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20-08-2012, 08:05
Will be traveling though London early next month and have an overnight layover. So the question is as a tourist(won't have any models with me) is warhammer world worth making the trip to Nottingham and what would the easiest way to get Get there and back to London.

Thanks for any replies and/or advice

20-08-2012, 08:40
It's three hours up the M1, or two hours by train. That's an awfully long trek to fill a day. You'd be better off just wandering round London. :)

20-08-2012, 08:59
Unless you have a friend and play a game, you'll have trouble filling more than a couple of hours there.

20-08-2012, 10:21
Indeed, while it's fun place to visit, there really isn't that much to do - visit the model gallery, see the special boards displayed outside, have one of the best burgers you'll ever have at Bugman's. That's pretty much it, that said, there's an ungodly amount of tables to play on if you have some stuff.

20-08-2012, 10:56
If you're going that way anyway, drop in. I do if I'm heading north... wouldn't make the trip there unless i'm attenting an event otherwise. Alot more to do in london....

Light of the Emperor
20-08-2012, 15:19
You don't just need to see the GW HQ. There are other great things in Nottingham so you can definitely make a nice day of it. Ye Old Jerusalem Tavern comes to mind!

Gorbad Ironclaw
20-08-2012, 15:38
Going from London to Nottingham just to see War hammer World is IMO a bit of a waste. You will probably spend twice as long traveling as you will seeing anything there, its neat but there isn't that much to see. If you wanted to combine it with seeing lots of other stuff in the area then you could fit it in. For what its worth I'd say you are much better of spending the day in London and seeing stuff there than spending half a day traveling back and forth.

20-08-2012, 21:21
Personally i agree with most here, its only amazing to go to if you want to spend a day of gaming. I myself actually from Nottingham and I can tell you that you could make a great day of spending it around there as well as GW HQ. If you go then enjoy Bugmans food, because its food is like no other in England, its brilliant food and a good price for what you get. The gallery is ace but it can only be around half an hour or so of proper looking but its still amazing. You can if you get there early enough purchase forgeworld kits and pick them up the same day! What in the past I have seen my two mates do so repeatedly.

The building itself is glorious inside. That initial first step into the main hall really gives you the open mouth without knowing treatment. :D

But I would say unless you have an army or two to use then you wont be able to spend the day there. But then again Nottingham is loverly especially the older quarter and the castle. As a member of nottingham (albeit living up north now) then I would say give it a go if your thinking of doing it! Hope that helps!

22-08-2012, 19:07
Are you in the UK often? If not, go! You wanted to go enough to post here about it so it seems you are very interested in making the trip. Some people want to see old churches and giant clocks, others might fancy hitting up the GW HQ even more. Which camp are you in? You can also pick up those bugmans exclusive minis for all your friends back home and be a real international mini mule!

22-08-2012, 21:08
I got to say I spent a year in England, wanted to go there, and finally didn't for whatever reason I don't remember (probably out of lazyness). I regret it.

22-08-2012, 21:18
Do it, yes there is more to do in London than warhammer world.... but then again there is more to do in Nottingham than warhammer world! go by car... go to warhammer world, drool all over the pretty miniatures: the static cases down stairs and the artwork going up the stairs.... have a quick bite to eat buy the limited edition miniature: then in the afternoon go into Nottingham and wander around the city for a bit... lots of cool shops and art galleries too...

22-08-2012, 23:54
If your not likely to go to the UK very often then do it - it's well worth a trip!!! I loved it there!

But if you're always in and out the UK then going from London is a trek! Maybe like 3 hours or so!

But I went from Canada to see Warhammer World and it was well worth the trip! (True that the real reason was also a family wedding and we live 40 minutes from there, but we all had a great time - even the non-warhammer folks who went with me ((Wife and my Dad!)))

23-08-2012, 11:46
Haha these people from England that think 3 hours is a long trip, try travelling in Australia people!! :)

Ulthwe's Tears
23-08-2012, 11:52
Just to rub it in all your faces but I can, and do, walk to Warhammer World very easily from my house.

23-08-2012, 12:32
I work 5 minutes walk away. :angel: