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18-08-2012, 20:25
The Grot Rebellion is my most successful converted army, I went for a balanced Imperial Guard army for them because back in 2006 the orks had very few plastics and the guard offered a lot more conversion possibilities. The army eventually went full mech with the new codex and I created a total of 18 new vehicle conversions, however the new 6th edition rules make it difficult for an all mech army to work, so it‘s back to the drawing board. But before we get to the big question here are some of the unit types that will be making it into the new army…

Going from the left; Commander/Commissar, Veteran Squad, Heavy Weapon Team, Chimera, Hellhound, Vendetta, Hydra & Manticore.
You can see more on my Deviantart Gallery Here (http://proiteus.deviantart.com/gallery/3349216)

So with their Doom-Vee transports not fairing so well up close anymore the grots need something else to put between them and the enemy, like some expendable allies! But who to take?
As always the force's appearance is as important to me as it's effectiveness. So here are the ideas that I've had, please let me know which one you like to see the most?

The first idea was to have ork squads enslaved with some mind-control helmet, electric collar and cuffs or maybe a Battle Royale style collar with nobs being ogryns or even the big squigs with a grot on the top with a remote control.
However I suspect an ork would still go for a grot slave master even with the threat of an explosive collar and would likely use an electric collar to shock the grot along with himself.

So why not go one better and have the grot doc and mek transform imprisoned green skins into ‘Ork-Bots!’. Mindless Cybernetic Orks that obey every command given to them either by remote control or voice command.


The conversion would be simple, attach an ork torso to an epic tank with wires joining the two and have two guns attached to the arms midway, the head will be enclosed in a robotic looking head with a single eye and metal jaw plus have a kind of power generator mounted on the back.
An expansion on this idea would be to create a squad of Nob-Botz but mount them on a single wheel and use them as nob bikers.

I love this guy from Dawn Of War 2 so as an alternative to the ork slaves convert Kaptin Bluddflagg and some shooty ork pirates working for the grots.


I'm thinking of converting an objective marker with a grot officer reluctantly holding out his fancy hat which would be placed in front of Bluddflagg when the army was on display.
But would the grots hire the orks when they're supposed to be rebelling against them?

A nod to their Gorkamorka origins, FYI the Diggaz were descendants of an imperial explorer team that crashed on the planet. They were savage feral tribes of humans that worshipped the orks often painting their skin green. So what better ally to fight the orks with?


There are 2 ways I could field them...

Orks; A bizarre parody with my organised greenskin military and barbaric humies (Nobs being huge mutants)
Space Wolf Blood Claws; A suggestion that someone made was to go with some Blood Claws squads either 15 on foot or 10 in a drop pod, they're tough but not very well skilled I could even perhaps field some Digga Swiftclaw Bikers?

The idea is to model the Drop pod(s) as a large drill that has emerged from the ground. The warriors would be converted using chaos marauders like my previously ditched feral humans but with green warpaint and if I went with the Blood Claws option I'd use space marine legs and add a bit more weathered and worn armour to the top half.


As soon as my current project is finished I will resurrect this thread as the Grot (& Ally) project log, but for now I'm more eager to see which is the more favoured idea?

19-08-2012, 19:05
Any comments?

Also I've just updated the Ork Slave concept with my new Ork-Botz idea.

19-08-2012, 21:06
I love this army! :) I voted the diggaz count as space wolf blood claws. Simply because, well... Its stronger ingame really :) But also because it fits in more, feral guys and all that. Just need a reason for the 3+ save... Hmm... War paint? :D

25-08-2012, 12:34
The Ork-Botz and monocycle/bike Nobs are a great idea.

However, to me, if there is anything more awesome than Space-Pirates (and I'm not 100% sure that there is), it's Ork Space-Pirates kicking da teef out of people all across the galaxy. I think you definitely have the skills to make an awesome Kaptin Bluddflagg (plus his Motley Krew of Freeboota's + plunderers).

Perhaps you could combine the 3 ideas...a load of pirates + Ork-Bot's as Ardboyz or Killa Kans(?) and give them a vehicle or two like the Gorkamorka Grot-Cutters -i.e. sails for power- (and perhaps surfing on water) to keep the pirate theme?