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19-08-2012, 14:00
I've been thinking of digging out my Wood Elves for a while now. The army needs a bit (a lot) of fixing and some stuff adding to it to bring it up to to 2000 points.

The plan for the army is to have the two Alter kindred characters running around causing trouble. The Spellweaver is there to provide some magic defence. The Branchwraith helps with magic defence and is going to go with the Dryads to give them more punch in combat. I'm concidering putting an Annoyance of netlings on her as well and using her to challenge out enemy characters.

The Glade Guard and Waywatchers will provide the shooty 'core' or the army. The Glade Riders and Eagles will be used as redirectors while the Dryads and Treekin will be used to tie up units in combat. I've still got about 65 points left over so I was wondering what people could recommend in order to round out the list to 2000 points...

Characters -

Highborn + Alter kindred, Bow or Loren, Amarathin broach, Arcane bodkin, Great weapon and Light armour = 284p

Spell Weaver = 215p

Noble + Alter kindred, Hail of doom arrow, Helm of the hunt, Great weapon and Light armour = 176p

Branchwraith + Cluster of radients = 90p

Core -

10 Glade Guard = 120p

10 Glade Guard = 120p

10 Glade Guard = 120p

10 Glade Guard = 120p

10 Dryads = 120p

5 Glade Riders + musician = 129p

Special -

3 Treekin = 195p

Rare -

8 Waywatchers = 144p

Eagle = 50p

Eagle = 50p

19-08-2012, 14:20
There are a fair few changes I would suggest to this list.

First of all, I think that you have too many characters and some of their kit could be optimised.

Alter Kindred on the Highborn is nice for the extra shot, but I don't think it adds enough. the 4+ LOS and 3++ vs non-magical won't last all that long vs war machines or magic missiles, which are fairly common in the game (especially in the UK). If you really want him to stay as an Alter, he needs either a Charmed Shield to dodge the first cannonball or a Dragonhelm to avoid the most common magic missiles (Fireball, Burning Gaze, Ruby Ring). However, I like keeping mine without a Kindred upgrade- 4 shots is still pretty good, and you get a ld10 general and he's much, much safer. Light armour is fine if you have 3pts left over, but the great weapon is a bit pointless- if he gets into combat, he'll almost certainly die before he gets to swing. The ward save isn't really necessary on him, I like to keep mine cheap at 210pts with the Bow of Loren, Charmed Shield and Arcane Bodkins.

What Lore are you running on the Spellweaver? I'm a big fan of Lore of Beasts for many reason, especially in the current metagame which is dominated by armour. Curse of Anraheir wrecks knight buses, and Savage Beast has nice synergy with the Lorenlord for an extra 3 shots. Amber Spear gives you a good answer to monsters, and Wildform is arguably the single best spell in the game. I've tried running a level 3 on Lore of Beasts (at SCGT I think) and for the most part you're fine with regards to spell selection, but some of the spells are just a bit too hard to safely cast. A Dispel Scroll would also be very useful on her indeed.

The Alter Noble doesn't really add much, he suffers from a lot of the same problems as the Lord- he's a bit too easy to kill, won't kill anything in combat and once he's popped his HoDA (which he cannot shoot after marching) he doesn't really add anything. This is why most HoDA Nobles are also the BSB- a BSB is incredibly important to an MSU-style list, and it also gives the Noble a purpose after firing the HoDA (for which he will need Asyendi's Bane).

The Branchwraith I think does not add enough. The +1DD is nice, but she has several downsides- she's expensive, she doesn't add anything other than the +1DD and you have to use a unit of Dryads to babysit her instead of doing anything else.

The Glade Guard units all need musicians. You can go a long way with just wheeling, but musicians are extremely important and I've never found them to be wasted points. Also, one Glade Guard unit could do with going up to 15 models with full command (champion to take challenges) and the flaming banner to kill Abombs or Hydras, which you currently can barely touch. The flaming banner turns these into free points.

You only really need 8 Dryads in a unit, the second 2 don't really add much. A second unit is very useful.

Glade Riders are really, really bad. The only time to ever take them is if you cannot take more Glade Guard instead.

I'm really not a fan of Treekin any more, they are a nice answer to big infantry blocks but they can only fight WS3 T3 infantry, and they're a very expensive unit just for that. They lost out to pretty much all the nasty things in the metagame at the moment- Ogre units, Mournfangs, Demigryphs, knight buses and war machines all walk straight over them.

If you can find the points, getting 2 more Waywatchers in and splitting them into 2 units of 5 would be better I think, 1 big unit is just a bit too susceptible to magic missiles and panic tests.

19-08-2012, 17:39
Cheers for the advice

I'll probably trim back the Highborn as you sugested. I liked the idea of the 9 inch move with the Highborn as an Alter rather than the extra attack (although it did gel nicely with the Bow of Loren and Arcane Bodkin combo). My plan was to try to slip him behind my opponants battleline and then go after warmachines. I felt that with a decent ward save and 5 strength 6 attacks he'd be able to clean up a warmachine crew in a single round of combat. The maneuverability would also lend itself to him getting onto the flanks of enemy units as well.

I was looking to go for Lore of Beasts with my Spellweaver. If I drop points from my Highborn I'd probably invest them to bump her up to level 4 and grab a magic item or two. Her main job is to stop magic missiles which just devastate Wood Elf armies in my experience. I've been on the end of a dual Sorceress Dark Elf army a few times and my Glade Guard units vannish very quickly to 2D6 strength 4 magic missile spells.

The plan was to use the Noble as a squishier version of the Highborn. Pop the Hail of Doom arrow then try to slip through my opponant's lines. I'll probably convert him over into a bare bones BSB though and sit him with a unit of Glade Guard.

I see the Branchwraith as adding more punch to the Dryad unit rather then the Dryad unit having to babysit her. She's probably going to see combat so if she dies, she dies but if she can provide an extra dispel dice to my magic defence and then help the Dryads hold up a unit for another turn then she's probably down her job. The alternative is a Spellsinger who'll probably fall into the role of supporting my Spellweaver and will set me back as many points if not more. I think I'll have to playtest her before comming to any conclusions.

The extra points I've got left over will probably go into buying musicians for my Glade Guard. I'll probably switch the Glade Riders for another unit of Dryads. The main reason I included them in the list is that I already have the models left over from my original army and it seemed a bit of a waste just to leave them on the shelf.

I wasn't sure about the Treekin but I included them to have at least one unit that was a reasonable threat in combat and that stacked well with Wyssan's Wildform. I don't expect them to be able to take on stuff like Mornfang Cavalry or Demigryph Knights (not much can do in my experience) but I'd hope that they'd be able to deal with your average block infantry and at least give me a unit that I can push into combat and at least feel that its not there just to tie up one of my opponant's units for a turn or two.

I'll probably look at taking a few more Waywatcher and maybe making a couple of units out of them (6 or 7 in each). I have struggled with them in the past due to mysterious terrain, magic missiles and general bad luck that's made me question taking so many again. I might experiment with a Treeman or put the points into a unit of Wildriders (which I've never used before). The main bonus of Waywatchers is that they are easy to convert from the Glade Guard models making them a very cheap unit in the pounds to points conversion.

Thanks for the advice. There's certainly plenty to mull over.


19-08-2012, 18:07
I was wondering what the point of the branchwraith was when it costs more than a Wand of Wych Elm, which I think is more reliable than 1 dispel dice, and even that competes with a scroll although i prefer the wand because it handles smaller spells more easily. The branchwraith adding to the punch of the unit also seems sketchy when it costs as much as an additional unit. Other than just pondering Tmar has it spot on, splitting the waywatchers and freeing up some of the lord points seems like the two most critical factors. Unless you're playing the riders out of taste then drop them completely unless you have a specific plan in mind "noble spam with beast lore bunkered in GR or using mounted wizard in GR bunker to try flank amber spears". Also life is borderline useless unless you are running a ton of treekin, or you are hoping for dwellers imo. Beasts has a lot of offensive strength than Wood Elves don't have and need.(personally think it is one of the last reasons wood elves are still playable, armor is really tough to deal with)

19-08-2012, 18:57
I was wondering what the point of the branchwraith was when it costs more than a Wand of Wych Elm, which I think is more reliable than 1 dispel dice, and even that competes with a scroll although i prefer the wand because it handles smaller spells more easily. The branchwraith adding to the punch of the unit also seems sketchy when it costs as much as an additional unit.

I prefer to try to keep my Mages as bare bones as I can do. If I drop the Branchwraith I'll probably just invest in more Glade Guard.