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22-08-2012, 01:39
Hello, thank you to anyone that reads this and decides to comment.

I have been meaning to get back into Fantasy after a few years exodus (due to work and school). I was planning on starting Chaos, but have been thinking about maybe going with Vampires first.

What I would like to know is:
-How are Vampires doing in 8th Ed? I remember they were quite pants in 7th.
-Are Vampire Counts armies a common sight nowadays?
-Of the Vampire armies that are played, what are the most common builds/bloodlines that people currently use most?

22-08-2012, 01:49
Vampire counts rock in there 8th edition guise, they are an extremely well balanced book that allows for you to choose almost any unit and not be punished for it, in saying that there are the obvious power builds out there.

They compete well in 8th, they can be a common presence in tourneys but not as popular as OK, DoC, DE etc who are seen as the power armies. I'd say that the most common unit in a VC army is a blender lord and crypt horror horde, or the black knight blender delivery list.

With WoC just around the corner i'd advise waiting to see how they stack up and then you can make your choice.

Jack of Blades
22-08-2012, 05:32
Vampires pants in 7th? that's a funny one :p

22-08-2012, 05:50
Vampires pants in 7th? that's a funny one :p

Well, the first part of 7th didn't fair as well (but they were better than Tomb Kings), but once they got their 7th Ed army book, only Daemons and Dark Elves were considered cheesier.

22-08-2012, 14:37
Vampire Counts pants in 7th ed!? Heresy I say!

In 8th however, I consider them to be one of the most balanced of the new books - there is nothing in it, with perhaps the exception of red fury and terrorgheists, that people consider overly 'cheesy.' The list has a fair amount of depth to it, and there are only a couple of truly pants units within the book.

As for the most popular builds; the supports a wide range of lists from infantry hordes through to cavalry and flying 'scream' circus. However, most list employ what is called a 'blender' lord - owing to the ability in the new book for a vampire to be simultaneously awesome in magic and combat. The issues with the lists is a slight vulnerability to death star lists and the rather more limited nature of the march bubble that existed in 7th - and the downscaling in power of the core sections.

As for how common vampire armies are... that all depends on the local meta.

22-08-2012, 15:07
They're a solid army with plenty of fresh models. In game play, I have trouble stopping them a lot of the time. Very competitive with well established strategies.

22-08-2012, 19:19
Thanks for all the replies.

What seems to be the most common bloodline/clan of vampires, if there is one? I was thinking of having a mixed army (Blood Dragons and Lhamians). Also, how well do the ghost/etheral units do? I was also going to try a Wraith/Necro heavy list.

22-08-2012, 21:01
Well, the first part of 7th didn't fair as well (but they were better than Tomb Kings), but once they got their 7th Ed army book, only Daemons and Dark Elves were considered cheesier....and Lizardmen, and Skaven. VC had the misfortune of being the first powerbook and the baseline nearly all the later books were to build upon, for which the got more than thier fair share of the total flak.
One of the great things about the new book is that while its actually pretty good, undead in general received such an overall nerf in 8th the other filth books get to take the limelight for a change and you can enjoy playing a great army without half the b!$ching and whining you used to ...
The Combat bloodlines tend to be most poular, generally most undead still have average to poor combat skills which a combat vampire can well compensate for. There are a few elite troops which add a bit of punch, and some which throw in a bit of durability depending on how much you can spend. The lore synches very well with the army and for the most part is very well balanced.
Ethereal troops are a lot more affordable this time around and are all great units ,if nothing else I recommend at least one unit of 5-6 hexwraiths, learn how to use them and they'll never do you wrong. Spirit hosts are a great cheap roadblock if you have a few extra points. Wraiths hit like hammers and are hard for your opponant to counter. In all cases you are going to have to prioritise dispelling magic missiles though.

23-08-2012, 04:49
Bloodlines armies based on blood dragon combat lords are popular, lahmian can be popular with the coven throne and LD reducing abilities (fluff wise), 7th ed mage vamps are a rarity nowadays due to necromancers being better value for points, necromancer led armies are fanatastic, not a big hiiter list but can easily strangle the life out of an enemy list through raising and healing.

29-08-2012, 00:09
Now just getting to a point where i have enough figures painted and ready to hit the table after a year ( I just cant play with unpainted figs )! i must say that I had taken a break from fantasy for 10 years and have always fancied an undead army, And as i said it hasn't seen action yet but i have loved the models the new army book and the visual effect of the army!

However I will say this about the V.C. it is an expensive army and the number of figures needed makes it a pain to transport. If you want an army that is easy to collect to get a few games in with maybe start with something else. then build your V.C as a 2nd army wish I had started with something just a little smaller and a little more elite.

But loving the look of my 100 zombies and my 100 skel and there is at least 40 more of each to do before i feel ready to play 2400 point games! Do think GW do a great range but you need a lot of them!

29-08-2012, 00:47
Actually, a 2400 Black Knight character delivery system with 3 Skele Hordes is cheaper than a typical 2400 Ogre Gustar/dual mournfang/dual ironblaster, to buy off RRP at least.Also its not as though you lump it all at once.

29-08-2012, 00:47
VC had the misfortune of being the first powerbook and the baseline nearly all the later books were to build upon, for which the got more than thier fair share of the total flak.

The same is true for each and every one of the 7th Ed so-called Power Books - especially when put next to each other.

To the OP:
If I started an Army today it'd definately be VC. I Believe, quite sincerely, that it's the 'best' Army Book released for 8th Edition so far. We should all be so lucky, really. By 'the best' I don't mean the most powerfull (that one prolly goes to Ogres from what I hear) but simply the best in terms of design&balance (which is ultimately what we all want so badly: balanced rules done with association and taste! - Which in my opinion is pretty much exactly what VC got).

Ok so even the sun has some dark patches.. Ghouls cost a bit too much now and the special rules for the Mortiis/Throne are a bit inept in resolution, but aside of such minor gripes it's really the bastion of 8th Ed Army Books as far as I'm concerned.

I don't Believe in 'tiers' in this Edition, but VC can certainly go toe to toe with all other armies. Simply a well-written Army Book, enough said. :)

29-08-2012, 20:48
there is still some potential for hard cheese (zombie army with multiple engines and ethereal backup) but overall it's a very fun book with surprisingly a lot of options for utility units. Aside from basic skeletons and arguably dogs, there are no bad choices in the list