View Full Version : Warhound titan advanced instructions

27-08-2012, 13:38
Hi all, over recently bought myself a warhound and I'm sure I remember seeing before someone had a larger advanced set of instructions for its constuction. Unfortunately I can't find it so I was hoping someone here might know where i can find it.


27-08-2012, 14:07
I don't think there is any other instructions other than the 6 pages in the box. That is what I am using for my warhound right now.

Jonny Draigo
27-08-2012, 15:52
Yeah, I think that 6 page assembly instructions is best you can get from FW (compared to their other products, where all you get is a single list of parts and picture of finished model, they have really overdone themselves with this one :)

Believe me, assembling the Warhound is not as difficult as some people make it to be, I would say it is comparable to plastic Stompa or Baneblade, just with more cleaning of the parts, especially once you finish assembling the legs, upper body is really easy

27-08-2012, 15:58
I know what you're talking about sprugly, but I can't find it myself either. That said however, assembling a warhound is really not that hard. Just take your time and with the provided 'manual' it's relatively straightforward to build.

Gilrowen the Brave
27-08-2012, 16:15

You mean this?