of GW oil barrels, Necromunda pit slave arms, GorkaMorka deluxe cyborg legs and other assorted bits), kannonz, several vehicles and even a Stompa (out of a very big joghurt cup) back in the days when the only trukk/buggy models available where the puny ones from GorkaMorka.

Catachans: I like their Rambo-look and attitude. I've built a small river gunboat out of a toy sailboat for them inspired by Vietnam movies with twin linked autocannons at the front, a heavy stubber on the top of the cabin and a mortar to shell those alien and chaos scumbags hiding in the jungle
It's just difficult to deploy outside of special scenarios :)

15-08-2012, 09:30
My Salamander Space Marines. I love the fluff, chapter history and fighting style. Nick Kyme's Tome of Fire trilogy has also provided some fantastic inspiration for my army. And who doesn't love painting flames!

15-08-2012, 15:19
I think I have split personality disorder when it comes to my armies.

Nurgle - Because it's slimy and gross and rotten and horrid. Because the Death Guard have rejected death. Because Grandfather Nurgle sits in his garden and makes all of the poisons in the world. And because taking a force that has nothing lower than T5 really makes your opponents sweat.

Eldar - Because they're the last of their kind. Because they defy their fate. Because the aspects are all so cool. Because the smooth lines and solid colours look great. And because D-Cannons and Bright Lances ruin everything for your opponent.

15-08-2012, 15:35
I love my Guard because they are expendable. I find it great fun to throw a platoon of guardsmen into an enemy unit to slow it down if it's needed. I love laying down large amount of big templates, and laying down fusilades of lasgun fire. Playing with simple grunts, where there is no glory or heroism, just a lot of expendable troops to get the job done. Ok,that and the fact that I am quite partial towards the Leman Russ Battle tank doesn't hurt much either ofcourse. Maybe it's just the lack of the awesome sauce that the marines etc have in their background.

I love my Space Wolves mostly out of nostalgia, they were the first GW models I bought over 20 years ago. The rest of why I like them is the fact that they are space vikings, who doesn't love them :D

15-08-2012, 16:10
BA- because they walk the line between nobility and barbarity presenting a pure facade but stained with a curse that stems from thier primarch. Thier battle style is based around short ranged weaponry, close combat and jump troops all of which appeal to me. Also thier current codex presents them on the brink of thier most important campaign since the heresy where Baal itself is not only in the course of the all devouring tyranids but a vengeful demonic incursion as well. Lastly i like the unique units they can feild sanguinary guard and death company representing the pinnacle of blood angel achievment and the fate that threatens all of them

15-08-2012, 16:57
Because....skulls for the skull throne?

I like this reason

15-08-2012, 17:44
Eldar - first army, love the concept of different aspects, and the ideal of a path system.

Space Wolves - I love them

1) They aren't warrior monks, they're warrior drunks.... slightly more relatable.
2) lone wolves
3) bjorn - is probably my favorite 40k character
4) Nordic themes
5) The models (i was the guy who wouldn't run twc, then went out a bought them as soon as I saw them)

15-08-2012, 19:57
Blood Angels (Legion IX!) - I love their fluff with the focus on the heroic characters and the archangel theme.

Tau - I don't even know why I like them, but the shooty-alien / giant robots are pretty cool. I guess I just like some of the models really.

Slaanesh CSM - Just really want to make an army devoted to excess and pleasure led by hedonism-bot.

15-08-2012, 20:16
Chaos Space Marines . . . Super Humans in sweet Armor that were deceived into worshiping Ancient Deitys with a twisted sense of humor and some weird fetishes. They now strike from an ethereal realm, with no rules or set style. . it allows all sorts of crazy conversions and imagery, its a great platform for social commentary. It feeds my inner creative whilst allowing me to field an army i like the look of. I like the play style too, i just wish the codex felt chaotic again . . all in good time.

In some respects they are pretty liberating to play :L

Oh and Johnnya10 sounds like you love sticking it to tzeentch :L . . . Denying fate and corrupting stuff. Good man.

15-08-2012, 22:49
Salamanders - I like that they care for the civilians and keep bonds with their own people, even after becoming marines. Most other chapters don't care if/how many people will die while persecuting Imperium's enemies. And this whole universe isn't a nice place to live either. So it's good that there is someone who still cares about ordinary people. Imperial Guard is not good, they are wasting guardsmen lives too carelessly.

15-08-2012, 23:05
Tau- Battlesuits, long guns, and jump shots galore. Smooth lines and modern fighting styles to top them all off.

Chaos Marines- Someone set up a challenge in jest about how/why would they ally with Tau a while back. I took up the gauntlet and fleshed out a story for them, with a little Malal/Malice mixed in. I love them because their story is my creation. I've actually painted them, too!

15-08-2012, 23:16
Tau- Battlesuits, long guns, and jump shots galore. Smooth lines and modern fighting styles


Nids: Giant ass mc's, swarms of termigaunts burying all sorts of enemys, The swarmlord, my lifelong love of the alien films, the look on peoples face when they charge my lw bs warriors or get charged by 3 screamer killers with a lw prime in the middle :-)

15-08-2012, 23:30
I love the Imperial Guard, and especially my regiment the Vostroyan 18th Heavy Infantry! I think that I love it just because as a history buff its easy to get into the tactics of using ordinary humans against alien horrors and literal daemons, or post-human warriors! They are the ultimate underdog, marching to victory through a combination of discipline, firepower, and Faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind! Also Guard will always give you more and more modeling and converting opportunities than other races simply because of the room the background gives us to use with them. There are a million worlds and a billion regiments! You can have units of Vostroyan Riflemen holding cover as swarms of savage world Guardsmen forget how to use their rifles and simple charge into the foe, while ordnance batteries fire from behind the lines, and squadrons of cavalry charge up the flanks, as flights of aircraft run strafing runs on the enemy. After reading Legion, I am severely tempted to model Vostroyans with power-pikes in the front ranks of my platoons. The Guard is as crazy and awesome as you imagination! lol

15-08-2012, 23:45
- +1 for IG reasons. The hopelessness of a regular man with a Las/Autogun against the terrible things in the 40k universe

- Necron as the most implacable, most advanced, ultimate purging force of the galaxy. They have no shame, no honor, no fear, no remorse, no emotion. They just destroy. They don't hate you for any reason but that *you're alive.* To see them is to understand the very incarnation of death. Also, getting back up is demoralizing :D

- Orks for many of the same reasons as Necron. They're crazy, bloodthirsty animals who want to kill you like you're some plaything. When you're dead they find a new one. Further, you just can't get rid of them. Their genocidal instincts might see them snuff out their invasion only for you to be attacked by slightly-less-advanced versions of the same enemy 30 years later when all is come. If you see an Ork it likely means you have an eternity of war against them on that planet until you've been extinguished. They are infection nigh incurable.

16-08-2012, 02:06
So why do you love the army/armies you play and collect?

Over the years like you i have built and sold off many armies, what it came down to when i decided to pair back 40K for other miniature games is that i picked a single model in the line i loved more than any other-the dreadnought. and i built an army around it. i combined that with the fluff i enjoy for the salamanders chapter with a few tweaks.

IA10 cemented it for me with the siege army list allowing me to field dreads as troops an HQ and elites or heavies. unfortunately thanks to HPs in 6th it isn't really viable anymore but i still have it.

16-08-2012, 02:18
I love my Orks 'cuz dey are 'da best. And I have an Armorcast Gargant.

I love my IG because they are the only army that I can relate to at some level, and that many big guns makes me feel warm inside.

I love my Chaos Daemons of Tzeench mono-army because I am painting them currently.

I love my space marine company because I have a painted space marine company.

16-08-2012, 08:43
Chaos Daemons (and human worshippers of Chaos as a whole)

-- Because they are well and truly the creation of Gods, and these gods are real. I'm big into religion and religious iconography, and am a graduate of philosophy (also continue studies in english literature) and it spurs my imagination to have control of a force that doesn't just believe in a god or hope for one, but to actually be acquainted and associated and part of such a being. The Daemons represent the hopes and fears of all thinkers. Human faults and triumps are deeply connected to the concepts of the divine and the daemonic. Concepts of morality, apocalypse, self-hood, adversity, emotion... they are all often framed in the language of religion-- of a person's "daemons" or their relationship with the "divine". In this world, those things are real. Fascinating idea, to me.

--They are villainous, THE most villainous and I have always cheered on the intelligent villains. Yet I think there is room with Daemons/ Chaos to imagine other possibilities-- The realm itself isn't simply always grim-evil-murder-death-kill, it's hope and doubt, fear and courage, ambition and failure, life and death, love and hate. The Daemons are associated so highly with emotion that there is, I think, room for more than just mindless evil. Indeed, Daemons are schemers by nature and that appeals to me. Also, I should add that while I'm typically not into conceptions of 'anarchy' and 'discord' I feel okay as a Daemon general because I feel the army represents the most primordial, static order in all of existence. It is a static hierarchy, it is what will always be. It is an untoppleable empire. It is the capital T truth, the capital O order of this whole universe. It is the great game. There is something really philosophical about Chaos as it is conceptually employed in the fluff, and something very esoteric and thoughtful about the way Daemons factor into the universe.

--Additionally I love chaos worshippers and am warming up to Chaos marines because I love concepts of power, and the lust for power. The will to dominate life and willingness to be dominated. The bargain of a mortal to a fate of brief but intense power. Imagine, actually having contact with a divine being, and being able to benefit from that in any way.

--Finally, I just love mutants. Chaos and Chaos Daemons are mutants of the highest possible calibre. I'm a disabled person (visibly/ physically) and I understand that on some l--evel I am a mutant. I have mutated from the 'sacred form' of humanity and as such, like that deformed dude in 300, the Marines wouldn't have me, and the guard would just hate on me. I could never be more than a weedy ork, and I could never have the grace of an Eldar fighter... But, in dark corners, with forbidden books-- I can find my sponsor. The dark gods could give a disabled body the power it needs to become everything I might want to be in this world. And so, I pledge.

In game terms

---I love the unconventional warfare of the Daemons, and as Orks were my first ever force (and I still hold to them, just as a side affair) I demand elements of randomness in my forces. Daemons have that, and they add fluff to it when they say I must "pray to the dark gods, choose my wave and face thier unphathomable judgement". THAT makes me smile everytime. Also, I adore Chaos Spawns in an unhealthy way.

---I love the assualt phase, enough said!

A note on the Gods --I favour all gods but Khorne, actually, because I feel like his fluff is just so basic. Ra! Ra! Blood and killing! Yay, it's not like everyone already DOES that in this universe now is it? Sarcasm. Give me something to work with. Nurgle and Tzeentch and Slaanesh all seem to-- from basic human needs to advanced plots. Khorne seems limited to killing, and battle for its own mindless sake. Not for me.

16-08-2012, 08:47
I love Black Templars for the fluff, the color scheme, and the fact that they are the most badass Marines out there. Chaining their bolters and Chainswords to the wrists and fight with a holy wrath never seen anywhere else.

17-08-2012, 00:12
The Death Company.

Truly, there's is the most pitiable situation, but knowing full well they're going to die, they desire only to die for the Emperor and Sanguinious. In game terms, if you win, you win. But if you lose, you can say they were only there to die in the first place!

17-08-2012, 07:20
Exorcists Space Marines. I really enjoy playing with plain vanilla marines. There is nothing to fear when you have a bolter in hand! And I like the fluff behind the Exorcists. They get possessed by daemons and have the daemon excised to strengthen their combat prowess when facing them? Bad ass.

17-08-2012, 12:58
Nuns with guns!

I've always found the Sisters of Battle models, despite many of them being 15 (possibly more?) years old, some of the best models there are. The entire style of the army is great, and their Power Armour just looks so much better than that of Space Marines who by comparison look crude, particularly some of the plain marines; with robes or other embellishments they can look good, but Sisters come that way out of the blister pack, their whole style is IMO far more appealing than Space Marines, which kind of makes sense since marines should really be ruthlessly practical anyway.

I love the play style, as it's a weird mix of short to mid-range firepower on an army that's pretty rubbish in close combat, which means that they can be a real challenge to play despite the great basic equipment; poor rules don't help, but winning is all the more satisfying if you manage it, especially without resorting to any cheese, again, not that Sisters really have access to any. They have their competitive units, and while I wouldn't rank them highly they're not far behind at all in practise, and they're an army that I think everyone should play with or against at least once, as despite having the same basic war gear they are surprisingly very different from marines.

There's also a strange satisfaction to be had from having an all metal army; I love painting metal models, which is something that Finecast just can't compete with. The paint just seems to go on metal better, and everything about Finecast just feels cheap for the price you pay. Meanwhile with a metal army, sure they're still fiendishly expensive, but they feel like every penny was worth it as you struggle to lug around a case full of them! There's nothing more satisfying in the hobby than a metal walker; I have older metal Dreadnoughts and three Penitent Engines, and I wouldn't want to replace any of them with plastic or Finecast, even with all the difficulty I had getting mine to stay in one piece :D

17-08-2012, 14:13
I'm still in the process of building up my first army, and unsurprisingly it's a Space Marine army (a good starter army, I've been told). When I was looking through the various armies, I tried to concentrate on finding a feel and motivation I could get into. The Space Marines and the Tau ended up being the two I was most drawn towards.

I like the idea of crusading champions, the last line of defence in a chaotic universe. Sci-fi knights, which made them a nice parallel to my fantasy Bretonnian army. They're also easy to find second hand, and relatively straightforward to paint.

But in the end, when I close my eyes, I can see them. I can hear the kind of battle they would be taking part in. I can imagine a marine, finishing a devotional, rising and grabbing his weapon and rushing forward into a line of orks, his brothers surrounding him as he tries to bring the fist of civilization into the face of those who would see humankind burn in the stars.

The Tau may be my expansion army (haven't checked the allies chart). I'm drawn to the Sisters of Battle too, but I HATE metal miniatures so I'm going to give them a pass for now.

Lord Squidar
17-08-2012, 15:40
Chaos Daemons: I love them because you get to play the unnamed horrors from another dimension. I am a big fan of all things Lovecraft and tentacle monsters (see my user name) and chaos daemons have an abundance of these. I also love that you can truely fight anyone anywhere at anytime, there is no being excluded from campaigns due to fluff reasons. Lastly stomping people with huge war gods is heck of alot of fun, you should all try it sometime.