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16-08-2012, 15:47
Hello everyone

Unfortunately due to the amount of work i had to do in the last few terms of college i missed out on both the 40k and WFB new rulebooks, but now i have alot of free time on my hands i thought what better way of getting back into the hobby than with a new army, so i have decided on Daemons so that i can hit two birds with one stone. I have lots of conversion ideas (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?349950-Mono-Khorne-Daemon-army) for this army so all in all it should be fun. Please take in mind the last time i played WFB was when Daemons and Dark elves were on top

Anyway enough of the waffling heres the list:

Herald of Tzeentch 165pts
Master of sorcery

Herald of khorne 140pts
Firestorm blade
Armour of khorne

Herald of Nurgle 190pts
Level 1
Stream of bile

30 Bloodletters 390pts
Full command

30 Plaguebearers 390pts
Full command

12 Horrors 174pts
Full command

5 Flesh hounds 175pts

3 Screamers 120pts

3 Screamers 120pts

Fiend of Slaanesh 55pts

Fiend of Slaanesh 55pts

Total = 1974pts

Please leave your honest opinion and any good ideas you may have about this list and remember i have 26pts to play around with

Thank you in advance to all constructive comments

16-08-2012, 22:14
Solid list.

My honest opinion:
-I am not really of fan of 2,000. In fact most Daemon players are not due to lack of effective Lord Choices in our army book. I suggest you go more towards 2,400/2,500+.

In regards to the list:

-HoT Solid(Hopefulle Life)
-HoK doesnt need Firestorm blade because it could cause problems if an opponent has the dragonbane gem.
-Need BsB (i prefer Great Icon of Despair) Maybe Icon of Sundering due to your lack of magic.
-HoN maybe add slime trail? Remove Wizard Level.

-Letters assuming 6x5 (this is how i run them) However sometimes I run 10x4 which you should consider the extra attacks can be crucial. Add Icon of Endless War.
-PB look solid prob 5x6. I believe people talk these guys up too much. Alot of people on warseer love them. I hate them to be honest. I have found that they are too slow, I 1 (weak to Purple sun) and fortify target priority for your oppnents. What I mean by this last point is your opponent will see your bloodletters as being "scary" when they see Plaguebearers who are meant to survive all durations they will completely ignore them and focus everything on the bloodletters. You only have 30 bloodletters and a level 2 life mage to buff them up. Chances are you lose the unit to intense shooting, or magic.
-Horrors are too small, I believe you dont need to bunker your HoT. I throw them behind a bloodletter unit, if you want to keep the PB then just leave the HoT behind the PB unit they move the same distance.

-Screamers are interesting. I havent had much expierence with their new rules so it would be awesome if you could tell me how well they perform in game.

Fiends look solid.

Overall I like the list minnor fixed in the Core section and you should be fine, yet I still think you should bump up your overall point cost