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24-08-2012, 21:02
Hello all,
I have not been able to play with my Lotr set for quite a while and in my absence have noticed that there is not much support for War of the Ring which i used to play by games workshop and was thinking about getting into SBG. I was wondering how many figures I would need to have a decent sized force?

24-08-2012, 23:20
The game forces are built around "warbands", which is one hero and up to 12 warriors.

A 500 pts game has about 3 warbands
A 700 pts game has about 4-5

27-08-2012, 19:19
If you've got enough figs for War of the Ring, then don't worry about having enough for SBG. Just pick up the appropriate book for the team you want to build and go from there.