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Hayter Minifigures
26-08-2012, 17:13
I had kind of dropped out of playing the game in 5th ed so when the new rule book came out I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into it. I considered many different armies to start a fresh but many I had done before in previous versions of 40k so I went with something I hadn't really touched before, the Tau.

My first point of call was deciding on a colour scheme. I knew I wanted to go with a digital camouflage as Tau might be brightly coloured but unlike the Eldar its still camouflage, at least to them any way. Plus a modern camouflage would defiantly suit the Tau background.
After a few pages on Google I found an image of a model tank painted in a turquoise, cream and chocolate brown camouflage made up of large rectangles and squares and immediately knew I had found my reference point.

Now that the paint scheme was finalised I needed to come up with a battlefield that would have inspired the Tau to adopt such a bright camouflage. With the turquoise/blue being a dominant colour and the cream/sand colour being close behind it the whole pattern reminded me of a tropical beach. So that's what I went with, this particular world the Tau are fighting on is largely made up of tropical islands, beach heads and lots of crystal clear waters.
After this small brain storm I started sculpting some tropical themed flying and 40mm bases to be cast up in clear resin, what better way to do water effects than starting with a clear base. Pictures of all the bases can be found on my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/HayterMinifigures)

After finding out about the new allies I could finally do any army that I had always had in mind, a massively multicultural force that would accept any race and with a bit of research the T'olku sept seemed to fit the bill. The Elder was a worthy choice to start an allied force as they have similar fighting technique and would compliment a Tau army. The idea was that some outcast Eldar that could no longer cope with the Craftworld ridged life style would seek out another empire to call home rather than turn Exodite or pirate.
At any rate I wanted to incorporate allies in such a way that they looked like part of the force and not just have something like Ultramarines allying with my Tau, although they can you know after the battle they would just go there separate ways or worse.

Once I had my bases done I started working on my first Piranha and soon after my Devilfish, The Devilfish was the first unit to incorporate an alien race, in this case a Human auxiliary piloting the vessel.


After these two I started working on my first Fire warrior squad, the unit isn't finished yet as they're not up to full strength but you get the Idea. I had seen a conversion on Google to convert a feline warrior and had to try these out myself, I also added a sneaky Elder figure into the squad as she no doubt joined the Fire caste to protect her new empire.


I then worked on my Stealth team nothing much different about these guys.


My most resent finished unit is my squad of Tau Dire Avengers, I kept the Exarch in his old uniform as my story for him goes that he was expelled from the Craftworld and finally found himself on T'olku. The Ethereals finally agreed to him to set up a Dire Avenger shrine on the grounds that he must accept any race on the path and not just the outcast Elder. With this I painted the squad in my army colours to show that first and full most these guys are Tau empire that just to happened to be schooled in a different fighting technique.


That's about it to start with, I've finished sculpting new heads for my Tau Honour guard, pictures up on my facebook and at the moment i'm working on my Elder/Tau Rangers. They should be finished by next week and I'll keep you guys updated.

26-08-2012, 18:49
These are awsome, personally not a fan of the digital camo but loving everything else

27-08-2012, 10:42
Looking very nice. Those beach bases are superb!

27-08-2012, 13:05
The beach/water bases looks ace.
Speaking of female Tau. Zealot miniatures makes some loose heads that would fit nicely on female Tau fire warriors.
As well as torsos, now that i think about it:

Hayter Minifigures
27-08-2012, 14:18
Wow, Done and done! Cant wait to incorperate these in my force. I had started working on one myself but was lacking the female head, this will save alot of time.

uga bug
28-08-2012, 07:49
Got to say it-the pirhana and devilfish bases are beautiful.- I think its the waves that really stand out as super awesome!

Inquisitor Engel
28-08-2012, 16:42
I like the colour scheme, very fresh. Very different.

The Eldar thing though... Perhaps the Eldar is secretly keeping tabs on the Tau. ;)

28-08-2012, 17:57
Wow, just wow! so different from the normal style of this army, and most 40k armies really!

the beach bases are brilliant, will be checking out your store and buying some as soon as I get paid.

looking forward to seeing more, especially some Eldar bits if that is the way you are going next?

28-08-2012, 20:35
Loving the tropical theme.

Hayter Minifigures
30-08-2012, 18:11
Finished my Rangers, decided to swap the turquoise for greens because they would spend more time actually infiltrating the jungles than patrolling the coast lines, hence as well the increase in foliage on the bases.

Hammerhead next!

Hayter Minifigures
02-09-2012, 08:28
As I see alot of you have commented on my bases I thought i'd post the pictures of them instead of just giving you guys the link.

The first image is the picture of the greens for the 60mm flying bases I use for my tanks.

The next 3 images are the bases all painted up.

Also made some 40mm bases for my battle suits, when the unit is finished pictures will be up.

One last one, these are the heads I scultped for my Honour guard. Cant wait to get this unit done but have promissed myself to finish what I have built before starting new units.

You can see all of these and keep up to date with my work here. (http://www.facebook.com/HayterMinifigures)

Hayter Minifigures
30-09-2012, 11:11
Finished my Hammerhead, only have one more vehicle to paint in these colours then I'm done as this camo takes awhile to complete and i'm looking forward to not having to do this again lol

http://www.mediafire.com/conv/5cb963dae4cad6361b0ad877af8f326368af498f06884b4a09 582da79febaa154g.jpg (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?c2smgqo5epqewnq)

I have also completed my two HQ units. I wanted the Ethereal and Farseer to be wearing similar outfits to make it look like they sit on the same council board.

http://www.mediafire.com/conv/00b02c8ee839e224e2bc560c51dd8e038e625dd20d0a5f3660 25c104d0597a014g.jpg (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?38qa4uzf5ztzq57)

30-09-2012, 16:23
Those are some very nice conversions and paintjobs. i really like the farseer for instance, the rangers look really cool and the piranha kicks ass.
And the hint to the female-tau bitz will be very handy :D.
My suggestion for improvement would be to add some highlights to the hammerhead, because besides looking clean, it is a bit bland.

Hayter Minifigures
06-10-2012, 08:09
Now that my second Piranha is finished I can start working on the remainder of my forces. I had set myself a goal that I was to paint everything I had already built before starting the boxed units to give me the encouragement to finish each unit and not get left with another fully built but only partially painted army.

The unit I am working on now is my honour guard. Here is a picture of one of them before going to the spray tray.

http://www.mediafire.com/conv/713c07052a230eababa22c1861d3592de40e89dfdaa0b91045 cb1526bdb3672e4g.jpg (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?ju6gyktxxowvt2j)

06-10-2012, 08:42
Feline tau warriors is awesome lol. So is the army allied tau and eldar or are the eldar models counts as just out of wonder.

Loving the camoflague as well. Nice and bright like you expect tau to be.

Happy painting


Hayter Minifigures
06-10-2012, 10:06
So is the army allied tau and eldar or are the eldar models counts as just out of wonder.

The Eldar are allied into the Tau forces, kind of going along the lines that these are Eldar outcasts that have turned to the Tau Empire rather than turn pirate or Exodite.

Hayter Minifigures
13-10-2012, 09:51
Now finished my Honour Guard which i think will be a center piece to the force, well at least untill I finish my Kroot conversions.

http://www.mediafire.com/conv/8a04bbdc7a1ea9f450cde878ba163e87d60b2826f6ab7ba358 a28cda2ef5b2b04g.jpg (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?a3xxeihs04s6247)

The heads are my very own:

I have also used a few female Tau torsos available from Zealot Miniatures

This is a sneak peak at my "Kroot" squad. They are taking longer than expected to convert as I hadn't banked on using green stuff on them. Can't wait to have them finished.

13-10-2012, 12:07
So they're selfmade - just perfect: You can play even in a GW-shop, without being criticised using third-party bitz :D.
Though I like them and they look very suitable for various scifi-troops, I miss here the tauish non-symmetrie. The honour guard looks cool, no doubt, but the helmets are not too much "Tau" for me. Besides that, I like your lizard-"kroot". Try to include some orange, please ;).

Hayter Minifigures
01-01-2013, 12:08
Not been any updates for awhile as I've moved house and due to which haven't had internet access but in the time away I've managed to complete a few more units.

First of all I've finished the first unit of "Kroot". My idea was much inspired by the elder scrolls Argonians with each lizard having a different skin hue and the horns, feathers or head crest being more of a random genetic decision rather than all lizards having the same head "dress" as if they were all spawned. I wanted to avoid the fantasy Lizardman theme of spawned generations and aim for them being their own race with their own personality.


Secondly where as I had originally aimed to include Broadsides the shear cost involved in getting a squad of them put me right off. I decided instead to build a Skyray out of the spare parts I already had and a Revell Star Wars AAT kit. I really wanted the tank as it is an artillery piece to look more ponderous. I defiantly didn't want the artillery tank to be on the same chassis as the Tau APC and main battle tank. I think the Star Wars AAT worked really well and makes the tank look slower than the Hammerhead and lends it some gravitas.


Lastly over the Christmas period I've finished off my two battlesuit units. Not a lot to these guys but I've finally had the chance to use my own 40mm tropical beach bases. First picture is of my standard battlesuit squad and the second picture is of my battlesuit commander and his body guard.


Think i'm going to be working on the overgrown Eldar Wraithlord now or get the Air cast pilots done that I got for Christmas.


Hayter Minifigures
19-01-2014, 12:53
I haven't updated this thread in a very long while, mostly because I got 1500pts finished allowing me to focus on other projects. Recently I've got back in the mood for 40k so I'll be working on finishing the units I don't have in the Tau codex to give me that versatility when planning army lists.

First up is the Vespid. I've always liked the idea of another insectoid race (other than Tyranids) but the models never really did it for me. After owning some Vespid a few years back I found that the antenna's always broke off and are impossible to pin back on. That and in my opinion they suffer from a condition that only really old Citadel figures normally worry about, the whole squad being in the same pose. I don't think the models are bad but even the wings don't exactly scream insect.

After a quick scan of Google for 28mm insect figures I found Mantics Z'zor (http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/dreadball/teams/product/locust-city-chiefs-zzor-team-8-figures.html). These seemed like they would give me a good basis to work on and finally a reason to use Maxmini's Dragonfly wings (http://maxmini.eu/dragonfly-wings-%20bits).

With both of this kits/parts I knew I could make a rather more diverse unit to field. The only thing left was to raid the bits box for possible guns and arms. Below are the pictures of the unit before paint.

These are three of my Vespid, I've left a gap in the end of the guns so I can insert one of those transparent green crystals found in the Necron basing kit Games workshop sell.

One of the things I wanted to do, mainly because of the standard models all having the same wings was to portray the models in different stages of taking off or landing.

The Mantic set comes with a four legged insect which is perfect for the units Strain Leader. Showing, like in real insect colonies that they are hatched into certain roles.

Lastly this is all of them together, Just need to go spray them now.

Hadriel Caine
19-01-2014, 13:33
I'm glad you're working on these again, or I'd have missed them entirely. Lovely concepts and great sculpting. Personally I'm a big fan of the stock kroot models but I do like your lizard conversions. The bases, fluff and multi-xenos approach makes this a winner!

19-01-2014, 19:17
This is some serious Tau work here ! Am loving the way that you've integrated the different species under the one army. It's ace dude. Really inspiring !!

Hayter Minifigures
28-01-2014, 19:23
Right then, first off thanks to everyone for their praise. Secondly I've finished my Vespid Conversions now, so take a look.

If anyone is interested in how I painted the yellow as this is a difficult colour to do i'll detail the steps now.

Firstly and rather obviously I sprayed the models white.
I then painted the whole squad Yriel Yellow
Do a quick dry brush with Dorn Yellow
Wash the models with Lamenters Yellow
Lastly apply a selected wash with Casandora Yellow into the neck, elbow, knee and other joins.

The pink was started with Emperor's Children,
I then washed the small area around each pink part with Casandora Yellow, this blurs the lines between the two colours.
Another load of Emperor's Children followed with a mix with Fulgrim Pink.

First off here is three of my Vespid from the front.
Next is three of them from the back just to display the wings. As I've said before I wanted this unit to be modelled in different stages of beating their wings.
Next up is a picture of the Strain Leader.
And a close up of the converted guns. I've added some transparent green crystals in the ends as they the core part of the weapon that sets the Vespid aside in my opinion. I felt as if I wanted to add some focus to it as the crystals in the stock models are tiny.
Lastly here is the whole unit.

I'd love to crack on with the next unit but I'm moving house again and things are being boxed away, again, meh!