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Lord Zso Sahaal
30-08-2012, 00:18
Good day/evening to all in the land of warseer! Its been a long time! Well allot has happened since I was last on here but that's not what we are here for. If any of you remember me I am the guy that made a Warhound & Knight titan, attempted and failed at an Ad Mech army then went into DKoK (still going but in background) and Heresy-era Ultrasmurfs.

So onto business, I havent painted or played in a long time (had almost forgotten about it for a while :O) then stumbled back across my old armies whilst moving rooms around. I decided I needed to get back into the hobby, but to do this I decided to give myself an incentive. First off I bought a very special set of items (picture in post, i'm sure you all know what it is so wont say) and I also bought this:

Ronin Models Emperor

The Emperor hasnt arrived yet, still in the post (must be warp interference) but I do plan to get a model or make one of Guilliman as well.

Now the army as it stands:


1 Company Commander
5 Man Command Squad


10 man Tactical Squad


8 man Tactical Squad


Fast Attack
2 Jet-Bikes


1 Venerable Dreadnought


Heavy Support
1 Legion Fellblade


Optional Support
1 Warhound Titan


These are either done or only need a little more done to them to complete. Apologies for the poor pictures, my camera broke a few months back and havent replaced it yet so resorting to using iPhone instead.
Below is the special item I mentioned earlier, can you guess what they are? I think everyone should know this one!

+++Edit- This picture is on post below as I am limited to 10 pics per post+++

Need some new paints but as soon as they come through these will be painted :)
What I would like from you all is some recommendations on what I need to put into the army, was thinking some Rhinos etc...

Anyways enough from me for now, comments please and its good to be back!!! :D


Lord Zso Sahaal
30-08-2012, 00:22
Here is the special items!



30-08-2012, 01:27
Welcome back, I have a squad of those sitting in a box somewhere, nice RTB01, must do them justice one day, since they are responsible for my love of Power Armour.

Lord Zso Sahaal
02-09-2012, 14:54
Finished the model of the emperor and have started on renovating a Vindicator and making the RTB01 models. Ive also found the box that I bought ages ago for the Vindicator Linebreaker formation but ive decided to turn the two spare into Rhinos with extra armour, think this is a good idea? Dont personally think I will need to field 3 Vindicators and I do need Rhinos in my army currently.



Comments please but once again apologies for the lack of a decent camera :/

Until later


Lord Zso Sahaal
02-09-2012, 22:40
Quick update before I sign off for the day, had an idea earlier. Was looking at the Rhino as I was assembling it and it was in white undercoat, then I thought to my self (as you would) why don't I create an Apothecary Rhino? Still in game purpose use it as a normal transport but make it appear different so was thinking in white, with the correct signs on (more detail in this to follow soon) and convert the inside. Such as removing the crew benches on either side of the crew compartment and putting in a small operating table and medical equipment... Thoughts on the ideas please :) also if anyone has seen/heard of this being done before links and pics would be appreciated :)


Lord Zso Sahaal
05-09-2012, 21:30
Evening all! No real update of the army as of yet, still waiting on GW for some paints I forgot to buy at the weekend from the store (i'm sure we've all done this?) Was looking through the models I have that of a half painted or painted stage (exception on the shadowsword) and I realised how crazy I am, 4 super-heavy tanks, a kinght titan and a warhound! Plus a heavy tank I made but never made rules or found a 'count-as' for. I really must get round and get all these units done but for now here are some pics of it all, please once again bear in mind that I am using a very rubbish iPhone camera, god I miss my old camera :(




My knight titan during the days before it got broken by a clumsy friend of mine...