View Full Version : Amiga emulators.

21-03-2005, 04:22
Hello fans.

I just found my box of old amiga games, (what a computer that was :p )
And was wondering if anybody knows of any good emulators out there that will actually turn the PC into an amiga, therefore allowing me to put my amiga disks in?
do these even exist?

21-03-2005, 06:26
and of course, we all know that emulators are illegal...right?? ;)

21-03-2005, 08:31
to be honest. i thought possesing an emulator is fine.
however owning roms, is not hehe.
and i already have the games. ;)

21-03-2005, 08:47

There's some emulators for you. I wouldn't think they're illegal, since that site is full of all kinds of different emulators.

21-03-2005, 14:34
According to a few references i've had a brief look at, an emulator itself is illegal (under US law...) when the technology of the original console is patented.
From what I can glean, this doesn't happen as often as you'd think. For instance, Nintendo only recently patented the GBA console, which thereby made it illegal for the creation of GBA emulators.

Apparently, the old claim(s) that 'you can legally use a ROM if you own the original game', or 'you must delete the ROM after 24 hours' are also wrong - ROM's can only be created for 'archival' purposes, of which any form of playing them is not (if you get what I mean). Intriguing...