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26-08-2012, 23:20
so with the release of 6th edition i thought i would treat myself and start a new army.
first up is my doom scythe PIP


hopefully should get more painting and assembly done tomorrow
Thanks for looking

29-08-2012, 19:16
so after a couple of days and a couple of deliveries later ive started working on my army as a full,
theres an annihilation barge at the back left and my doom scythe at the back right but couldnt fit them all in
scythe and base
and all my infantry so far ready to be painted and then based
and finally a close up of my D.lords base

sorry for the overall quality of the pictures, using my phone today and not my flatmates good camera :(
should have most of it painted by the weekend, will hopefully manage to get a 1000 point game, which will also be my first in 6th edition

thanks for looking

29-08-2012, 19:59
Looks cool. I like how you've painted the doom scythe the green looks good and I like how you've done the metal spine bit.

Cap'n Facebeard
30-08-2012, 10:28
Looks cool, reminds me of the crons in Dark Crusade.

30-08-2012, 18:02
Looking real nice, love the almost `mottled` green highlighting, makes a change, though must be a little difficult to capture on camera :). Nice start on the bases, cant help but feel as though they might be lacking a lil umph though!

31-08-2012, 17:09
quick update here finished my Spyder and started on the bronze areas of my wraiths and destroyer lord, work on the project has been going slowly but hopefully should be getting more painting time next week


thanks for looking

edit: forgot to add a picture of the spyder thorax.....dat ass

02-09-2012, 18:09
Looking really good so far, can't wait to see more :)

04-09-2012, 16:02
looking superb - how did you do the eyes on the spider please?

05-09-2012, 23:04
Played my first game of 6th edition with my army on sunday and lost to a good friend of mine 3-2, a very close and enjoyable game but next time i will win!! after that managed to get some painting done so heres a couple of quick pics of what ive got, ill try upload more and better quality one tomorrow night

not very happy with the way the wraith power cores have turned out so i might redo them still got a lot left to do ion each of the models

@RTB01 its a very simple method that i use

first paint the full eye chaos black, then paint about 4/5ths of the lower half of it mix of chaos black and mechrite red, the about 3/4 of it mechrite red and then blood red over roughly half of it then the last quarter mecahrius solar orange, finally finish with a skull white dot in the opposite colour.
ill try to get pics of me doing the wraiths eyes step by step tomorrow if that helps

Again Thanks for looking

07-09-2012, 08:07
Looking pretty good!