View Full Version : 1500 Tournament (Competitive this time)

04-09-2012, 19:00
As opposed to the list I posted the other week, this army list is designed to be used competitively in a tournament. Explanation after the jump.

+ Lords + (373pts)

* Arch Lector (148pts)
(Battle Prayers (AB-36), Divine Power (AB-36), Righteous Fury (AB-36))
Heavy Armour, Shield
* Magic Items
AB - Helm of the Skavenslayer, BRB - Dawnstone

* Battle Wizard Lord (225pts)
Lore of Beasts, Wizard Level 4
* Magic Items
BRB - Dispel Scroll

+ Heroes + (200pts)

* Captain of the Empire (131pts)
(Hold the Line! (AB-32))
Battle Standard Bearer, Full Plate Armour
* Magic Items
BRB - Crown of Command, BRB - Enchanted Shield

* Warrior Priest (69pts)
(Battle Prayers (AB-36), Divine Power (AB-36), Righteous Fury (AB-36))
Heavy Armour, Shield

+ Core + (433pts)

* Halberdiers (333pts)
(Regimental Unit (AB-30))
Champion, 33x Halberdiers, Musician, Standard Bearer
* Swordsmen
15x Swordsmen (Detachment (AB-30))

* Handgunners (100pts)
(Regimental Unit (AB-30))
10x Handgunners, Musician

+ Special + (494pts)

* Demigryph Knights (229pts)
(Armour Piercing (BRB-67) (Demigryph), Fear (BRB-69), Stomp (BRB-76), Swiftstride (BRB-76))
3x Inner Circle Knight, Lance, Musician
* Standard Bearer
AB - Steel Standard

* Greatswords (265pts)
(Regimental Unit (AB-30), Stubborn (BRB-76))
Champion, 20x Greatswords, Musician
* Standard Bearer
BRB - Standard of Discipline

Okay, I find 1500 the hardest points level to write an army list for as you can see a bit of everything in a list (big monsters, monster killer units, lvl 4 wizards, tons of redirectors, big blocks etc etc...) but can't take anywhere near enough stuff to counter even half of these threats, therefore you will never get a true all round and competitive 1500 list, what I've tried to do here is cover all my bases and make sure I have a way of tackling most threats while being able to pack a punch. So I know I have no wizard mobile, stank or cannon, so don't tell me what I'm lacking or what I need without saying what I could drop etc. (otherwise by the time I've made all your additions I'll have a 2000 point list) ;)

Right, justifications for my choices...

I need a lvl 4 wizard since I'm missing heavy support, I figured Beasts is the best lore as it gives me access to essentially a really accurate cannon (amber spear) and some nice buffs and de buffs helping to improve the survivability of my characters), Scroll is standard and since the wizard will be in the Handgunner bunker I didn't see the need for a ward save (okay, I really want the ward save just can't find or justify the points for it).

Arch Lector is the general for the LD 9 and he is a warrior priest after all (can't afford a GotE and another Warrior priest), he'll sit in the Halberdier unit with the BSB (who's equipped pretty defensively), while I appreciate this can be seen like putting all my eggs in one basket this unit will hit hard, and everything else in the army operates pretty independently so the loss of both of these doesn't equal auto lose.

Halberdier unit and swordsmen form a nice block which won't flee from combat (both on Stubborn LD9 with Hold the line and a re-roll, not happening ;))

Handgunners are a bunker for the Wizard, I know most prefer crossbows for the additional range I just prefer Hangunners for the AP, so don't tell me to swap them for those, not happening :shifty:

Greatswords get the other Warrior Priest for Hatred and some Prayers, with the banner they are LD9 stubborn, can't see them going anywhere either, a great unit for causing quick damage or for holding something up.

The Demigryphs are my main flanking unit and are pretty fast with the Steel standard so they'll be used for chasing down redirectors (I'm looking at you great eagles!) and for hitting units in the flank. Just being a general annoyance which if dealt with require resources greater than their points to deal with, great! or a left alone and go warmachine/flank hunting etc. earning more than their own points back, also great! Win win

Think that's about it really, any suggestion or anything you think I've missed out or not covered comment and lets see what we can do about it!