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27-08-2012, 16:10
I have been away from warhammer for 6 years so have wrote up this 3,000 empire and high elf alliance which is heavily based on a narrative situation I wrote.

Empire general (big Dave) full plate runefang shield and pistol 193

Telclis 475

Warrior priest (Steve) full plate great weapon warhorse barding-88

Captain bsb (johnny) full plate-91

witch hunter (keith) brace of pistols-55*

High elf Mage. (Magical Trevor) level 2 seer staff of sapphery. Lore of light. Regrowth+ dwellers bellow-165

9x inner circle knights great weapon musician standard bearer steel standard-280 (Steve)

10x handgunners. Marksman hochland long rifle-120

10x crossbowmen-90*

20x swords full command-170
2x10 halberd detachment -120

20x swords full command-170*
2x10 halberd detachment-120

10 cross bowmen-90


10x greatswords-110 (big Dave)*

10x sword masters hoeth. Full comma d gleaming pennant 185.*

5x dragon princes. 150

Great cannon-120


Hellblaster volley cannon-120

Great eagle-50

3,007. *points

Feedback would be appreciated guys :)

27-08-2012, 16:57
Umm, not having posession of the BRB makes me unsure, but you have no HE Core. Without a proper sized Core, your HE choices are illegal.

Now, if your local group says it's okay, then you're obviously good, but from a plop-down new player in front of me view, I would be rethinking about playing you.

Also be aware that many tournaments do not allow Allies or Special Characters, so be aware of that before you start building and intent to attend.

27-08-2012, 17:10
How big would the core need to be for my HE contingent? And I'm not doing any tournaments. This is me an a few mates from uni who played as kids all putting an army (legal still) together for our newly planned 'Wednesday beer and war night'!

27-08-2012, 20:38
Core always needs to be 25% minimum of the army (in this case, your HE portion). So the amount of points you've put into your Hero, Lord, or Rare, or half of what you have in Special, whichever is the largest amount, which I believe is Teclis at 475, going by the numbers you posted.

So that's just under 500 points of Sea Guard, Archers, Spearmen, or a combination of them. The good news is that they are so expensive that you won't have to devote a lot of models to them compared to the Empire. But then the rest of your HE force must also reach just under 2000 points, too (Lords can't exceed 25% of the army's cost), or drop Teclis all together.

Just remember that each book you use must be a legal army on its own as you write the list, and that should make it easier. Those are the standard rules, I don't know if your group has made special dispensation for this game, though.

27-08-2012, 21:28
Time too hit up the lorthern seaguard!!