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31-08-2012, 15:50
I am finishing up my the first batch of my Vraks' renegades miniatures, and I was going to put some names on the tanks.

I have 2 Medusa, 2 Chimera, and 2 Rhino.

I was thinking of having the Medusa and Chimera have the chaos names painted over the imperial names.

The force is Nurgle themed.

To that end I was considering the following names:

For the Medusa:
Emperor’s (Might) Decay
(Fist of) Blight on Terra

So the words Emperor’s and Terra would both be fairly well written and the other text would be defaced.

For the Chimera:
Glory to (Terra) Necrosius
Mamon’s Chariot

For the Rhinos:
The Prow of Nurgle (Or maybe the Vector of Nurgle.)
Mortarion’s Bolt

Anyway I am looking for feedback. What do people think?

03-09-2012, 23:29
I'll hold my hands up right at the start and say I know next to nothing about what happens in the Vraks campaign, other than the fact Nurgle, Khorne and Krieg all feature. So I'm not going to comment on what the suggested names mean in that particular arena, because I don't have a clue.

But I can speak more generally.
First off, I love the idea of Renegades editing names with suitable slogans, whether it's a captured asset or a turncoat unit it's a great theme, a figurative middle finger to the enemy. I would be concerned about how to do this on a model without it looking incredibly messy though, normally text on vehicles is fairly small and to get across both the original name and the new one would be quite hard, I wish you luck on it.

Emperor’s Might Decay: Emperor's might is an incredibly grand name, I'm not sure it'd be something endorsed for something as relatively mundane as an artillery piece, a Company of them, sure, but not just one. Maybe.

Fist of Blight on Terra: Again a pretty grandiose name.

Glory to Terra Necrosius: Sounds more like a Navy Battleship than a Chimera. I don't give my Chimeras names, MBT's certainly, but for some reason I never saw a battlefield taxi as worthy of the effort outside of the Astartes who, I am sure, engrave legends like Intefector Cenae or Esurio Eversor on their cutlery.

Mamon’s Chariot: Mamon's the Daemon Prince, right?

The Prow of Nurgle: Not sure what this is supposed to suggest, the only definitions of Prow I could find generally refer to a projecting front portion of something (most notably, ships).

The Vector of Nurgle: I know a vector is an organism that spreads disease, but vector sounds all kind of science-y, not the kind of name a spreader of disease would pick for itself. Nurgle language is all about blessings and benedictions, friendly, positive language rather than anything so cold and clinical.

Mortarion’s Bolt: Anyone not flying the flag as a member of the Death Guard should have no business taking Lord Mortarion's name. I assume as it's a rhino, it has some Astartes affiliation? Even then I am not sure if his name would be used by the DG. Without DG present I would wonder about the Renegade's access to an omnipresent overview of the universe, one simply doesn't sign up to the Nurgle club and get an illustrated who's who, you could worship at the feet of the Grandfather for a millennium and still not know the name of any other champion in his service.

Again, I really love the edited names. It seems that I'm putting a pretty big downer on the names you're playing with but I'm not, I'm just offering an alternative opinion on them. Any and all would be fine, but I would aim for a more parochial scope of naming, Renegade guardsmen are far from the most well informed individuals in the universe, after all. :)

04-09-2012, 16:08
Thank you very much for your input. I had to move forward before anyone commented, and I chose vector.

When they are done I will post pictures. As these are renegades and heretics of Nurgle if it is a bit sloppy then I think that will work, but I agree that it has to be a subtle thing. I want the paint job to look like someone rushed it, but I don't want it to actually be rushed (if that makes sense.)

I tend to agree with you about naming Chimera and the like, because it isn't like every Jeep in the US army has a name painted on it or anything.


When I do an army I want it to be grand. I want it to carve a presence on the battlefield and be something extraordinary. I believe that with all things the devil is in the details, and I would like my armies to have a number of details to really make them stand out. So I tend to name Chimeras, and do other crazy things that might not be necessarily fluffy, but help with the abstraction that is 40k.