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27-08-2012, 23:01
Greetings brethren!

It is a rare and portentous occasion when I travel to the grim dark future! Alas here I am, seeking your wisdom!

I thought of starting one of the following three armies!

Blood Angels: Reasons? -Good guys. -I am able to shout "heretic" at my opponent.- A few really awesome models: Sanguinary Guard foremost. -I like painting red.

Dark Eldar: Reasons? - I like the fragile and fast acting aspect of them (I be an elf kind of guy). -Nice models, the most of them being in finecast though, which is a big minus. -Being relatively rare. -Bad guys (I don't care if they die).

Chaos Space Marines: Reasons? -The new starter box containts amazing models! -Exchangeable part with my Fantasy Chaos army. - Being able to paint decayed Nurgle followers! - Summon deamons, meaning I can field Plague Bearers!

PS. Actually, writing this made me feel like starting CSM :)

What are your thoughts?

purge the daemon
27-08-2012, 23:31
CSM the new models are so cool but I'd wait for the new rules (rumors say there coming soon) it would be best to start after the first wave comes out.


Dark Eldar again really cool models but CSM is a lot more customizable and your customization actually matters. (Marks and such if you want).

28-08-2012, 11:05
I am a BA player and how awsome the Sanguinary guard look they are not great they dont achieve much another unit cant for less points. on that note BA get some really nice units and play well.

DE recent edition have caused some slight tactical changes but the mass volume of AP3/2 weaponary you can fit into an army is horrifying and My friend who plays them is definately my most feared adversary.

Chaos. . . . . . what can be said here? Best conversion possibilities, New codex to be released, New Gorgeous Starter minatures meaning a good way to make an Army on the cheap, enough said there i think haha. Tactically who knows, the codex isnt out yet and rumours are just that and cant be taken for granted.

Personally if i was starting an Army right and liked painting red, id go word bearers New chaos models and the use of Deamons its win win

28-08-2012, 12:02
Thanks for the answers, I think it will be CSM!