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29-08-2012, 23:55
Hi Guys

So I agreed to a game against somebody at my local FLGS next week, 2.5k, he uses Beastmen. I've since been informed that he's a very good player. As I'm quite eager not to embarrass myself, I thought I should ask for some tips / advice, any suggestions greatly appreciated.

I will be using OnG, my standard list revolving around key units of 40 Blorcs, 40-50 NG spears, with a couple of 20 NG units (HW+S and Archer) as fanatic holders, a small unit of Wolf Riders for redirecting, an Arachnarok and a Wyvern Warboss, with NG Lv4 and Orc Lv1-2.

I have a reasonable amount of flexibility in what I can put on the table, and any tips on what I'm likely to be facing would be most welcome.


30-08-2012, 00:13
I know your youtube name ;) (creepy eh?)

His best possible units are hordes of bestigors/minotaurs/razorgors, his ramhorm general, and squad of lvl1 mages spamming the sig spell of beasts.

In this case foot of gork will be huge to kill the minos and the razors (if they are there), or the bestigors if they aren't there.

Bestigors have to go last so since you don't have savage orcs your best bet is a combo charge of black orcs and the spider, going for double choppa, and reducing his models before he gets to attack.

I know you have Grimgor and that would help even more to beef up the BOs to beat the beastigors, plus he stands a good chance of beating the super beast lord. Another way to go is a build that have the sword that ignores armor or simply take the potion of strength.

30-08-2012, 00:19
Beastmen revolve around their BSB. Kill him, and the rest of the army will fall apart.

30-08-2012, 00:23
Thanks. It's not creepy that you know so much about me, at all... I can probably put a unit of 30 Savages on the table, although some assembly will be required. Grimgor with 44 Blorcs sounds like fun too, and just drop Wyvern-guy.

Is it worth bringing some Warmachines to bear? I can muster a rock lobba, doom diver, and two Spear Chukkas in total. Also, I'm thinking maybe a Mangler Squig, as he is unlikely to have much chance to blast it.

30-08-2012, 00:26
Only protection he can get is the ward save from the Ironcurse Icon. So bring some warmachines and make him panic off the board (if you finish off his BSB first, which probably will have a 1+ AS and the Beastbanner which gives everyone in the unit a +1Str).

30-08-2012, 00:27
Beastmen revolve around their BSB. Kill him, and the rest of the army will fall apart.

Very wise words, although not always simple when you dont have Lore of Death! Anyway I am facing beastmen this weekend going with 40 big uns (not SO) , 30 Blorcs, 2 x 50 ngs with fanatics + manglers and boar chariots. I am curious though as I have been on the receiving end of a few beatings from Beastmen, whether the better ong generals would take double doom diver or double rock lobber against them, I just cant decide, any suggestions??

30-08-2012, 00:53
Their monsters suck and they are on larger bases, so doom divers are out.

IF he goes minos or razor then spear chukkas and doom divers will be ok, but if he doesn't you are wasting points. Plus he has a lot of fast units to take the war machine out. I wouldn't take any.

Foot of gork is all the ranged attack you need.

30-08-2012, 01:07
Hmm, I wont bore everyone with my "spear chukka tales of woe in 8th edition", but shall we say Im not as keen on them as I used to be. He does usually take minos and a chariot so I will stick with the Double DD. I dont think Ghorgons suck as much as everyone says, they are pretty intimidating and they can dish out some treatment. I plan to take a lV4 normal orc shaman (i dont have any SOrcs) any suggestions on what to give him, I just planned on a channeling staff but a ward save might be best, in fact any magic related tips would be welcome as I have never, and I mean never ever ever ever ever had a good magic phase with 8th orcs and I have used them since the book came out (and for years in 7th). In fact the Lv1 WOC fire mage I usually take achieves more in one game than my orc and goblin shamans have ever achieved with all their pathetic efforts combined in all of 8th, but im ranting now so i`ll stop;) Also to the OP, sorry for hijacking your thread:shifty:

30-08-2012, 01:19
Just take a scroll. If you are worried about keeping him alive then put him in a bunker.

If you keep having crappy magic phases then take a power stone.

30-08-2012, 01:27
Ive always thought that putting ong shamans in bunkers runs the risk of animosity shutdown, particularly if its a Lv4, power stone is a thought dont usually bother with it may have to give it a whirl. Thanks Malorian. And again apologies to the OP.

Jack of Blades
30-08-2012, 01:49
I'd like to see what a large squig herd with Sneaky Stabbin' on it does to a Beastmen army. I don't think there's anything they wouldn't eat for breakfast, but what do you say? the only danger would be if his herdstone brigade uses Shadows since there's no way to put a talisman of magic resistance on the unit... but killing those guys and clearing chaff is what you've got wolf riders for right.

The Great Flaming Odin
30-08-2012, 20:06
Make sure to deploy far back enough so that he cant send an ambushing unit behind your lines, they can really mess up your plans. If you get a chance to decide which board edge to make his ambushing unit come in on consider putting them on one of he side table edges instead of his deployment edge, this may be able to get you an easy charge and then an over run into his backfield (I've only been able to pull this off once but when it works it works beautifully). This might be a good instance of where you can afford to sit back for a turn and let him come to you giving you a chance to foot of gork and rock lobba his blocks, then just run in and bash 'im. I've also found a couple of suicide/assassin trolls into the face of his BSB can kill him or at least knock a would off and IMHO the sacrifice is well worth it for just the chance of killing him.

30-08-2012, 20:24
I'm a beastman player, First if he takes the herd stone, beware of massive shadow spam. he'll have 12 dice, and try to spam the sig spell. Of all the the armies I fear Orcs the worst. Their goblins are an = match to ungors and orc big uns are a match for gors. Savage orcs are batter against bestigors than gors. Watch out for the doombull of...doom, he will kill units by hmself. If he runs a beast lord kill it and you have an easy game!

03-09-2012, 08:09
Make them take Leadership tests. Beastmen Ld is generally pretty poor (although can be mitigated with the Standard of Discipline in a Bestigor unit).

Still, Panic tests can chain easily force two or three units to flee and not everything can fit in that bubble.
Failed fear tests can mean their combat units are less than average.

Killing the BSB should be your primary target. Make them lose those Ld rerolls for the above tests and more importantly for Primal Fury. If the BSB is in a big unit of 2 hand weapon Gors then the chances are he's the 206 build, meaning he'll have the Beasts Banner to give him and his unit +1 Strength. But he'll be relying on a 2+AS and a 6++ parry. Killing Blow or anything that ignores armour saves can mean doom for this guy.

tmarichards is absolutely right. The BSB is linchpin to a standard Beastman army.

04-09-2012, 07:08
I would recommend a doom diver. Great for getting rid of chariots. Like people are saying, try and get his bsb (almost certainly in a gor block). Without knowing what he us taking its hard to advise. He could well have no doombull/minos at all and just mass his guys or even chariot spam.

Foot of gork will make a mess of his units. I personally think fanatics are wasted vs a lot of beastmen armies and you are probably better off taking more guys.

04-09-2012, 07:47
Without knowing your opponent, it's tricky to decide what will be your biggest threats. Some generic Beastmen strategies you should be aware of:

1) Outdeployment - Expect that he will have a bunch of single models he can deploy, forcing your entire army down before he has to put anything serious in for commitment.
2) Assassination - Expect his Razorgor, which are really the go-to models in the Beastmen army list, to assassinate your Goblin Shaman. They'll charge in, throw 4 S6 attacks against your Gobbo Shaman(Hitting on 3s), then probably die. They may also send in units of 3*2 Raiders for the same effect, though the BSB has to be close for best effect.
3) Herdstone - The Herdstone will allow him to get 12 dice of casting power a turn. And he will have a bunch of chances to cast Miasma on your main unit.