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31-08-2012, 00:32
Ok Folks, Looking for reasons to pick up a rule book, codex and an army. Been playing historical and fantasy for 23 years now but never fancied 40k. I have however painted a few figs over the years for 40k, but just could never force myself to buy a rule set and find some opponents. Maybe now is the time for me to give it a go.

I even have gone so far as sorting myself a 1500 point army list and got the first 5 troops painted Is 6th edition as good as the hype and is it allowing fluff players like myself some chance of success on the tabletop! I have always found that in fantasy you could take a soft army and do ok with it, but have always viewed 40k as a power build game (I may have been wrong)!

I travel a lot through work so often travel with an army so my opponents tend to change with where I am so is this the edition where you can build an army you enjoy the look of and get a few wins?

31-08-2012, 00:38

This is what I just posted in the FAQ's in September thread, but it is hard proof that a balanced list can take on a spammy power build and win.

31-08-2012, 00:43
Nope, Sorry 6th Ed 40K makes all Fantasy players pretty much lose all the time. Also armies you don't enjoy tend to win more. Odd I know. Welcome to Warseer.

31-08-2012, 15:03
If I might make a slightly mad suggestion--why not pick up the old 3rd ed 40K rulebook from eBay or somewhere?


a) it goes for peanuts on eBay (or someone could just lend/give it to you--there's plenty of copies gathering dust on shelves)

b) it's essentially the same game system as 4th, 5th and 6th (well, definitely 4th and 5th, not quite sure about 6th so people who've read the new rulebook please correct me if needed)

c) it includes a bunch of get-you-by army lists in the rulebook for all races current at the time (i.e. Space Marines, Orks, Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar v1, Sisters of Battle... no Tau/Necrons/Grey Knights though).

This way you could play a few test games to see if you fancy it compared to the others you've played, before you invest tons o' cash in the latest edition. It won't show you how a particular army plays nowadays, but it ought to give you a rough idea of what 40K is like as a game system.

Obviously this assumes you know someone else willing to play 3rd, of course, so if not, just pretend I was never here...

tiger g
31-08-2012, 15:18
Sixth is worth it. The mini rulebook should be on ebay this weekend so pick that up and the codex for the army you have troops painted for. Not much harder to learn than fantasy or some of the historicals rules you have. Stay with the current one as you travel and that is what your oponnents will know. Once you get a few games in you will be able to win.

What army do you have figures for and where do you travel to mainly?

01-09-2012, 00:19
With Allies and Fortifications, you can build a solid Take All Comer's list that should have a chance against whoever, wherever, on whatever table. Pick up an Aegis Defense Line, so you can be certain you'll have cover, even on an otherwise barren table.

What codex were you thinking of using?

Inquisitor Engel
01-09-2012, 00:27
Unless you have a dedicated, solid core of gamers who are HARDCORE and want to play with only each other and in an older edition, there's no point playing anything but 6th.

01-09-2012, 08:41
Do not buy an old codex. honestly i would suggest buying the new box set out this week. it will give you the rule book, some templates, and some stupid movement sticks along with all those nice models. And after reading the rules and trying out the game with the starter armies ( Be warned they are not balanced they are literally just to test the game) if you end up dislikeing the game you can put everything on ebay in chunks and get almost all your money back. if you like it then you can keep and use the models if they fit with your army choice or sell them on ebay and get a codex with the money for an army you do like.

01-09-2012, 08:52
Adding to the point above - the box set also includes two single-player scenarios so you can start learning the game mechanics even before you sort out opponents.

Talking of which... time to go pick up my copy, woohoo!

01-09-2012, 11:52
I was a bit skeptic about 6th, but after the first game, it seems pretty fun. They seemed to focus in adding a bit of "narrative features" into the game, which seems to cater towards casual players and getting a kick out of individual events on the table. Have to play it a bit more to find out how it really works, but I'd say it's promising.

As a fluff player, the thing I appreciate with 40k is the rich background. It's a very nice dystopian sci-fantasy setting with enough grit to have a bit of realism in it - pretty much the best game universe I've seen so far. Give the novels a browse. Individual armies affect the style a lot; you got your relatively realistic IG and Marines, and then you get Orks, Daemons, Eldar, Tyranids, Tau, Necrons etc that all have different scifi/fantasy-style cliches to them, if that's what you like.

01-09-2012, 12:31
Just to clarify about the 3rd ed suggestion: I wasn't suggesting sticking with anything other than 6th, especially if you want pick-up games when you travel. I just thought grabbing an old cheap book might be a cost-effective way to try out 40K first, assuming you've had no experience with it and aren't in a position to have someone teach you.

If I were to get into WFB for example--having absolutely no experience with the game--the first thing I'd do would be to grab a random old edition from a secondhand bookshop or something and give it a go. If it was fun, I'd look into spending some actual dough on the current edition. I just wouldn't want to plunge in straightaway, discover that I didn't like it, and find myself with a few hundred bucks worth of stuff to resell. But that's just my personal preference/situation. (I don't play against strangers often, f'r instance, so I have to teach myself these things.)

01-09-2012, 16:59
have to agree with Zenith. Down side of the new Rulebook style is that in most cases there is very little in the way of a Cheap method to try 40k. Best suggestion disregarding finding a cheap older edition rulebook would be to hopefully have some nice guys in your local store that can let you use there stuff.

04-09-2012, 02:55
If you're going to start 6th, make sure you factor in that you probably need an aegis defence line in most armies. GW has made flyers extra good this ed. and many armies haven't got sky fire units, so you can only snapfire, which isn't that great.

08-09-2012, 01:05
Thank you all. Just back in the UK from Africa. Decided just to make the jump in and have been out and picked up a rule book and the start of a blood angels army and some death korps krieg Figs to start me off. I did warn you that I was a bit of a fluff painter so space marines in gold armour and wings appearing next to the muddy guards men just looks like a fun way to go.

Anyone have any idea what the most common points cost around is?