View Full Version : 2400 Pts of Tournament Bound Skittering Skaven

25-08-2012, 02:18
So, I haven't played in about a year or so and I am going to a tournament in a week after dusting these old rats off. The total point value is 2400 and there are a few restrictions for Skaven namely only 0-1 on each of our rare choices and max 40 models in a unit. Those are the only ones that really affect my list. If you could give me some advice as to whether or not this would be a competitive list or what tweaks it could use I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Seer: Dispel scroll and 4+ ward
Plauge prist: 2nd level, flail, and Foul Pendant
BSB: shield and Storm banner
40 Clanrats: shields and full command
30 Storm Vermin: shields, full command, and Razor banner
3x40 slaves: bare (don't want them getting ideas)
30 Plague Monks: full command and plague banner
10 Gutter Runners: poison and slings (would I be better off running these as a group or as 2x5)
Hell Pit Abomination: spikes
Warp Lightning Cannon