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Lord Squidar
29-08-2012, 07:35
Hi Guys,

First off, I must apologise for posting one of these threads, there must be thousands of them, but it seems like we all have a bit of a hard time chosing new stuff.

So I have been playing a truck ton of 40k and i entered a random fantasy tournament over the weekend. Suffice to say, it was an instant injection of renewed love for the game I have been playing since 1998. I thought what better way for a clean start than for a new army. I am suffering chosing on though. I currently have dwarfs and skaven and I realise I am missing out on at least 40 to 50% of the core mechanics of the game, namely magic (or core magic for skaven), cavalry units, monsters for dwarfs (Skaven get HPA which makes people swear so I hardly use it), ridden monsters and fliers. What I am looking for is an army which can do basically everything in the core rule book to some extent. I am not talking about in power terms, mere the choice. That way if I want a cavalry element to my force, I can take it.

Now instantly one thinks of Empire, and I have been scouring the empire forums and even bought one mini (its nicely painted) but I am still unsure of them, they are expensive to collect I am not sure about all the models. I did get a little inspiration from converted araby empire armies, but converting terrifies me since I always end up failing and wasting money. As far as basic humans go, I prefer the brettonian look and style. Brets however, only get a few of the basic lores (beasts and life) and they miss out on the monsters factor. High Elves fit the description I am looking for but I am so sick of seeing high elf armies after the island of blood release I could never own one. So this is where I am stuck!

Other armies I have briefly considered are tomb kings and vampires, but I have no idea on how these armies work with their new rules.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! If fantasy had allies rules like 40k, I could just add empire knights and griffon rider to my dwarfs and be done, grumble grumble!

Lance Tankmen
29-08-2012, 07:54
well, i can only offer what i know.

I play brets and ill admit only having beasts, life and heavens (lord choice only) is a bit lame but they are a fun army.

TK are kind of under powered from what i hear, and vampires are like the TK Ver 2 , better in too many ways. Id honestly say vampires if you want a bit of everything.
Lords: you can make anything from a super killy ghoul king to a blender style lvl vampire lord, or just a level 4 necro.
Heros: weaker versions of the vampire and necro as well as wight kings. banshees and carin wraiths too. as for lores you have to have one with lore of vampire but the rest can use death or shadow or a vampire with one of the vampire powers can have any lore except life.
core: you have tarpits in the form of zombies, decent bunkers/tarpits in skeletons, actually decent combat unit in the form of ghouls and chaff/ warmachine hunters in dire wolves.
SP: Cav, swarms, Monsterous inf, flying units and ethereal.
rare: monsters and other nasty things.

unstables a bit of a down fall and they can only march if within 12" of the general but unlike TK if the wizard with lore of vampires dies then you can swap to another wizard to keep the army from crumbling. honestly VC over TK but thats just me

29-08-2012, 08:20
I would recommend dark elves. There are about 5 items/units in DE that are broken, but after that, With the change to 8th, everything is "good."

You can be mobile, magic heavy, shooty, calv heavy, support and not too hard to theme the army too!

29-08-2012, 08:34
If you are looking for an army that covers almost all aspects of the rules then Lizardmen are a good choice. You have access to one of the best wizards in the game, good infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, fliers, monstrous infantry, monsters and ridden monsters.

29-08-2012, 08:34
Vampire are great, probably the most balanced book released to date, tonnes of fun and can compete in all phases of the games, albeit shooting but the units you can use are very deadly in the right circumstances.

They have access to great magic, cc monsters but most of all some of the most awesome lookinh minis in the game.

However that being said, the woc chaos book is launched soon... so i'd advise waiting and watching as these guys might be everything we want. So save ya money, then if they (woc) float your boat yiu havent invested in swathes of plasric minis from other armies, if not buy your new army in bulk :)

29-08-2012, 09:10
I know it's absolutely no help, but the army you like is probably going to be the best one for you. What each person likes is highly subjective and part of the trouble is it's hard to tell what we like until we try it. Since you mentioned wanting an army that can do a bit of everything then I would look at Empire and Greenskins to start. Both armies really do offer a bit of everything. With Empire you have the option of going warmachine or infantry heavy or stick with pure infantry if you like. Greenskins tend to be a mixed force if not going for a theme (and there are some very viable themed forces), but outside of themes it tends to mix in a bit of everything onto the field at the same time.

You mentioned liking the Araby models. I know there were some in Dogs of War, but I don't remember all that many and they aren't easy to find. Depending on your local scene you can use models from other manufacturers however. You could even bring in historical models if your local players are open to it and that can get very affordable by comparison.

Lord Squidar
29-08-2012, 17:21
Thanks for all the help guys. After much debate and inspecting models, I am going to go with empire. Demigryph knights are just too good to pass up

30-08-2012, 23:01
I think Lizardmen has all you wish for. Good lore selection, cavalry (although weak), monsters, monstrous infantry, scouts, skirmishers, salamanders for some shooting etc etc. I think Liz cover most of the core rules. On the plus side they are extremely strong.