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27-08-2012, 19:38
After seeing the brilliant thousand son threads on here, I have decided to do one as I finish/repaint my Thousand sons.
Zarathustra Suicune, Former High Apothacary of the Thousand sons legion, Member of the Athanaean cult. One of the last recruits from Terra. Zarathustra beleives it is possible for the legion to be rebuilt, using geneseed collected from fellow sorcerers and from the stock stored within his ship's vaults. Ahrimanite. Due to a life debt he owed to Captain Kaine of the Salamanders, he avoids conflict with that chapter at all costs, and has even acted to save/aid the chapter when possible, in an eternal attempt to pay the life debt.
Hate's Magnus for his abandonment of the legion and the murder of Uthizaar. Has recently ordered the fleet and 7th company to the Gryphone system.
Now this is my latest squad of thousand sons, not finished yet but once done should be at the standard to which I shall strip and repaint my older thousand sons.
Here is a terminator Sorce I am working on
And here is the Terminators so far:
And here's there as it as at the moment, am thinking of having a latin 7 being held in a jackal or crocodile's jaws with some runes/kanji/heiroglyphs scattered about.

Vomikron Noxis
28-08-2012, 00:15
Looking good so far bother, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing how the Terminator Sorcerer turns out!

29-08-2012, 18:29
So with the bad weather I've had some time to do some more work, mostly details and the yellow on Squad Akhenaten and the Terminator sorcerer Osorkon
As you can see, I have only got the first coats on, so he does look bad at the moment, hopefully he shall improve as I paint more layers.
Also going to strip my first Thousand Son Squad, Squad Belshazzar (the painting does give them away as my first squad :P)
I figured I could do before and after pics of the stuff I am going to repaint :P

03-09-2012, 20:10
Am stripping the red squad, the first two guys are done and have their heads taken off
and along with a couple of classic thousand son heads, being used to hopefully make moulds so I can give the terminator's crests using Deceit's Method.

04-09-2012, 22:07
And so squad Ahkenaten is finished!
and here is Aspiring Sorcerer Ptolemy
Ready for painting, I'm thinking a green or silver blade with purple robes, thoughts?
ANd does anyone have any advice for getting the transfers to actually stay on the models/work?

26-09-2012, 12:14
Been a while, but here is the second squad, just a few details and inking and they should be finished, just need to pop them on some new bases and they should be fine.
The last guy is made up of spares, including the helmet I was used to make molds, which failed absolutely and so I am going to wait for the Thousand son upgrade finecast sprue to be released and just cut the crests for the terminators there. Almost finished the predator and vindicator I have been repainting, so will post those when they are done.

12-10-2012, 15:42
Well between getitng the new codex and getting back to uni, not had chance to finish much, however, the two things I am working on at the moment:
My new Terminator Sorcerer lord, for some reason I just couldn't get the other to a state I was happy with.
A friend of mine got Dark Vengeance, and so I bought two of the terminators and the bikers off him, here is Champion Narmer of my Terminator squad, I am going to swap the sword for a mace from the chaos terminator kit, but not sure wherever or not to remove the sword and the hand, or just try and swap the weapons, doing it by the hand may be easier just as it will avoid any problems getting the mace straight
I also am working on a finecast asp.Sorcerer, I ordered the new set thinking I could use the crests for my terminaotrs, hoever I have decided I don't think they would suit the terminator armour, Tartaros armour possibly, but not the regular stuff. And so I am now thinking of either useing my spares with the bits to make icon bearers for my Thousand sons, wait and save them and use them if I ever get some Tartaros terminators, or buy the MK II armour bits minus head and make another squad of ruberics (which is what I am leaning to).
Now on with this aspiring sorcerer, some bubbles here and there, but luckily they are on the bottom of his robe so don't look that bad. Now I am not sure type of force weapon to give him, I already have another asp.sorcerer who is stock (will post pictures) and so with Belshazzar, I think that is enough Swords, and so will swap it, I'am also thinking of carefully cutting the front of his helmet off, and if I can get it, replace it a beakie one.
For axes, I am thinking either go like with Ahkenaten and use the space wolf one, a chaos terminator one, or a lizardmen saurus axe (with the spike on the back taken off).
I am thinking a mace/staff could be a good idea, but I am not sure what to use, a bit I could use is the old metal chaos terminator mace.
Another idea, and one I am thinking could be good, is to replace the sword with one of the old metal power armour grey knight halberds, and then possibly get away with declaring which it is to my opponent at deployment.
Any suggestions?

25-11-2012, 11:06
Not finished yet, and I'm not sure what colour to do the base, but here is Aspiring champion Ronove of the Sons of Horus squad "Enscrolled" (Not sure on the name at the moment)