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19-08-2012, 04:25
I saw a similar post and shamelessly decided to copy it.

I played Warhammer back in 4e and have decided to come back to the hobby. I enjoy painting a variety of models and would like to start an OnG army and a HR army (I made a seperate HE thread).

I think I'll mostly be playing 1,000 point games with occasional 1,500 point tournaments. I don't have any feel for frequent opponents.

I like the models below. If some of this just isn't competitive, please let me know.

- A unit of Night Goblins with spears and fanatics.
- Gnarly Cave Squigs
- Stone Trolls (and maybe just use them as regular trolls)
- A couple war machines of some type.
- Savage Orc Boys

I'm not a big fan of the Orc models beyond the Savage Orcs; I like the goblins.

What else should I paint up? I'd like to have some different options at the 1,000 - 1,500 point level.

19-08-2012, 05:45
Welcome back to the hobby! I remember when I made my come back after a 7 year break from the hobby - it was an exciting and rewarding time of life! And still is as the hobby bug infested me at each and every level!

We also share another passion - Orcs & Goblins! What a GREAT army to return to the hobby with! They have so much going for them:

1) Flavor - as many ways to build an Orc & Goblin army as there is ways to annoy my wife, you'll be spoiled for choice!
2) Theme - soooo many themes to explore and build, currently I've JUST STARTED looking at Savage Orcs (I own just over 14,000 points of Greenies but never did get Savages to be honest!)
3) Gameplay - want to play fun? Do it! Want to bring on the pain? Do it! The army is excellent, there is no cookie cutter list, pretty much any list you mash together works!
4) Background depth - a WEALTH of stories and references - you'll love digging into the various stories behind the Greenskin menace!
5) Models - hands down we have one of the strongest and most fun looking model ranges out there!!

Here's an e.g. of a quick and easy 1000 point army to get your feet wet...

40 Night Goblins with command, netters, 1 fanatic (personally I like hand weapon and shields for the parry saves, but it's your call)
20 Savage Orc Big Uns, full command, extra weapons, big stabba

That's just over 500 points - and a great start to your core - as you can now build the army up to 2000 points WITHOUT buying anymore core if you so wish!

15 Squigs, 10 herders
3 River Trolls - now you can go with Stone but the plastic River Troll kit not only looks great, they are VERY affordable as they come 3 to a box, and they play well in the game too
Spear Chukka
Spear Chukka

This leaves you with 150pts - grab a cheap Savage Orc Big Boss and a level 1 Night Goblin Shaman - and your ready to rock!

Nice little training army, but it's also practical - it'll hold it's own in games - and it's all useful so when you do expand the army you'll be able to add to the current list.

Best advice - go with what you like the look of - don't think of gaming function!

There is also a TON of great reading in the long running thread - Dreams of Greatness - A Greenskins rise to glory


Be warned - over 135 pages of posts - so quite the read - but it's got pretty much everything in there

Welcome to the Waaagh!!!!

19-08-2012, 11:10
I hate the regular orc models as well. That's okay because the savage ones are actually pretty much better in every way (in game)!!!
The options you have listed are all good ones that work well in the game, in fact the whole book is very well balanced - not a single unit is completely useless nor a must-include.

Otherwise Jind is basically the mastermind of beginning orcs and/or goblins so there's little else for me to add.

19-08-2012, 17:23
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm reading through the posts now.

Any advice on places to get the models? Picking up the models you suggested looks like it could easily hit $400+. Do you proxy some of the models? (For example, the Squig Herders.) Or is the Waaagh just not for the faint of heart and light of wallet?

19-08-2012, 19:40
lol, your partially correct but have no fear...

Craigslit is here!

I do buy second hand - Craigslist has some, Ebay has some (but never used ebay myself).

Now the good news is that someone is always selling Battle for Skull Pass models - and I would pay up to $30 for a set, $35 if they were unpainted.

Best thing about my suggested list is that the core is done with 4 boxes of models - $160 (Crikey!) BUT You'd only by buying it a box at a time - building them and painting, before moving on. That's like 2 months of work at least - so $80 a month essentially.

Now for phase two of the plan...

Cancel the gym membership! I did!!! Life is short - who knows where tomorrow leads us - but today leads me to 40 Night Goblins and 20 Savage Orcs!

19-08-2012, 22:37
Yeah best way is to make your army slowly over a while (for me at least, thanks to my work and studies, 1000pts = a year) that way you never have to come home to your wife/other/mother and explain the 500 dollars mysteriously missing from you bank account, spend in small batches.
It also means if you change your mind after realising you hate painting green (for example) that you won't have wasted too much money.

And Ebay is your friend, so are independent stores, they'll often charge about 10% less than GW.