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02-09-2012, 16:00
Hey Guys,

With the release of Dark Vengeance my brother and I are both thinking of picking up 40K again (we bought the DV starter set yesterday). The last time we played 40K was back when it was BA Vs Orcs (2nd Edition?). Anyway, I'm looking to start a DA army so the Dark Vengeance starter set is perfect for me but my brother is having a hard time trying to decide on what he should play. He doesn't seem a big fan of the Chaos Marines included in the starter set which is going to mean looking for something else.... He plays Vampire Counts in Fantasy and loves the fluff that comes with them so maybe something that would feed his fluff appetite would be a good idea? I'm not up-to-date with any of the armies available in 40K so we could really do with your help in what direction he should go.



02-09-2012, 16:08
sounds like he wants to go necrons then, pretty much a similar fluff thing.

02-09-2012, 18:49

I always think Servitors are a lot closer to the living dead than Necrons.

But since that army doesn't exist in codex form, Necrons is a good choice. Pretty powerful, full model range and lots of fun new modelling options.

02-09-2012, 19:33
Failing Necrons he could go for Dark Eldar.

They have the whole Gothic busty Vampire thing going on (check out Lelith Hesperax and the Succubus). They also have some other really weird models like the Grotesque,Wracks & the Talos.

Personally I like the Dark Eldar models more and they would be my choice.

02-09-2012, 19:41
Problem with DE is that they are more of a veterans army, you kinda need to know what ya doing to stand a chance. necrons are more forgiving, i agree thou i like the DE models a lot more.

02-09-2012, 19:54
If he's into vampires, Blood Angels are power armored space vampires.

02-09-2012, 20:55
If he doesn't like the Chaos in the starter kit, Warhammer 40,000 might not be his thing.

03-09-2012, 06:04
sounds like he wants to go necrons then, pretty much a similar fluff thing.

*Wince* Um, no, they are far closer to Tomb Kings in both fluff and style. Though, their current tendency to just roll a few armies may be seen as VC-like.

If he's into vampires, Blood Angels are power armored space vampires.

And here we go.

Now, in reality, what I would suggest is this. He should keep the Chaos Marines of the starter set, and then start getting Necrons. Why? ALLIES! Chaos Marines will provide 1 of 2 outlets that Necrons are poor at: Numbers (well, once Cultists become fully legal) and Assault. Give them the same color scheme, and wallah!

Now, if he's up for the challenge, make as much of the Chaos Marines cybernetics, to give a little "Borgified" Chaos troops.

Saim-Hann Lord
03-09-2012, 14:18
What about Chaos and Daemons and being predominantly Daemons?
That way he can keep the DV models and make use of his purchase.

He can also field an army with pretty decent fluff (IMO) where the 4 chaos gods are always fighting for control and the use of the horrors that are inflicted upon a battlefield.

However, when I got into the game many years ago the phrase was simply "Choose the army you think looks the coolest"

03-09-2012, 14:26
And here we go.

Eh, the fluff is there - the blood, the rage, some of the aesthetics... A homebrew successor chapter, using the codex, can be pretty close - he just needs to find cheap, disposable troops, and BA are allied with the Imperial Guard, so no trouble there. He can also use a modified chaos army, but if he doesn't like how they look or play, that's that.

Still, the starter only allows for SM and chaos armies... maaaaybe DE if you are a very good convertor; cultists could be turned to wracks, and the hellbrute and the lord could make wicked, if non-traditional grotesques or haemonculi.